Thursday, July 21, 2016

I am coming out the closet. I am a Prophet.

No, I'm not gay. I think it is important to come out of the closet and become a prophet. It is part of boldness, especially after a while when you see your prophecies are always right. I want us to have pride in our prophetness. It brings the world together. I propose a yearly prophet pride parade where prophets show up and have a parade and put it on tv. It would give us more of a say in the world and show that we are not alone and they world needs to come to an understanding that we are actually out there. We are more in number than people think, we are several denominations. We are in several denominations waiting to arise. It is more learning who is fulfilling prophecy accurately all the time. We need to listen to these people to shape the world into what God wants. It is what we all need and search for. I have a dvd that is coming out soon that will explain this further. Please pray that I can get it out.

Let's Throw it Down

I had a dream that Obama called my dad to ask me to speak or pray at a Lytle Ceremony he was visiting.
Here is what I'd say at the ceremony:
"Let's throw it down."
Let's pray:
Dear God we ask for a blessing for your nation like no other. It is grace we long for from heaven. Pour out a blessing on this nation for new revelation, new ideas, new technological breakthroughs, new wisdom, and new faith to get us to a great destiny. You are truely beautiful God, like no other. You give us our identity Jesus Christ and you make us great. We talk to you Jesus and you bring us to new worlds of greatness. We talk to you and you show us emotional revival, spiritual revival, heavenly revival and you breakforth a new day. We pray for the celebrities and the rich that their security problems would go away. We pray for a free world. We thank you Jesus Christ for your conquering power. We thank you for your love most of all. In you we pray Jesus Christ the one who died on the cross 2000 years ago and rose again. Amen!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Someone should start an In Vitro Ministry Clinic

A couple of friend's of mine who are in ministry that I love very deeply are having a hard time having a baby. It makes me sad for them and I want to see them have many children. Church planters are some of the most beautiful people I know. They make charities for the world and help society against injustice. They bring hope and free counseling to people. I deeply believe helping these people helps us all. I would love to see some prophetic ministries pay for some in vitro clinics for church planters. Where these people get free In Vitro for the good of the world. I want to see the things of this world become helpers for society.  The gospel is so important to the revivalization of the world. God Bless the Jew and God Bless Church Planters.

Friday, July 15, 2016

We have more grace than we joke about

We should take God seriously. He gives us so much love as we come to understand him. God isn't a joke at a bar. He is a life-giver. This life-giver drained all his blood on the table for us. He took his life to save ours. He is really like that, when we look at the cross and the growing pains people have at the faithfullness to his resurrection. We see him not as an archaic chaotic religion but a friend who loves us. When we look to the friend we receive so much life. He is a lover lost in the grace filled message to save us. He sings it as his lovely melody of his heart, he gives so much to us every day. The sun, the air, the stars bow and worship him in awe singing their song of love to him. The rocks grow to mountains to praise him. The seas sink in the sea to love him. The ocean breathes life in the air to exalt him. We see the movement of the birds and the fish who long to see him come back to the earth to worship him all the more. It is an excited world for him as we see his spirit enliven the hearts of men. It is a beautiful world we live and breathe in every day. The Atheist can't see the beauty and purpose that will come upon us as we see the financial breakthroughs, the emotional breakthroughs, the spiritual enlightenment that brings everything everyone really desires. They just need to see Jesus as who he is... LOVE. Then BAM EVERYTHING IS SO EMPOWERED, EVERYTHING IS SO PURPOSEFULLED! The Color, the beauty, the life of God is so magnified of LIFE IT SELF! As we see the realness of life in Jesus it brings us more and more. You feel so alive!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Maker

The Maker is God he designs us, built us for life. From the dust we are formed. Jubliently we were created to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion of what have been given to us. I believe there are some things we misunderstand about sexuality in heaven. It is a mystery that we make assumptions to per verses we see in the bible. Angels have sex. Genesis 6:4 Yet Jesus says to legalistic people Matthew 22:30 At the resurrection people will neither be married or given in marriage. (NIV) It says at the resurrection so it could be a time where this does not happen. It's not really clear. It So did the tree of knowledge destory our ability to be all we can be sexually or is going to heaven now a new covenant due to the fall in accordance to marriage relations. Marriage relations between animals is thought more as two mates procreating for the glory of God. Will it go back to that? Will our multiplication be redeemed in such a way that we will mate like the animals? Our relationship will be like the animals to each other? We don't say two dogs are married that's awkward we just mate them together. They aren't really given in a marriage nor married. Will sex be the same way? Innocent and for multipicity like God designed. These are assumptions. We make assumptions saying only angels that are fallen have sex when everything else God created has sex. Now faithfulness and marriage are important don't get me wrong. I kinda hope that I can get married in heaven after a certain time. It won't matter though. I believe God has given special instuctions to us enter a covenant of marriage due to the effects of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Is this why the early generations had multiple wives and concubines because marriage was thought more as how the beasts create? Now I'm only going to have one wife and I think that it hinders jealousy in unperfect world.

To say that the spiritual condition of the animals and the angels aren't the same means that angels have sex. Genesis 6:4 And we are like the angels. Do I think fallen angels created the Nephilim in the Old Testament? Yes. Do I think it was wrong, yes it was of a different spirit. This is where sin comes in because there is no unity in something of a different spirit. When a man comes together with a woman they are one spirit. Now I'm not a polygamist I am a monogamist I just think we become like the beasts again. Although we are very smart with our new bodies. The tree of knowledge of good and evil effects will be taken away with our new bodies. All beasts of the same kind are of the same spirit but people have individual spirits. We can partake in our spirits other people's spirits but not sexually in other speices which have a different spirit or with someone of the same sex. I saw my male dog humping my male cat. I asked the Lord and he said he was just trying to get dominance. So things aren't always how we think. He said he was innocent. Marriage between man and woman is a covenant that is beautiful and meant for earth. Animals aren't fallen yet they die. Do they sin? No. It is a mystery not a contradiction. The tree frog has multiple partners at the same time and certain birds kill the eggs of another female of the same species. Yet are they fallen? Some animals have several eggs that are desiminated by several partners and are they in sin for multiplying with several partners? Are they fallen? No. The Fruit of the Spirit can not create the fruit of the flesh. It is up to God to judge. So it is with sex. The carnal flesh does not produce righteousness. For none are righteous no not one. That of non carnal flesh creates of pure variety in that it lives by the spirit. Man in the spirit of God overtakes the flesh. God wrestles against evil. God lives only for the good. Man should not have orgies or kill one another. We should cleave to our wives and husbands loving them as they are designed by God. Some things are things of earth, somethings are things of heaven. Know what is for earth and think about heaven. The soul ties of marriage are desolved so that way we become fully one flesh with Jesus Christ. If God decides to allow covenants of marriage in heaven then glory to God. If not glory to God.

A wife in heaven is different than on earth. We are married to God and God is married to the church. Whatever the answer is to this mystery in Ephesians 5 that we are compared to in relationship know that God will satisfy all your needs. The joy and the comparsion of pleasure is like no other in heaven. It will be so satisfying what can we do without it. I can't wait for the ecstasy of the heavenly realm when our joy is complete. Oh what pleasure the kingdom will be!!

King Jesus Ministry

I want to show you a good ministry event.

Check it out.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Imparting with Heaven

God has an abundance in heaven waiting for us. He has land, mansions, good fruit, treasures of everlasting life. Our inheritance is a right to reign and rule, God can create now for you ways to intercept these treasures on earth. We want to rend in the inheritance share in the glory of its place. We want to impart from those above to send treasures of God’s abundance to us. Let your savings overflow and be used for the kingdom glory of our eternal life. I ask God to open now new fianances for us to use for the kingdom. Let spiritual power fall from the heavens to earth to bring more of heaven’s impartation into the heaven’s realm in earth realm. Let us impart deeply, may great transmission flow from the heavenly rulers to those on the earth. We want the heaven realm on earth. It is good to have more of heaven.
I have been feeling more and more delieverance from the heavenly places. It’s glory is being released. It’s fruit is coming to me and I feel it delieverance. Recieve fruit from the heavenly realm, impart with it spiritually. It can change you to be greater on earth. It shall manifest inside of you. You shall feel its power being released from you in later times for the day is coming when the works of heaven will be done on earth. The earth will shine bringing in a new day. It is will be brighter than the sun. I love the earth in full glory, let us see it’s glory.
I give you a way to transmit from the heavens to earth. Partake in it. Be sealed in it. Come to Christ in it. See the kingdom of heaven come alive in your eyes. Glory laughter joy shall be your heart. It is a great way too. You will know him. Come to his faith, his living faith. Have faith you will be in him forever. I can see his coming soon. It will be like a light burning forever in the noon day time. It will come like a storm in the night, woken by the dawn and its sun. You don’t know when the awakening happens though many prepare for it you may wake sooner or later. It happens quicker than the quickest can take you there.  It happens slower than me. It happens quicker than me. It quickens me.
If you would like to give to this ministry please send your checks to Mike Wilkinson Ministries at P.O Box 1554 Lytle TX 78052.

I appreciate your partnership in the gospel.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trust in him, for everlasting life

I believe steps are taken to increase your faith, a walk of faith to love God is where the journey takes us. We are prepared for something more to be more than what we were before. It is then held before us to live to love to know the more we become through the experience taken in from a flash to drastic change. It is beautiful to know him. That is all I can say. It is an unpredictable experience, one memorable to the heart of faith. We seek to deepen ourselves his depth will do it. A journey with him is worth the wait. It is worth taking any day of the week. 3 in the morning in the evening time when everything is tired past any weariness it is a trip worth taking. It is an experience, it the night to remember, the day to remember, it is moment we cherish. It is the change we seek. The ephipany that solves us. It is a journey of your lifetime, it is worth the excursion. It is destiny we awaken to when we accept him. When we accept his words and go forth to save our worlds another day. The breath of fresh air from the father. It is beautiful. Take the journey of life with King Jesus. He wants to enliven your heart in beautiful precious things that make you wish for more. It is seemingly beautiful with first glance and like a breath of air for the first time it leaves you wanting more as you are saturated by the love of him. It is wonderous. It is just a glimpse sometimes. Like a peak at a great prize hidden before you wrapped in love by your best friend. It lives when you accept him, your heart pumps new. You experience newness for the first time. It is so beautiful. Take time to seek him. It is a journey of the greatest worth. Beautiful to walk with him. Look at life a little differently seek out God. Look for something more to life. Put your heart into it for the real answer. Jesus is real and wants you. He wants you badly as a dear friend, as a lover lost at sea, as a dear kind friend he wants you. Increase yourself in the measure of your faith and reach out to the friend on the waters that wants to save you from the storm. Let him lift you up from the waves, recieve him, let him save you. It is very beautiful to look upon God with a life ahead of you. Look to Christ Jesus as a Friend recieve him today. Say to the Lord Yeshua, I recieve you as Lord and Savior.. I recieve you Christ Jesus as my personal savior. Cleanse me from my sins, make me righteous today. I turn my way to yours. Let me recieve your Holy Spirit, let me see my journey with you. It is a good journey with him. Join me for guidance on your journey. Read and join our facebook groups for further discipleship.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Encouragement Going Global

I am looking for a response from some of you that takes us into a level of faith we hadn't entered before in this blog ministry. I want to work with some churches on some progressing the kingdom of God. You can private message me your church address and I can get with your pastors, priests, kingdom leader, and we can expand ministry further. I want to work with you to do great things for the gospel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Welcome to the internship part-time packet

You will help market sermon materials and help with duties of the blog: editting, recording and posting to various networks that need the gospel. Most of your duty is to make sure readers get fed in other group ignitatives. You will also help give prayer to the hurting, intercession for the ministry. We need your help, we can do a lot more as God’s people work together. We will record your hours and bring others into the cause of Christ.

As we develop the teams of Godly leaders we can harvest much Spiritual fruit.

I can answer your questions as we grow in Christ together as friends.

Eventually we will start developing more and more ministry for God working as a well oiled engine. We’ll develop teams to intern and grow the ministry to reach more souls. We’ll make fundraisers for gospel efforts and spread the good news around the world!

Develop twitter account
Work on like pages
Fundraise for book publication
Create events for Free Encouragement Dot org.

Fundraise for more hits on youtube and facebook

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Face the Truth

We all need a wake up call every once in a while. It is important to walk by faith. It is important to go and do the things of the Lord that need to be done. It is him to be wise about our walking. He wants us blameless in the Lamb. We are saved and assured of heaven but we need to walk by faith in him. He is the truth that bring us life. Give to him your all, he gives everything for you. When we can’t give are all, he holds us up in his strength. He gives us the strength for all the miles we go. He is the lover that keeps us going, the endurance of the kingdom of saints. We can make it by faith. We can be faithful sheep of the shepherd. He leads us down by still waters to rest in him. When we face God we face a gentle lover. He is also a judge. Let us acknowledge him and develop a relationship with him. He want to guide us in real life principals. He wants to give us a kingdom to rule and reign with him. Let us make the kingdom of God like heaven. He has heaven for you. Knowing him is the way of life, it is a stewardship of all kinds of loving matters. He gives us the strength to be faithful. We must be faithful to him.

He has a love for us unending... Love him back.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stewarding Mercy

Sermon Notes
Matthew 7:1-4
Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be given to you.
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? (NIV)

Grace is what we are about. We want people to enter into grace. We have to be about mercy too. We should not judge haphazardly. We can put ourselves into boundaries of the Lord’s judgement we are not comfortable with. It is better not to judge but do things in a way that is proactive to bless the situation so Godly behavior is made. It is wise to give suggestions in grace. We help a situation. Instead of speaking death and condemnation over people. We find the motives at heart and presuade them towards a Godly lifestyle in grace. We build God’s culture in them instead of tearing down in randomness. Mercy, wisdom, and grace go hand in hand. If we are to be effective in a dying world we give life over them. We give our best. It is mercy, grace and wisdom that they need. The dying world needs hope. Another person judging them recklessly won’t do. We do things in love not recklessness. Recklessness is not love. It is not sincere love. We need to understand a person’s hardheartedness by Jesus Christ. It needs to be revealed. It then can be argued out. It is more loving to know a person’s motives than to judge a person just because.

I find it abusive to do it any other way. It is not ethical. It is not having grace. It is more a way of boosting yourself. I find that God loves to be gracefilled with us. We need to be gracefilled with others. It is more love than we can handle. It is so great. We need to imitate its love for others.

Declare over ourselves wisdom, mercy, and getting grace; it is soothing to the soul, in the ways that God has for it. It is doing the Lord good to declare that, come to the great grace of the Lord.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The fruit of stewardship

We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. Hebrews 6:12 (NIV)

I added Google Translate to the website so that our friends in Mexico,Peru and other countries could view the blog.

It translates okay but eventually I'd like to do it with my healing ministries help. I am working towards a healing ministry. It will be great. I think that there is a lot of good work going on with that. I think the fruit of stewardship can lead towards that. I already pray for a lot of people over the phone in past seasons at my job for their health. I do it silently since it is a secular business that doesn't allow me to pray for people over the phone. I feel like there was a lot of healing that happened with that. I want meetings where I can pray for the sick and preach, I think a lot of miracles could happen. I think every person wants to have superpowers, change the world in people's lives, be blessed well by God. I think there is a lot of people out there looking at the same thing. I want to see a lot of hope released. Financial ministries established, business ethics greatly changed in the world.I want to see the world without hunger and famine as Jesus ministers through us all. I want industries built from God ideas. We can build much with Good Stewardship. It is more God than people understand.

We want to be in charge. Don't worry, I am wounding the enemy, the Lord is speaking greatly through me. It is good to war for God in your prayer closet for great things to happen. It started with prayer, is what more ministries say. It starts with us. 

It is easier to do things small but great wisdom can grow something into great influence. Don't doubt yourself, look for wisdom. Look for the fullness of influence you can have. It is greater online than you think. It is a jumping point. 

Use what you have and look to God how you can be helped in ministry. 

With love in your heart for your passion turn it into a ministry and God will bless your passion. It is good to look at something you can do with your life consistantly.

The passage I mentioned above at the beginning. It said to have patience and faith. A wise woman pastor Debbie Taylor told me the definition of patience is to be in a "consistant way of living". It is a fruit of a good passion. If you stick at something you will grow to love into something you can do more with. Let God take you on a journey with your passion at hand. He has a great journey if you give him your passion. It will light a great fire for others in a way that ignites passion in others. You can do art, music, writing, math, businesses, you name it in your heart. Financial ethics is needed in the world look for needs constantly until you find a passion that ignites others around you; look to God on this. It will help you find encouragement as you do things. 

Look to God on your journey constantly and you'll see a path for you. Be yourself and build the character and skills to do your passionate ministry. It will be great as you grow and experience God through the process. It will be wonderful with him guiding you. It is the thing of faithfullness follow him and you will be blessed with more freedom and life. It will be blessed as you follow his principles of life.

So follow him, he will show you the way. See how he can bless you into a new season. It is a infinitely possible God we serve. He can make your dreams come true. Be consistant and build your expertise in the areas and you will grow in grace, it is good steps. He can do it with you, you able to become great with God. Do it with him.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Healing and Harvest Sermon

Sermon Notes Today is pretty short.
I want to talk about the outreach healing ministry can be and how you can active it. I pray for people when I see them hurting. The more you pray for the sick and ask God what it looks like to heal them the more healing your going to see. Jesus can heal with silent prayer and hands lifted up to heaven. He also heals through laying on of hands.
After laying His hands on them, He departed from there.
And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them.
And He laid His hands on her; and immediately she was made erect again and began glorifying God.
Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.
The biggest example of laying hands on people is Jesus, so you want to be like Jesus. When laying on of hands. He only laid hands in an ethically sound way, when touching is seen to not be needed. You don’t want to impart with warfare.

Look for grace laying of hands, in most instances your okay. Hence the last verse.

  1. Look in the spirit realm and see what your battling. Use wisdom and grace.Ask God what this looks like.

Ask God for a word about the person or as a group. Ask God what it is going to take to heal them. It never hurts to pray, as someone told me recently you have nothing to lose if you pray for them. It may make someone’s day to have a person concern for them in a way of prayer. It is a kind gesture like a card or a smile.

God can heal even if they are not saved and can open the door for salvation. It is a great way to outreach. Jesus healed on the spot, the apostles, in the old testament and I have seen it happen with my own life. So instantaneous healing can happen. It may take some prayer to be prepared to massive healings but it is good to start somewhere. Read a few books on healing and develop your discernment powers. Books by Rick Joyner, Heidi Baker or Joshua Mills are good for healing look into what they are into and you can find more healing ministries.
2. You don’t need alot of experience for miracles.

Just ask:

Is there anything I can do for you, I sometimes pray for the sick or injured and they get well sometimes. Can I pray for you? It’s as easy as that.

It is encouraging and a harvest for you. Keep on praying.

3.I noticed with tithing or healing a harvest happens the more you sow into it. You develop faith in it and it grows your effectiveness. Keep Going you can do it.

If you would like to partner with us in ministry.
You can send your checks to Mike Wilkinson Ministries P.O Box 1554 Lytle, TX 78052.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Having Him

I saw in an image of Jesus today, a powerful thing. He said I will block the storm and he covered me and took the storm. He shows his love when the waves want to overtake you and the storms of this life want to tare your life down. Jesus blocks the rain... He walks on the water and saves us. He takes us into the boat and treats us like a disciple.

He dries us off and saves our life. He is a good God that love us. Jesus you are good.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Developing a Close Knit Heart

Love is a measure of our upmost being grace and feelings for a person. We want to love like God does. He gives us grace to do such great works of love for people that they are motivated to love God. We can impart grace through our actions much easier than we think. We want to be people of grace. It should be in our blood. It is a great thing to be a people of grace. We can do so much for a person's heart as they experience a grace gospel through us. It is the greatest message of love by loving people like God loves us. It is getting rid of the misconceptions of hard working to make God love us and just receiving his love.

It is developing the communication of his grace in our lives.

We can get outpourings from heaven the communication of his grace. This is a great place to start with your relationship with God and develop it. It is developed better than you think as you make grace your heart for him and others. It will beat, your heart, with agape love. As our hearts get in the flow of grace from heaven we experience life in a way that it endues us with loving in the upmost nature. We can be great friends and feel close to God. Learn and develop your grace filled heart. Learn to wisely love and develop others in the process so they will bear his love as well. Love him and love him well. Be Jonathan's to your David in intimacy. It says they love each other as if their own souls.

1 Samuel 18 1-5 ESV
As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father's house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt. And David went out and was successful wherever Saul sent him, so that Saul set him over the men of war.

Let us be knit so closely with the soul of God. We are knit into his soul by his Son Jesus Christ when we receive him as Lord and Savior and then as we get to know him he knits us more into him. It is a powerful connection. Let us develop that connection with him. Be knit in grace with God. Let that draw you together.
I want to pray with you that you feel the grace of God so strongly on your lives.

Dear Lord, 
We pray the grace of God on our lives, we want to feel you. We want to know you. We want to experience you. Knit us more closely with your experience, let their be plenty of grace in the experience. We want to know you closely. Intimately. Strongly. Lovingly. Build us up Lord and know you. 
In Jesus name we pray,