Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Prophetic Hologram Prophecy

Back on Dec.14,2016 I got a prophecy from an angel in a vision in my head that in 300 years "God is going to send a hologram to send a message to mankind he is a prophet hologram. If God doesn't come back before then."

Review of The Shack The Movie

The Shack awed me,shocked me, made me cry and made me fall in love with God all over again. It is dynamic as The Prince of Egypt and a Great Film watch over and over and over.

It was great, I hand it to you. Spend the money and see it on Redbox. It is already on Dvd and Blue Ray.

God is played in roles as the protagonist is guided through the pain of a tragedy. He guides him out of it with stunning scenes that sink into who he is and who God is. It's awe inspiring of a film.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Promotions on the Way

I am being followed constantly by promotion book people. It is just what I need to get my book in gear and get on the road. It makes me happy that they keep following me on twitter. God will strengthen you for the journey he has you on, by whatever means possible. He loves you and wants to launch you into your destiny.

It feels great to feel the forspeaking of promotion on me. What I mean by this is that it is a positive force forcing me into publishing that I am around constantly. I will publish soon. I will publish soon. I will publish soon. "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." 
-Good Olde little engine that could.
I am ready to go. Soon it will launch.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 2016 Vision

I watched the Lord from his throne and a vail appeared white and beautiful made of glass. He took it in his hand anointed himself with a dab of it and placed a little on his neck. Jesus told me it was anointing of revival. He had it for me and he has it for others. He had me wait and think, I longed for the anointing. I wanted it. All I could see is the vail and him. I knelt and laid on the ground near the anointing, he then started to pour it slowly as I longed for it and poured it slowly on my head then more and more anointing came upon my head. I knelt on one knee. The Lord told me beforehand, “You are more worthy than you think.” It made me think, of how much redemption the cross redeemed it. It made full of respect, ruling favor, a leader of worlds in heavenly places. The redemption brought me from indignation and eternal torture to a king in the heavenly places. How much redemption we have with him. We are redeemed and made worthy by the king of kings who leads us to greatness in the heavenly realm, it is forever we feel love. I love him so.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Two New Groups

These are art groups, for several years I wanted to start an art renaissance.so I have a group, 7000 Renaissance. It is a Christian Renaissance that goes on for 7000 years. When something is worldwide these days the idea could last for several thousand years so we want to go worldwide with prophetic art. It can last forever. 7000 Renaissance: http://7000-renaissance.deviantart.com/

I have a group for Destiny Comics Inc, http://destinycomicsinc.deviantart.com/

remember we also have a chatroom for it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Chatrooms Added

I am adding a couple working chatrooms to freeencouragement.org. one is for Destiny Comics and building it.

The other is for FreeEn. in general. I thought you guys would like to chat every once in a while.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Comedian Theology,how to become a comedian on the road

I have learned a thing or two about comedy. It's fun. It is fun to build up your comedic self. First off you got to build up your timing. Talk to friends and work out your jokes. Look for what type of comedy your good at satire, observations,satrical storytelling,props,blonde jokes,hick jokes, Jokes on how stupid people are, illustrations,put downs, the last one use with caution.

Some blonde and hick jokes are bad when you deface a group too much with jokes it can hurt the individual. There is also slap-stick, puns,knock-knock jokes and Chuck Norris jokes.

Ask the people who make you laugh the most. Ask a professional one for advice they may hand you a book on it. Comedy is really good, professional speakers use alot of comedy. We are supposed to be salt and light, comedy makes use of the salt. It makes us salt. Toastmasters is a good place to start. You can find pastors that know how to crack a wise-crack. Those that can add movement and gestures to their comedy become funnier to watch.You can also add techniques such as a round about where you take all the information and bring it back as a joke at the end of a thought. Having confidence helps you portray the joke better. Practice it in front of a mirror and learn to hold a face to not ruin the joke. You can build your sense of humor skills by working on your funnybone. Everyone has one!

Practice in front of friends and go to comedy clubs to perfect it. You may watch alot of comedy from comedians online, that can build up your funny bone to full power. One thing I noticed is the more creativity you build up the better your comedy is. Work on your creativity as you write jokes. You may find yourself repeating wise cracks of a friend once in a while ask them to add it to a show.

Host a show if you make people laugh alot, do it at your church and make people sing. They'll be laughing at the end of the night. Record it a few times and you'll have a dvd. Get a Uline book to buy cases of cd cases and dvd cases, send discs to be detailed, get yourself a a specialty dvd burner that can burn multiple dvds at once with the program to do it. Get yourself a dvd menu program maker, copyright the dvd for 35 dollars and make slip in cover then you have a comedy dvd. Add two or three cameras with a program to switch shots for more dvds.Who knew it would be that easy?!

Get a marketing consultant to show you how to sell it using SEO. They will show you how to do that. Go build a store on shopify and connect it to a blog or Cloversites for 1000 dollars. Or a friend that knows how to build a site and behold you have your own joke business. Tell this to a friend who is funniest and inspire him to start telling jokes for a living.

At last do it for the Lord, give him all the glory and preach a little and give your testimony as well. You'll see that people like church jokes. We need more christian comedians even mimes and ventriloquists! 


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Best Decision for you

After many years of walking with the Lord, I can affirm that a relationship with God is the best decision.I can see that the Lord's way is for you not against you. You have a lot of grace with God the more you understand his character. He loves you, very much. Wait upon the Lord and he will give you strength to see great things come. Look to him in strength and he will give you a noble thing to accomplish that will wow you and accomplish you greatly. Look to him in his justice and you will be rewarded, it is a noble task. God has a revival for you to preach. Wait and it will come. I feel it coming like a mighty ocean crashing into a continent, it is as big as the world and mighty as him who takes it. I hold the oceans thus says the Lord. It is great. Heartless men will be blinded then come to the cross. In their heart their eyes can't see the ocean but feel its affect and sound. Look the eyes of God trembling within you, ready to see ready to shine ready to focus up its journey.I have it the journey for you thus says the Lord. 

"I am ready to give it to you. Wait for it and Go, hear me and come. Wait and see what I do. It will astound you! Focus on him and pant as the air of God goes about in justice for me on its way, her the church seeks you out. I will be there for you. I will show you the way. Look to him and Go and you will come to me and know the way. It is beautiful and lovely and great. My song will come out, it is the song of salvation. I will save many and they will come. They will know me and be with me forever. I have great numbers for you to save. It will work for you not against you. Who I put in your fold I will walk with you. Don't worry about the crowd I have your way thus says the Lord I am the way. I am the Truth and the Light. Those that come to the father know me come to father and be one as I am one. Look to my son and be a son as I am one. Look to Spirit be the Spirit. I have it all for you in my walk with you."

I want you to understand this a message from God. Hold in grace as it was for my ministry I share it for you to know for Jesus gave it to me ; let on him/let on him inside he will show you greatness like never before. This is the message let him come on your body and saturate you like never before. His saturation is spiritual let him work in you like never before and show his wholeness in grace.You will be astonished by the love he has. Take Jesus in his Spirit believe and receive Jesus as Savior. He will come in you and bless you.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Destiny Comic Inc. Recruitment

Join the group on deviantart.com
Recruiting as a group, build a few products for revenue, then we will profit share and take on paid positions. Join at http://destinycomicsinc.deviantart.com/

Friday, May 19, 2017

Living Creatures Part 2

Destroying Rebellion

Many adults and kids and teens are rebellious. It is calmer in adults but can be the attitude that "I will do whatever I want,I don't care who it harms or what it creates." I think that people advertised rebellion to teens in the media in the 90s as "the thing to do." It didn't matter what you were doing, "just rebel when you get a certain age." Then parents entertain this evil to be cool. Rebelling against society was constantly loosed in the 90s and it damaged everything. What they should tell teens is "be yourself." "Be strong, grow wise because wisdom is needed at whatever age. I thank God, that they in media are saying, "Oh what did I do!" I sense a hint of repentance with it. Adults need to get kids to a steadfast betterment of society. Let the principality fall to hell. Destroying Rebellion!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

People needed for Destiny Comics Inc.

We need people for destiny comics. I want to gather some artists to do comic book work, preferablely on the internet that don't mind meeting up once a week to make comic books then discuss terms to do it for money once comic books are selling. We can start to do things on Google Drive. My connections may help us further. I have two tank books I want to sell and a halfway drawn comic with its story done. I need help. Please contact me.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Looking to a New Day

(Self Discovery)
I had been working out trying to sell a product for a while now. At first I thought it was a book even though right now I have a book I am just fundraising. It seemed like I had a children's book but no illustration, then an adult book but an endless struggle to make it happen. I came to a place of hardache from the experience as it seemed I would never break the mold to get past a 9 dollar an hour secular job that I could stay in a while coming up with endless ideas that seem to distract me from goals that I couldn't get away from. I had mania from it as I wanted something that could provide for a family and possibly seminary or larger company to raise up churches. I think the Lord is far reaching and he has slowed the process till he is ready. I think salesmanship and faith have to be there in some type of fundraising with something else's needs and dropshipping with advertising can change. You have to be upfront and ask to get. Financing even fundraising with nonprofits works when you ask. It is important to ask that is the point I am at. I need to make partnerships with churches for funds to make my goals to my ministry work. At first it seems I couldn't do it but faith will make it work. So I will fund raise more to win souls. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that God is riping the fields for immediate harvest. I see soul opportunities and I need to go and do it. So I will get better tools to harvest, I think I am about to discover my tractor. It is going to come soon.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Making this a Social Center

My blog sometimes does other thing related with freedom and art that are secular. Secular means they have little to do with the subject of God itself but can have religious undertones when it wants. I think expression is a part of the heart and we should not quench expression in anyway that is with the spirit that God approves of in art. I am going to display more art and sale it on my website, it seems to be wanted badly and I desperately want to serve in it. 
Martin Luther King Jr said, 
Buy this As a T-Shirt

This is my heart to serve in art, as a National Patron of the United States I love doing this. I was bestowed this honor when I was 17. Honored by Pope Francis and Barack Obama this past year. My art has been requested by them. I hope fulfill the honor.

We can all make our mark. Here is the Piece I plan to send Obama.
Buy GhostSkateboard Print
I am going to leave you with a piece of music.

Looking at Depths of a Path

Combining Church Visitation and Heavenly Visitation

Creating A Movement

Grand Opening Sale

I want to invite you to our store, we are adding products daily. Through May 15 all products 10 percent off. So explore the site for more!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Prayer Walker's and Visitation Shirt Line

I have some new shirts a visitation line and prayer walkers which is a guiding shirt how to do visitation besides those that visit your church. It is a really great, I also added Visitation shirts for those who do that regularly with their church. These shirts spur revival wherever they go. Join the Movement and start prayer walking visitation every 3 months from your church to pray for the city and the spiritual infrastructure. Make a movement out of it and find some souls in the kingdom that need the savior. We got a lot of people needing him remember to do it with your church. Check out the Store for the T-Shirts! Buy a Visitation Shirt for your Elder Team as a gift or your hard working laymen.

Monday, May 8, 2017

New! Greeter's Shirts

We are adding some products to our store. We plan to start a Greeter's Shirt Ministry. Sometimes people don't reach out enough. Jesus in scripture greeted everyone. We must follow in Jesus's example.  So to boost greeting we are going sell shirts to fulfill this need in ministries today.

Buy Your Shirt Now