Sunday, November 18, 2018

Joy should be a part of our soul

Joy should be a part of us. It should be present always. We need him. Christ possesses infinite joy. When we allow the Holy Spirit in us we possess the gift of infinite joy. Get the gift of joy.
It is important to give up, it makes your life better. Give up to joy.

It is great and I love him so for giving me the gift of joy. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

God Wants Love

Halloween can be a holiday we forget where we are going. We need to walk with God on any occasion. We must make our days full of him. On this dress up day tell the gospel. Let it be full of meaning as it is. The Lord will reward you for your faithfulness. He loves you, he treats you as his Son is. He loves you, your his very reflection. Let his wisdom flow through you. May you be a bubbling brook for the reader to drink. May you be an inspiration to a people you create. May you be an inspiration of God's love and peace. May you rescue the day for the joy of Christian peace.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Learning to Engage

We want to go where the Lord goes, do as he does, when we do this we ask... What is the Father doing? How are we to do something for the Lord with him? We do it in peace and faith. Let your steps be by the inspiration of God. If you feel that someone is left out, ask the Lord what we are to do for him. We can not do it without him. I feel there is more to me than what I say, but it is what he says and leads that makes the way for us; we want more. Are we helping Jesus to get there? We need to watch him and partner with him to help. We have so many great things ahead when we get our Lord in the mix of our lives. It is impossible to do ministry without God and effect his heart. We want to effect his heart. He loves our steps with him. God wants you to succeed. Look at what it looks like for true success for you.. He loves you, loves to bless you. It is important to succeed with him. If your just with him your successful. The Lord looks for people all the time who are faithful. God wants to lift you up. He works out of your a relationship a success you don't understand, it is beautiful. Look to him. I constantly remind you to follow him. I love him so much, I make him the leader in whatever I do. You should love me more than you do, I'm not a trend, I'm a person. God feels this and so do I. I know Jesus has led me to tell you. He has me imitate him. He wants you to be free to look at me with respect. I need more respect, it's not about coolness. I work so hard to help you guys and I don't get enough respect. Irregardless, I need to be honored. I don't get enough honor. It hurts so much to walk in my shoes sometimes.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Toyota finally fixed the charge problem by a 1000 mile range on the car.

Toyota finally fixed the charge problem by a 1000 mile range on the car.

We are probably headed to a bull market. The world is going to get more mobile. More traveling more opportunities. More LDRs. More adventures, for us to explore. Less cost, more plug-in vehicles as we all thought, We are going to see more generosity. More options on oil. Cheaper plastics. Cheaper products. More money for us, less strife. Less comparing gas prices. Next we get solar panels and other apparel for travel. As a author this is a blessing from God. Please let these cars not be that expensive it frees everyone up. Sorry oil guys.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Elective Bible Literacy Movement

There has been some movement in schools on this movement to teach bible literacy as a social studies course. I think many people don't know about the course and we should have it in school. It is important for the future. It is something supposed to happen. We need ethics from bible literacy. The constitution and the bible need to be taught together for freedom. The historic background of the bible in schooling of the Bill of Rights is important. We need to look to his ways, take reference of their application. I wanted everyone to get involved. I'd like a teaching position at a school teaching the bible.

Link For More Information

Friday, September 28, 2018

Something Infastructural

The world needs infastructured everything, this is a perfect world that needs to be made. Here is a secret, we steal God's instructure from heaven, we rend the heavens like his realm. God is creature that can't help his perfection, it lays a foundation that can't can't be built without him.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Something New

God wants me to continue my journey learning some harder things such as the Jewish language. I am going to try to get more structure to my ministry. Word studies to learn the Jewish language and lifestyle maintaining of course my roots in Christianity. The Messiah is important too, he teaches me everyday to live a better life. We always remember he judges us with our degree and way of judgement held to his degree of judgement. His degree is better than our degree. He often leads us to love and holiness, to keep with repentance, kindness and grace. He wants us to live justly and have mercy. He teaches us new things like a child, the world is no smaller than what he created. We have learned but do we know a measure. He always has more. He is always there to guide and discipline.Let Christ Guide You AND GIVE HIS COUNSEL. :D

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Living with Jesus

I can only make it so much and the Lord wants me to make it as much as him. When my heart condemns me, the Lord is there to pick me up. I fight for a good relationship with God. I know him and he knows me. It is like the air that I breathe, the water that I drink, the food that I eat. I know with him I am alive. I dare not depart. I am sorry Lord for departing even though you knew what I could withstand. It is your son that you see. Even though I came back you want me to renew my vows to you. You want me baptized even though, You baptized me in the heavenly realm and I baptized myself twice. There is nothing like connecting yourself to your bride. I will be baptized by the group I am supposed to soon. God I love you.

If you like to be baptized talk to us here at Free Encouragement we would be happy to enter you into the fold of the church. Message us at

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rest and Relax in Him-Psychological Disorder

I think brain disorders exist in some that deal with hard issues. When sin happens dealing with these disorders, we should always judge the sin and figure out what to do from there. We are supposed let God deal the penance and go on God's words when it is hard to figure out. God is always just when things are out of control. I want us to love people with every decision in society. God knows how to handle sin, he brought his son to solve it. Not a single sin can the cross not cover. This is how I would handle those that are certifiably insane. Insanity does exist, it is not all volition. We deal with this with grace. God helps us figure out hard problems. I'm not a psychologist so the use of medicine needs to be solved it is close on some medication. When it is a problem solved it is technology for us to use.








God loves them so much. May they know they are loved.

In him we do miracles, let the miracles MANIFEST.

It is important to give grace.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

How do you interpret and not preach?

Kentucky lawmakers as you know added a law to have the bible as an elective. Not preaching but teaching is what they are aiming for in this. We know there will be students pressuring teachers to tell their beliefs. So we must understand them and allow grace. I think students will want to talk about different denominations and their differences as well as persuade them to change. It is up to the teacher keep student civil. I think this is a major goal that people need to have with the bible. No reckless words but treat each other with love. Mostly reading and letting the bible teach itself as well as the students for interpretation. The teacher gives material such as general concordances, dictionaries, and encourage students to open opinion. Allow students to search for commentary on a computer like their phone. Teach students to look at all the words of a certain word, exegesis so they can get an overall view of the bible.Teach different types of literary usage. Have the class memorize the different types of usage and ask the class to state what usage they are have and write it down. Then share it with each other seeing general consensus based on everyone do general exegesis. Like a Motley Fool wall that you get the greatest amounts of thumbs up for the best educated content.

 Create a no judgement zone. It is more about memorizing facts and treating people with love while you do it.  You want to let the students see the general effect of the bible and allow them to learn from it on their own. Learning the bible can help them with their heart, let them share their heart with others. Let it's statutes make them smart and wise. Let them be wise and relational to God. Tell them what to do in advice so they feel better. They can learn from your relationship with God by your actions in treating them. Let the prophets be prophets. Let the kings be kings. Let the poets be poets and let the singers sing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Making Dinosaurs and Creationism

Researchers say they can reverse engineer DNA to make animals of dinosaurs. This science takes us more to my theory that God moved man into a different universe that was a testing universe after the fall. I believe that God is more showing two creations in Genesis anyway. The earth was changed by Satan to look a certain way afterword because he always changes things his way and twists reflections of Jesus.
I think though we could have been made even by an aliens changing our DNA and terraforming a planet. It is still God's hand in the end that comes over the situation. We must say though that we should look at it with God's providence. God creates all things. We should though be careful with playing God and introducing species that we make from captivity. For the sake of the earth's ecosystem we don't welcome them into the wild. If these do make a Jurassic Park, here are some guidelines for building that we must consider:

(taken from my comments on a facebook conversation.)

It's all Nedry's fault the choastians would say that is a very low risk assessment of someone ruining a park like that. But the big ones need really smart engineering more smart than the movies which are more controversial ways of regulating visiting the dinosaur. They would all need Several electric fences for the big one and that is really hard to feed. But it is more like really thick plexiglass/plastic walls bubble domes, like Jericho thick that are so reinforced they can't possibly get through the electric fence, even from ramming it at top speed or chewing and scratching it. These domes you take a moving rail system up and watch them from above. Or one you climb up and hike over with air vents and a open enclosure on top really high. Some of the smaller ones it is zoo protocols. No flying ones. The largest leaf eaters are really dangerous you could get stepped on. The car you came in would be crushed, they would smash It is more all them in captivity until we have it's own Jurassic world to live in but our first terraformed planets if we are stuck in our solar system without those resources so we can't make whole planets for periods of animals.

We should make zoos with one sided really thick and really high plexiglass for the big ones.

We should make international laws to not introduce them into the wild. It is more the farming ones we should be concerned with and making them really small or different size what that does to a habitat.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Kentucky Passes Law to Allow the Bible to be taught as an Elective

Yes that is right Kentucky passed a law allowing the Bible to be taught as an elective. God told this is his plan. I am very happy and many many people are too. How do we implement this course in schools? We want to not be about denominational doctrine but about students developing understanding. Students will push their freedom onto teachers in this and so we have to give teachers leeway to be people. I am surprised over the years why teachers haven't gone on strike for not being able to share their opinion in class. College professors do greatly why not high school, middle school and elementary? I think many teachers should have tenure in high school as well. That maybe implemented in some places but here in Texas it is unheard of.
I think a mutuality agreement should take place in the constitution that gives teachers to give free speech in classrooms. It is more looked at like that.
In implementing curriculum we should focus on bible literacy,memorization, ethics such as ethical preaching,ethics such as bible law,ethics such as grace based emphasis overbearing restriction. Love instead of cruel it God. Good contextual understanding like a clear peaceful understanding. Student may come to teachers to come to the Lord, we must urge teachers to let students lead them to the Lord.
We must focus on meeting a need of the students and mutuality is agree upon with the class. If students change their religion and don't want to take the class some school may offer them options. Such as switching to another class or like a contract they have to stick with it to the end of the class. It is more they aren't pressured into a denomination in the class. Preaching is going to happen, they must prepare for it. Either by the teacher or the students. Counseling is going to happen too.Good and bad things happen, we must not rule out it as an elective because of people's mistakes in implementing it. We must give grace from pressure situations,there are so many students that want to take the bible we must meet the needs of the people. We can work out the kinks.We can't be afraid to work out on the kinks we can make a better world that way, we will have so much more love from God like that.

I'm going to talk about interpretation implementation more later on.

Above is a link to the news on the Kentucky writing into law.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Vision about the world ending in Fire

I saw a vision of a battle over changing the moon atmosphere. Many were scared of doing it.  Somehow the earth's surface got all burnt. Apparently people had a huge battle and several areas in the solar system were messed up. They were fighting over resources. The earth had been evaculated so they could blow it up and get the iron core. They had terraformed Mars and Europa. They were still mining in the Kepler belt. People had banned English as a language and my great great etc ancestor was following what I left. I left a repeating principal that every 7th generation they would learn to be like me. This caught on and was repeated several generations. The ban on English was a war lost thing. Everyone got ships and left the planet to live elsewhere, we knew how to warp to other regions. The earth was talked about to be built again. I don't know what to say. I feel that there is something missing. We should never do war over this. Everything was taken care of.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Implants, the mark of the beast and alien surgery

Alot of people have had surgery, where something was placed in their body. It is an issue for some people to get surgery in some traditions. It is against some people's religious rules to get transplants in their body such as blood transfusions and livers and to break skin with a scalpal. I have to say that their is more a spiritual reaction than a change. The reactions don't change who your are to God, your decisions do. It is more a miracle in many ways so even God reacts. Sometimes we have a spiritual reaction to bring healing to those that have lost a love one. That is what I think, now I think people who were taken by aliens can accept Jesus. An alien implant isn't the mark of the beast. But we must realize that the Anti-Christ may use the Dragon to convince people to take the mark. We don't want to take the mark. The Literal Dragon maybe a genetically altered human being if we are that far we know. It is more we want to be Christ's. I believe their are demons that act as aliens and there are also living creatures which I believe are aliens. Aliens are in the bible as being existent in Ezekiel so we should not judge them. I think they are more interconnected and get the word out of truth. It is more they understand than not. We need to be understanding. I think though they may have ways for people not to see them. We have invisiblity cloaks after all they probably cloak their systems from understanding in most cases. It is like you don't want spying on your world by an outside force that you are not surveying.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Gene Editting The Future

Gene editing has such crazy possibilities it is a promise to us not an end. That is how we should look at it. We need to understand the ethics of the X-Men could eventually come to life. Eventually we are metamorphosing into other creatures by our gene advances. We could be growing 10 feet tall or larger. It could be something we have to consider. The prophecies of the bible may come true literally by these means. There have already been procedures to edit genes in some genetic disorders. What is to stop us from going further to become Superman? How are we to stop these things from happening? How are we to keep going and progress society? I want us to use caution but I want us free. I think we will live much longer by these means. I think we may develop powers by the end of our lifetime. It will have the world turned upside down as we progress. Will it bring about an alien revolution? Will we be able to relate and change like an alien? Will our gene editing be advanced enough to become an exponential process? Will we move that fast? I wonder about the future. We may have designer babies, then we ourselves may have gene editing surgeries to advance us and make us super human. I believe we are on the cusp of human evolution.
Will we be able to create things such as flying anti-gravity legs? Will we get big enough to keep dinosaurs as pets? I'd like us to see if we can become more creative, loving, innovative of a species. I'd like to see us more strong, powerful and noble of a species, many can say with gene editing our innovation has just begun.
Who knows when we will have gene teleportation or solutions that are fed through the skin to polymerize on the other side? Here is a prophecy about the future if the Lord doesn't come back.
A prophet dinosaur 3000 years from now. It will be called a Prophetsaur. He will be a gene doctor that turns himself into a dinosaur that flies. Then he travels to other worlds. He travels back in time to save this girl from a dinosaur that transforms into a dragon. Or we edit our genes to live under the sea. That model became a mermaid now she is building Atlantis. Or I'm a groundhog. Some of our tales become reality after all. It is more 10000 people working on it. Then it is heaven. Then it is I have to be a human to get married?! I want to do it as a Walrus. Then a new proception comes where we see God has no form and we feel it too. We more know how to be. This is not including the mess changing takes or the risks. Then it is an animal transvestite. Then it's a horse wanting sex, that's human. What a strange and powerful future.Then its I recently had some contact with some alien species and it's time to go to another planet. I want us all to know that God works in some mysterious ways. As it shows we may be so gene editted and satrical before God comes we don't know what he will do. I believe Revelation to be satrical and you should too.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Space Force

Space Force, so Star Trek is mad and Star Wars is happy. This actually one of biggest events in human history. We also need to build with robots a space highway for safer travel. They will also need to remote control robots also build stations to check spacecraft in space. Also very well built gravity generators for people to recuperate as well as checking stations for hazardous material. We need to put emergency stations on all islands so people aren't stranded too on Earth. We can use 3D printers and automation to build automatic homes on space property. We can build biodomes for our robots stationed on the Moon and then on Mars. We can create reactional, space made from other planetary objects, robotic manufacturing by manufacturing processes that only work there and mining on the moon. We can get harder materials that can dig into venus and see what is inside. We can create space elevators to go further to carry material up. We can create worlds through ionization and careful planning. There is so much to do. I can see we can build bigger ships. Ones that take far out there and gather material far out there that is rare here and make a bold new future.
We can start crews too for temporary stations. Whatever the future just know it is in the Lord's hands.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Are you on Fire for Grace?

I saw a coffee cup fuming hot and it made me ask the following question: Do you have a fire for grace? I think it is important in church to have a fire for grace. Grace brings more grace and when we do it with humility.  When you submit to God, the gospel goes further. Further the message of God and obey him. It is important to go and be a part of the gospel. God can use you to save spiritually someone from hell. It is important to follow God into the reached places and go for that soul in that group. Look for the unsaved and save them. God wants you to go. Now God will show you what he wants. Just listen to him.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pursue Each Other in the Gospel

God told me to post a blog on here so I will be obedient. God wants all your sorrows and grief. He loves you let him carry your burdens to the cross, he lives to do so. I want all of you to know the inexpressible love given by Facebook for the future. He wants us to use facebook for church we can express the father's heart. Keep loving him with all your heart he will give you such joy inexpressible. It is good to see all of you in person and online. Let the relationship ripen and bud new seed. H e w a n ts y o u. Enjoy each other's presence like God loves you. He shall share love with one another from the Spirit. Let other's of the world impart our joy for the consummation of joy--THE HOLY SPIRIT. Love them as God loves them, be Christ to them; draw them in. Let them know him through you in greatness, knowledge, and heart. I want you to know him better seek his voice till you find it, be at the father's heart. Let him fulfill righteous things through you so that show you love your relationship with the Lord. Impress a relationship.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

7 years and 7 months from now a prophecy for the future

I see something in the bible coming to pass it deals with 7 years is not literal. It is powerful and has to do with the revival word I am hearing before me. It is a great word I feel, not one I can take lightly. It can be 7 years this revival on VFNtv.

For the Distant Future
It is more the king that comes.
HEAR. A Joseph will rise in the land.
It will be beautiful gorgeous as Rachel.
It will be a promise kept. A triumph for the King of Israel.
Israel will expand it's borders to be a triumph for the world. It will stretch its number. Just it multiplied before it will multiply again. It is said, sand of the seashore, numerous. Not a star is out of reach of your people. You will be king of the Jews. < Reverent>  Oh great king, we be as numerous as the sky.It will be numerous like no number that can fit on a chart. It shall be the end.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Still Looking Up

Looking Up. Do you find something? I have the world record outside the great explorers of space on looking straight up and expecting an answer from God. I can tell you, you keep looking up something will come down, something will be written across the night sky. Something will appear.

1 Kings 18:44 And it came to pass at the seventh time, that he said, “Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand.” And he said, “Go up, say unto Ahab, ‘Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down, that the rain stop thee not.’”

This verse was after a biblical drought that took the land and they had a prophecy about it going to rain again soon. When we look to God are we waiting till the seventh time, we may see something if we allow the Lord to work it.

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31 KJV

God Bless you in your venturing.


Friday, January 19, 2018

He is Great!

Look to the heavens it is God who loves you more than you know. There is greater, much greater things he tells us to know that make us wise beyond our years. He is great! So great you can't fully measure him. Love Jesus, he is great, walk with him through his signs and wonders. Follow the spark of imagination he has, it lights up the world with brilliance. Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior his love is unmatched. It leads the world in greatness to love one another. Follow and accept him, he deserves it because greatness is greatest.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Jesus Makes the World Work

No one outmatches the Lord.

Look to the heavens, he is good.
Look to his heart. He is good.
Look to Jesus and his resurrection, look there he is great!
Look to the Father of lights, he gives joy to the world like no other.
Look to his kindness, he gives it like no other.
Look to his grace, he gives grace in greatness like no other.
Look to him. He gives love like no other.
There is no other like him, who can outmatch the Lord.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Reach out to God's heart

The Lord of Lords loves you immensely he gives you such love if you simplely reach out to him. He is so great. Look to his bosom it is warm and full of love. Reach out to the Holy Spirit, so beautiful to love. The church has such love from God better than human love or anything close. I love you all, may Christ guide your hearts to righteousness and good living. He is so wonderful to learn from.

I want you to know my heart. It is full of insight for him I can't grasp. It like I just feel his love and know it is there. I have the insight when I need it but I depend on him. He gives such great wonderful things. I can only encourage. He is the Lord of all. I pray and hope for new things through my relationship with him. Please help me, I love to know blessings from God in a new way.

I will bring you more soon. I feel a season of revelation coming. I am working on new things, giving me new joy. It is hard to know him without walking with him so I walk with him in these new things. I feel he wants me to earn money in a secular way and start ministering where I am at soon. I am in a new season for that. It comes sometimes and you must pray for opportunity. I need to see miracles, I want them badly. When your soul hungers for something then the Spirit works on your regard to do that. It is very good for the Spirit's heart to find the joys of your soul and work to please you. He is a real God that does this.

Look to others for growth Eric. I need you to help me fund raise.
We are moving in a new season of ministry and I feel this from the Lord that we are supposed to start fundraising for my books. It is a good season coming. I love you all.

Look to the hopes of JESUS, he has beautiful hopes for you.
I love finding out what he is hoping for prophetically. He accomplishes his hopes and brings new life.

I have more love for you all. Let the love shine in his kingdom. I appreciate my joy completed in him. May his kindness be shown, may his kingdom come. King Jesus let your will be done.

In him,

Mike Wilkinson

Honor him. With all your heart.