Friday, June 29, 2018

Implants, the mark of the beast and alien surgery

Alot of people have had surgery, where something was placed in their body. It is an issue for some people to get surgery in some traditions. It is against some people's religious rules to get transplants in their body such as blood transfusions and livers and to break skin with a scalpal. I have to say that their is more a spiritual reaction than a change. The reactions don't change who your are to God, your decisions do. It is more a miracle in many ways so even God reacts. Sometimes we have a spiritual reaction to bring healing to those that have lost a love one. That is what I think, now I think people who were taken by aliens can accept Jesus. An alien implant isn't the mark of the beast. But we must realize that the Anti-Christ may use the Dragon to convince people to take the mark. We don't want to take the mark. The Literal Dragon maybe a genetically altered human being if we are that far we know. It is more we want to be Christ's. I believe their are demons that act as aliens and there are also living creatures which I believe are aliens. Aliens are in the bible as being existent in Ezekiel so we should not judge them. I think they are more interconnected and get the word out of truth. It is more they understand than not. We need to be understanding. I think though they may have ways for people not to see them. We have invisiblity cloaks after all they probably cloak their systems from understanding in most cases. It is like you don't want spying on your world by an outside force that you are not surveying.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Gene Editting The Future

Gene editing has such crazy possibilities it is a promise to us not an end. That is how we should look at it. We need to understand the ethics of the X-Men could eventually come to life. Eventually we are metamorphosing into other creatures by our gene advances. We could be growing 10 feet tall or larger. It could be something we have to consider. The prophecies of the bible may come true literally by these means. There have already been procedures to edit genes in some genetic disorders. What is to stop us from going further to become Superman? How are we to stop these things from happening? How are we to keep going and progress society? I want us to use caution but I want us free. I think we will live much longer by these means. I think we may develop powers by the end of our lifetime. It will have the world turned upside down as we progress. Will it bring about an alien revolution? Will we be able to relate and change like an alien? Will our gene editing be advanced enough to become an exponential process? Will we move that fast? I wonder about the future. We may have designer babies, then we ourselves may have gene editing surgeries to advance us and make us super human. I believe we are on the cusp of human evolution.
Will we be able to create things such as flying anti-gravity legs? Will we get big enough to keep dinosaurs as pets? I'd like us to see if we can become more creative, loving, innovative of a species. I'd like to see us more strong, powerful and noble of a species, many can say with gene editing our innovation has just begun.
Who knows when we will have gene teleportation or solutions that are fed through the skin to polymerize on the other side? Here is a prophecy about the future if the Lord doesn't come back.
A prophet dinosaur 3000 years from now. It will be called a Prophetsaur. He will be a gene doctor that turns himself into a dinosaur that flies. Then he travels to other worlds. He travels back in time to save this girl from a dinosaur that transforms into a dragon. Or we edit our genes to live under the sea. That model became a mermaid now she is building Atlantis. Or I'm a groundhog. Some of our tales become reality after all. It is more 10000 people working on it. Then it is heaven. Then it is I have to be a human to get married?! I want to do it as a Walrus. Then a new proception comes where we see God has no form and we feel it too. We more know how to be. This is not including the mess changing takes or the risks. Then it is an animal transvestite. Then it's a horse wanting sex, that's human. What a strange and powerful future.Then its I recently had some contact with some alien species and it's time to go to another planet. I want us all to know that God works in some mysterious ways. As it shows we may be so gene editted and satrical before God comes we don't know what he will do. I believe Revelation to be satrical and you should too.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Space Force

Space Force, so Star Trek is mad and Star Wars is happy. This actually one of biggest events in human history. We also need to build with robots a space highway for safer travel. They will also need to remote control robots also build stations to check spacecraft in space. Also very well built gravity generators for people to recuperate as well as checking stations for hazardous material. We need to put emergency stations on all islands so people aren't stranded too on Earth. We can use 3D printers and automation to build automatic homes on space property. We can build biodomes for our robots stationed on the Moon and then on Mars. We can create reactional, space made from other planetary objects, robotic manufacturing by manufacturing processes that only work there and mining on the moon. We can get harder materials that can dig into venus and see what is inside. We can create space elevators to go further to carry material up. We can create worlds through ionization and careful planning. There is so much to do. I can see we can build bigger ships. Ones that take far out there and gather material far out there that is rare here and make a bold new future.
We can start crews too for temporary stations. Whatever the future just know it is in the Lord's hands.