Saturday, July 14, 2018

How do you interpret and not preach?

Kentucky lawmakers as you know added a law to have the bible as an elective. Not preaching but teaching is what they are aiming for in this. We know there will be students pressuring teachers to tell their beliefs. So we must understand them and allow grace. I think students will want to talk about different denominations and their differences as well as persuade them to change. It is up to the teacher keep student civil. I think this is a major goal that people need to have with the bible. No reckless words but treat each other with love. Mostly reading and letting the bible teach itself as well as the students for interpretation. The teacher gives material such as general concordances, dictionaries, and encourage students to open opinion. Allow students to search for commentary on a computer like their phone. Teach students to look at all the words of a certain word, exegesis so they can get an overall view of the bible.Teach different types of literary usage. Have the class memorize the different types of usage and ask the class to state what usage they are have and write it down. Then share it with each other seeing general consensus based on everyone do general exegesis. Like a Motley Fool wall that you get the greatest amounts of thumbs up for the best educated content.

 Create a no judgement zone. It is more about memorizing facts and treating people with love while you do it.  You want to let the students see the general effect of the bible and allow them to learn from it on their own. Learning the bible can help them with their heart, let them share their heart with others. Let it's statutes make them smart and wise. Let them be wise and relational to God. Tell them what to do in advice so they feel better. They can learn from your relationship with God by your actions in treating them. Let the prophets be prophets. Let the kings be kings. Let the poets be poets and let the singers sing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Making Dinosaurs and Creationism

Researchers say they can reverse engineer DNA to make animals of dinosaurs. This science takes us more to my theory that God moved man into a different universe that was a testing universe after the fall. I believe that God is more showing two creations in Genesis anyway. The earth was changed by Satan to look a certain way afterword because he always changes things his way and twists reflections of Jesus.
I think though we could have been made even by an aliens changing our DNA and terraforming a planet. It is still God's hand in the end that comes over the situation. We must say though that we should look at it with God's providence. God creates all things. We should though be careful with playing God and introducing species that we make from captivity. For the sake of the earth's ecosystem we don't welcome them into the wild. If these do make a Jurassic Park, here are some guidelines for building that we must consider:

(taken from my comments on a facebook conversation.)

It's all Nedry's fault the choastians would say that is a very low risk assessment of someone ruining a park like that. But the big ones need really smart engineering more smart than the movies which are more controversial ways of regulating visiting the dinosaur. They would all need Several electric fences for the big one and that is really hard to feed. But it is more like really thick plexiglass/plastic walls bubble domes, like Jericho thick that are so reinforced they can't possibly get through the electric fence, even from ramming it at top speed or chewing and scratching it. These domes you take a moving rail system up and watch them from above. Or one you climb up and hike over with air vents and a open enclosure on top really high. Some of the smaller ones it is zoo protocols. No flying ones. The largest leaf eaters are really dangerous you could get stepped on. The car you came in would be crushed, they would smash It is more all them in captivity until we have it's own Jurassic world to live in but our first terraformed planets if we are stuck in our solar system without those resources so we can't make whole planets for periods of animals.

We should make zoos with one sided really thick and really high plexiglass for the big ones.

We should make international laws to not introduce them into the wild. It is more the farming ones we should be concerned with and making them really small or different size what that does to a habitat.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Kentucky Passes Law to Allow the Bible to be taught as an Elective

Yes that is right Kentucky passed a law allowing the Bible to be taught as an elective. God told this is his plan. I am very happy and many many people are too. How do we implement this course in schools? We want to not be about denominational doctrine but about students developing understanding. Students will push their freedom onto teachers in this and so we have to give teachers leeway to be people. I am surprised over the years why teachers haven't gone on strike for not being able to share their opinion in class. College professors do greatly why not high school, middle school and elementary? I think many teachers should have tenure in high school as well. That maybe implemented in some places but here in Texas it is unheard of.
I think a mutuality agreement should take place in the constitution that gives teachers to give free speech in classrooms. It is more looked at like that.
In implementing curriculum we should focus on bible literacy,memorization, ethics such as ethical preaching,ethics such as bible law,ethics such as grace based emphasis overbearing restriction. Love instead of cruel it God. Good contextual understanding like a clear peaceful understanding. Student may come to teachers to come to the Lord, we must urge teachers to let students lead them to the Lord.
We must focus on meeting a need of the students and mutuality is agree upon with the class. If students change their religion and don't want to take the class some school may offer them options. Such as switching to another class or like a contract they have to stick with it to the end of the class. It is more they aren't pressured into a denomination in the class. Preaching is going to happen, they must prepare for it. Either by the teacher or the students. Counseling is going to happen too.Good and bad things happen, we must not rule out it as an elective because of people's mistakes in implementing it. We must give grace from pressure situations,there are so many students that want to take the bible we must meet the needs of the people. We can work out the kinks.We can't be afraid to work out on the kinks we can make a better world that way, we will have so much more love from God like that.

I'm going to talk about interpretation implementation more later on.

Above is a link to the news on the Kentucky writing into law.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Vision about the world ending in Fire

I saw a vision of a battle over changing the moon atmosphere. Many were scared of doing it.  Somehow the earth's surface got all burnt. Apparently people had a huge battle and several areas in the solar system were messed up. They were fighting over resources. The earth had been evaculated so they could blow it up and get the iron core. They had terraformed Mars and Europa. They were still mining in the Kepler belt. People had banned English as a language and my great great etc ancestor was following what I left. I left a repeating principal that every 7th generation they would learn to be like me. This caught on and was repeated several generations. The ban on English was a war lost thing. Everyone got ships and left the planet to live elsewhere, we knew how to warp to other regions. The earth was talked about to be built again. I don't know what to say. I feel that there is something missing. We should never do war over this. Everything was taken care of.