Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The end of the world

Many have said if it was the end of the world would you know it? We are some pastor minister would say. Time to confess and make Jesus the Lord of your life. I think we need to realize that we are approaching some new territory for Jesus to handle. We need him all our days. His life creates abundance in ours so we should join in the heavens the way of Christ. Without Christ it is a disaster. We need to understand having him makes the way right. We need him in our life. This time for him to come could be soon before I finish my sentence. We need to join him in his way of life because the latter is not at all pleasing. There is no party in hell. Accept him before it is too late.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Planting Bible Clubs

Now I see a law that needs amending.
Parents should be able to support Christian clubs in school.
They should be able to be planters of groups. All student-led of course. The school has parents that have interests for their kids to prosper in and want a group of people to start it. Such as a Robotics club because 'tommy' has an interest in robotics and would benefit from it. The parent would be breaking. The equal access act because they helped it start. Parents pay school taxes and should allow their children's interest or a groups interest to flourish. I a preacher of the word should be able to plant student clubs and gather interest for a club on my own time outside of school. Groups should work with local churches to help groups flourish. Outside groups should be able to offer consulting to the groups at their leisure. Student Clubs want help but may not know how to get it. It is unfair that student groups remain premature when students want wisdom to run their organization better. This law does give students liberty to meet in clubs.
So I ask students to partner with local churches and ministries on the internet. Parents need to start booster clubs for the students with the local churches that way organizations can flourish. Students can also add dues to pay for better food and supplies as an evangelism tool. Any group should have booster clubs to grow the organizations, such as getting local churches to supply new testaments to students. The churches support student-led organizations all the time. I know of a few members that bought FFA meat from me. Students should reach out on the internet to inspirational circuits. They should be able to attend things in Christendom as a group as any club does. Clubs can elect positions such as president, vice president, advisor and make pacts to make the club a permanent part of the school. Students can also plant a bible club at their college as well. Students can invite speakers in and lead, let students get local churches to supply pizzas for the kids to have. You can do alot for students in the area by a simple flyer on the bulletin board and some pizzas with a sermon. Pastor Pete would do a practice sermon at the college meeting, so he didn't have to come up with more material. You can lead more than you do church. Found a ministry leave something for eternity.
Teachers/Coworkers/Professors can have their own bible study. They must partner with the local church to solve freedom issues towards their school evangelism. Watch God's Not Dead for inspiration. There are alot of Pirate lives at stake, Go Pirates!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

God needs to come in.

There are alot of needs in the world it is time for a change. How we supply is done by grace work.
1. We need to raise money.
2. We need to give our all.
3.We need to join the work.
It is time to raise funds for a building. We need to be more than online. We need a local center that can do more in the community. I know it is much but God owns the land of a thousand hills. We need to go to the next step. We need to take in the broken and the hurting, life has more for us than receivers, we need to be givers. Give your all.
I am sick of fighting illness, it time defeat it with the tithe.
I can tell you, tithing can defeat evil.
It can stop hunger. I need to fast and get this junk off of me.
I need to do a fast for a tithe.
The tithe is mine to do what I please with responsibly. It is supposed to go to the next level.
Join in the fast.
It starts today. It is a dominion tithe. When allow me to prosper you prosper tooo.
Nothing is over. Let prosperity begin.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Fresh Free Encouragement

I am going through some new things seasonally, Just to let you know. I am on a new adventure according to Christ some new things for the ministry. New theme new ventures, a new book. I ask all of you to buy and enjoy, if you don't then your not my disciples. Even if you are and want to buy it some other day, I highly suggest you do. I join in your ventures please join in mine. I know if you do you will be bless. With the Lord leading us we can do many things. The main thing is sowing into ministry right now. That way we may start many things. I am not here to say much more but many things can be loosed for the kingdom. It isn't about me and what I need it is about the kingdom.

Consider sowing into this ministry regularly. It could save a life, it could help the hungry, it could make the world better. Consider sowing, into the prosperity of others that work hard for the kingdom.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Adventures in Phantom City:The Biops Invasion is Now for Sale

A terrible force of aliens wants to take the solar system with a secret weapon, led by a band of supervillains. Will the force of supersoldiers beat the Biops, a brainwashed alien civilization?
Available as an ebook on Kindle, Barnes and Noble,Apple and Kubo.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Sell twitter and sell pier one

I kick myself for not investing. But some of you may have. I like doing investing advice so I do it once in a while. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Blocking Sites to stop a porn addiction

Download this find extensions to all the browsers you use.

If you have trouble with porn, extensions on your browser to block sites may help.