Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Road to Discipleship

Discipleship starts with knowing God and having an active relationship with him.
You can study him and regurgitate what he has taught you and what he is teaching you. General things then there are times he steps into teaching. His spirit comes upon you and your led in words and phrases; ideas and prophecy. You start to understand him after a while and began to lead more people. It is cool to watch him move upon others. You start to see the beautiful God there. You start to see him.
It is impossible to please God without him. I think we take this much too seriously when we start outreaching. Sometimes we do different things, sometimes an awareness of faith is part of getting to know someone. Sometimes we conquer a lie told over them, sometimes something of saying they are appreciated and loved. Or something they may need a few scriptures to change their heart on. Go about it, if you see frustration which usually is the first sign of hostility, mention it because it could stop anger or other emotions. Prayer is always good. Be a listener let them share what they think and why. Usually, if you go about it with love you get love back. If you go about it not using ethics you may slip up. It doesn't mean you can't get back on the horse. I think that you have plenty of grace to try ministry. It doesn't mean that you have to apply for a pastor's position. You simply outreach to people.
Look for a desire to grow in something positive and encourage growth in most cases. See how you can be apart of the process. Help cheer them on. Little things like a note, a card, a pat on the back, a prayer a hug, a present. These little things help a relationship.
Enter a growth phase with your friend you want to show Jesus to, email them a video of you sharing your faith and ask them what they think. Take them out to coffee and ask them. You can estimate what to do next you can always bring a group of Christians for them to hang out with a few times. It may open their faith. Have a game night over at someone's house and invite some Christian friends and a couple of unbelievers.

Look for unguided sheep-the harvest is plentiful and laborers are few.
Look for people who never got discipled. Many wait for this and have no idea how to begin.
Simply meet needs, in some cases your not always the shoulder to cry on. You are the person they grow with and look for edifying the body. Sometimes helping in a small group, starting a Christian band, teach online, teach lessons at church. These are ways you can lead. Your pastor may have more ideas for you. It is good to learn from the pastor one on one.

Start with finding good lessons to learn. Collect them and teach others what you learned.

Discipleship doesn't mean domineering. It means looking for an open heart to teach.

We are seed throwers more than a 3 year program. We change alot of lives little by little. Sowing goes into good soil, bad soil or moderate soil. Read Matthew 13:1-23

 We get divine appointments to disciple. Sometimes we disciple by people slightly older than us or the community disciples us. Get at a table with elderly and they will surely offer counsel. Whether it is a set teacher or one word.

Discipleship involves friendship. One must be won to it sometimes. Your best discipleship comes from God so train after him. He doesn't leave you alone he teaches you. Be patient while a teacher manifests.