Thursday, March 21, 2019

Panhandling: A Human Right

I think panhandling is a human right. It is people's right to fundraise and some people need it to survive. You shouldn't take a survival tactic of someone getting on their feet.  This taking away begging is bad for street businesses. People make money on the side of the road. Church raise funds by selling bottles of water, soda, and carmel apples. Firefighters and servicemen raise funds by panhandling. People sale papers,wash windows by panhandling. Your discouraging good businesses and a good economy. It frees up the state from additional debt by allowing panhandling. Less people using unemployment. I know I would have done it once when I was stranded without my license. I just didn't think about it.  You never know.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Low stock prices.

I found some cheap stocks online. I think it is a good time to find "rule breaking" stocks online to invest in. Some of my predictions have done well. Twitter which I previously said to invest in is nearly doubled in stock.
Here is some links. In these we need to do more research but these look interesting as investments.

I currently haven't bought any of the shares yet.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Major Shift in the Prophetic Movement

From Lana Vawser FB Page
Lana Vawser
The Lord showed me that there is a significant battle against many prophets right now. Many are feeling like they have had the wind knocked out of their sails. I saw many in a place of deep heaviness, feeling oppressed, confusion, lack of clarity, disorientation and even torment.
As I leaned into the Lord I heard His voice resound so loudly:
I then began to see flashes before my eyes of the positioning hand of God in the lives of the prophets in this new era and positioning them in the world in places they never imagined. I could hear the Lord speaking "I have and will continue to position you in the Church for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, but I am now also releasing you in greater ways into the world with great favour to release My Words and to spread the Good News of My Gospel to bring in the harvest. It is time for My voice to resound in the world louder than before and I am activating a mantle of evangelism over many prophets. The enemy is trying to keep many of My prophets caged in this place of inactivity because of fear, and tremendous opposition. I have heard the cries of many of My prophets crying out to me because of the battle and deep torment they have been facing, but this is because of MY VOICE that is about to go forth louder than before. The enemy is ferociously angry and he is attempting to muzzle the prophets, but it will not prevail. For I am decreeing over My prophets "IT'S TIME TO MOVE INTO NEW MANTLES!!!! IT'S TIME FOR A DOUBLE MANTLE TO BE BIRTHED UPON YOU!!!! THE PROPHETIC AND THE EVANGELIST CONVERGING!!! Prophets you are NOW BIRTHING! The enemy is coming on assignment to abort, but I am decreeing now is your time to BIRTH!!!"
"You are about to birth in great joy! You are moving into another mantle My prophets and there's a battle on the mantle but greater momentum shall you find in this mantle than you have ever known. The enemy is terrified of the mantle you are moving into My prophets! Get fierce! Be ferocious and don't stop! Move! Move! Move! It's time to move into the new mantle! The witchcraft coming against this new mantle is a sign of the momentum contained within this mantle. The promotion, this moving into this new mantle is the greatest promotion and shift in many of your lives thus far. It's the greatest increase of anointing that you have known."
In this vision I began to see prophets being positioned in the world and speaking words from the heart of the Father, one word that unlocks the heart of those who do not yet know Jesus and salvation SUDDENLY coming forth.
The Lord is training and increasing the prophets right now in clarity and insight to go forth in greater empowerment of the Spirit to partner with Him in a new level of prophetic evangelism. There is a completely new display of prophetic evangelism that is about to burst forth as the increase of clarity, revelation and insight is released to the prophets to release My nature and the secrets of My heart to mankind across the earth.
I heard the Lord say "IT'S A SURGE!!!!"
SURGE DEFINITION: a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the tide.
SYNONYMNS: gush, rush, outpouring, stream, flow, sweep, swell, swelling, heaving, billowing, rolling, roll, bulging, eddying, swirling, tide, burst, pour, cascade, spill, overflow
The Lord continued to speak:
"It's a MAJOR SURGE OF PROPHETIC EVANGELISM that is about to take place and the enemy is attempting to silence the prophets so they will not move into these DOUBLE MANTLES but I am fighting on their behalf. I am training them in the fire and they will go forth with My Words in their mouth, with the fire of My presence upon them and My Words like fire in their mouths and they will begin to see HARVEST all around. It's time for the PROPHET and the EVANGELIST to CONVERGE like never before."
"My prophets, it is time to go behind the veil like never before. It is time to come deeper into the place of Jeremiah 33:3. For the level of insight, revelation and clarity of My secrets and My Word that I am releasing to you in this new era is unlike anything you have seen and heard before. It is a new level of insight and a new level of revelation. As you come behind the veil into the secret place I will entrust you to REVELATION knowledge and wisdom that you will take into the world and the places I send you and you will release these secrets and they will bring forth a GREAT UNLOCKING for the harvest. Hearts will be unlocked and come into salvation. Culture, cities and nations will be affected by the ANSWERS and PROPHETIC INSIGHT that I will release to you and through you for the world and will see the world left in awe of My wisdom that will also bring in the harvest. Many in the world will come to the knowledge of My reality and who I am, and My goodness and come to know Me, recognising the wisdom from on high! It's time to come behind the veil like never before."
I heard the Lord say:
"There is also an increase of the training and equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry that is about to ESCALATE and ACCELERATE for the harvest!!! There is going to be a greater acceleration of the training and equipping of the saints, a greater maturing, to send out, prepare, activate and equip. For there is a TIDAL WAVE of ACTIVATION crashing into the body of Christ right now to ACTIVATE My people in the PROPHETIC and EVANGELISM! It's time for the PROPHET and the EVANGELIST to EXPAND!"
"My prophets, the enemy is attempting to drag many of you into a battle that feels like hell because you and I are about to snatch souls and save them from the reality of hell. This is the sound of the harvest! This is why the enemy is screaming at you to stop right now My prophets, because My VOICE is about to go forth through you, My Gospel and the secrets of My heart like never before that will bring MANY into the Kingdom and the saving knowledge of who I am and My goodness. You MUST go forth! It's your time to move into the new activated mantle and move into the harvest field like never before. It's time! You have arrived! It is time!"
"I am leading many of you where you have never been before. It's uncomfortable, but it will be GLORIOUS as you see Me move in power through you like NEVER before. For SUCH a time as this is resounding loudly over you. Now is the time to TRUST in Me and TRUST in My POWER!!! The harvest is ripe and you are being sent forth in great acceleration and empowerment to bring in the harvest!!!!!"

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Having the heart to love him

Jesus is full of love. Love that beckons us to love back. It is a tango, a dance that draws us into romancing the heart to be one with the Holy Spirit. He draws us in so many ways, communicating in roars and whispers leading us to excitement. It is a thrilling ride. A gentle breeze pointing the way to the next adventure. He is a gentleman, a guide to the father's heart.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Getting rid country club christianity

We don't want to be partakers in sin, pride, elitism or favoritism. God hates sin. It is important to get rid all sin and demons. We use the voice of Lord to get rid of demons and prosper in discernment. God makes us strong in deliverance to get rid of demons. I want us all to grow in the cross. Let us grow strong in deliverance.  We want a repentant life, let that lead the way. These things are subject that get ignored with the Holy Spirit. Let our heart come to revival may we cross a new threshold across our state. Let Christ have living relationship with you today. He leads don't get a hard heart of pride in his leading. Grow in discipleship from Jesus. Love one another. Love Christ Jesus in all his movement throughout the earth. I want to make sure we don't fall into laziness but prosper in him. Let your life honor God.