Sunday, December 13, 2020

Speaking the Miracle

 In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy.

I heard of a man who made many things happen with his faith. He didn't do them on his own, he was led by his father to do so. We must understand Jesus followed in intimacy the Spirit and Father. God rested in him and he changed the world through his obedience in his heart. I know we must move to him to know what he is doing, but with God we just need to obey him and watch him work his wonders. It is important to see Christ as he is he walks as a Son walks and does what the Father tells him to do. We must follow God closely if we are to perform miracles. We must be open to his miracles and his teaching. 

He is a good teacher learned well by studying the Father, Spirit and Word. 

He looks to us for life as well. He is good to us, he does not neglect us. 

He does not hurt us, he walks humbly with his father. 

He is clear and good-hearted. 

He brings clarity to life.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Mindset of Preaching: Judgement, Ethics and Desernment

In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy.

Lesson 6 Judgement, Ethics, Discernment, and Declarations

These are all connected to a type of judgement. We don't get judgemental we get Jesus. It is important to see what your weighing. You weigh something with all of these some are weighed differently. We do these things growing in the Lord.We weigh things like Jesus Matthew 23:1. We don't over weigh things overweigh things we look to the wisdom from the word and from the mouth of Jesus how to weigh something. We need to be gentle and righteous how we handle things.

Hear the word resound, hear what God has to say

 I hear the word when I wait intently for him deep in my heart. There is greatness in him I see the resounding nature of God moving in the natural. I see great things in the hymn, the purity of the children, the love of the Father, tidbits of the sermon. Greatness resounds it's own meaning. It is important to see and hear what God does around us as he sees the things to come. I look and hear and see what the angel has to say: the Lord cometh hear what things he has to say. He resounds in all seasons, how great is the Lord to come, we can see the Lord a boy who is of humble heart. The Lord will work on him and make him great. Because he wants to see what is real in the natural and wants to know the truth he will see the unnatural and grow greatly in the sight of man. What he does will astound them, only God can do these things. In an hour man does not know they will be revealed to all who see him. In that hour man will say he is great. He will know it in humility for the Lord has made him beautiful in his sight. It is humility that he will carry a word of the Lord, it is beautiful in the sight of thy Lord. Though he was just a boy he came to his Father's hour and astounded them. Though we talk of man growing we spread the message of Christ and his coming. Though words of great appear small, they will see the outcome and know what God does. It appears to be him but it was God moving throughout the building and throughout the earth and through all things to come and be. The man can't say it is him for who outlasts God? God can say all things he wants. We know it is him. It is beautiful in his sight, why say such things. It is to grow. I wait and I patiently grow. Here he comes in the fullness of the Lord. Wait and see what the Lord will do with a people ready for him. It is greater than the Earth for the Earth sits void without human touch. It is further work we will say. Sitting on the Greatness of the Lord. Light is the touch and great are the things of the Lord I say 'The Almighty'. In the sound of angels it moves. I know the things to come says the Lord of Godly Dwelling let it be the truth of the LORD of Hosts who dwells deeply within. No action is too meager to the Lord, he sees the inward heart, it is beautiful For all to see in him for the beauty of the Lord. Look at MY HANDS AND SEE ME! The BATTLE is the LORD AND I WILL SURELY BATTLE IT THUS SAY YOU AND THE LORD OF HOSTS TOGETHER. "IT IS OUR BATTLE THUS SAYS THE LORD OF HEAVEN. I will move as you desire for all things happen in their time. I can't wait to see a mature audience who knows the righteousness of God.

The Mindsets of Preaching: Obedience

The Mindsets in Preaching

In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy. 

Lesson 5 Obedience

Obedience: Following an act of faith towards the Word of God that serves God's mandate for the pleasure of God and all parties involved.

We look to Christ and obey him gladly for what he is telling us. He washed their feet and they remained his disciples. I want us all to follow Jesus with their heart and let him train the mind to great levels of understanding. We learn from him whenever we obey. He teaches us as we open our hearts to him. It is important to listen to the teacher to be taught. I see through these lessons we must obey God's words no matter what criticism we get from others online. I hope you see the importance of Christ our Savior for you in your life. I and this is more than 'me,' we listen to the testimonies of others and Christ visits our minds to learn great things.These great things, O what great things they are, are not little. They are beautiful and abundant. If we did not see others moving in this as well our testimony would be incomplete. It is something we reach out to others for in the wholeness of truth. Then we are confirmed by their faith. It is important to lean on his faith in the truth of the abundance that he is for everyone who know the unchanging truth. I am healed by the truth that comes from others. It is truth to my bones. We learn from him great things let us seek the truth with greatness in mind for it is a completion of our faith. The Lord is great therefore he makes us into greatness. We listen to their truth to being faith to others. In him we move and come to the festival of light. It is truth we reach out for and we so surely will get it. Seek the Lord for truth on that day and we will see all the truth that the festival brings to us.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Mindsets of Preaching: Building a Relationship in Realness

 In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy. 

It is important to build relationship especially in realness. God wants intimacy with you for the most relational and real relationship that can be made. It is important to keep love sincere and authentic. God loves the real thing coming to life. It is important to have the whole thing in Jesus. We go into the depths for him because he is a God that makes us better as we give everything to him. He is a good God he does take advantage of he works with us for great thing. He knows how to bring us out of deep to the full pleasure of God. He does this prophetically seeing his goodness that can forgive you for anything you may have done. He heals and guides us to a beautiful destiny. As we learn to be like him, others can be changed because they had an encounter with the real Jesus inside of you. God changes and looks for relationship to change us in the measure of righteousness. He made us unique and wants to pull your uniqueness out for all to enjoy. He loves you all and all and helps us with things we don't know how to handle. He goes to his father in heaven to heal you and bring you to new life. He hears from him and tells you things the Father says. He loves you and we should seek the father like him for things so we help people. The Son shows you what is needed to witness to the lost and mend the broken hearted. I want to ask you to receive him so you see the goodness of the Father for you. Look into the heavenly realm and experience heaven by asking Jesus to come into your heart. Say dear Jesus, forgive me of my sins, come into my heart. I make you Lord and Savior. God will show you mighty things wait with him for the word and he will make you very great in his kingdom.

The Mindsets of Preaching: Grace

  In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy. 

Grace Lesson 3

We are given everything in the time of the Lord. Grace is beautiful to give. It is redeeming and glorious. It is more beautiful and geared towards redemption, deliverance and mending us. He does a beautiful work when we let him. He heals us and let us see wonders. I can't wait to see him face to face we say in awe. It's an awesome majesty we see from him. Revival sprouts from grace. I love him we say when he makes the world just right. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Mindsets of Preaching: Inspiration

 In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy. 

Lesson 2 Inspiration

Inspiration being impressed by situation or thing to speak about it for further instruction. Some time we get more about the situation or thing by witnessing it lifted up to God. It is important we see what God has for it and not just man. It is very important to know Jesus and see how Jesus moves in a situation. Many things come about as we dwell with him and watch his movement. God gives his counsel in multiple ways and we need to be open to his answer. It usually permeates our lives with the answer given to us supernaturally. It is important to follow God in his answer and not lean anywhere else. That is not follow something that is foolish, but lean on good things. The Lord is graceous in his heart we must lean on him. Follow his path that he has made for us, he knows best for us. So trust in the message of the Lord and see his insight in it. Don't worry about it, but take into consideration good wisdom. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Mindsets of Preaching: Compassion

In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy. 

Compassion Lesson 1

We give grace on those seeking him we are led in compassion for the crowd. We give blessing to them, we give grace and counsel to them. We warn them with love from trouble. God gives us understanding and we show them we care. The world looked to Jesus as a messiah, but not in the way he was going to be for his people then. God now is a reigning messiah on high. His kind kingdom is more than we think and we wait for him to appear on the clouds of heaven to take us home. We wait in the Spirit for a word to know him. We wait for the kingdom to come. I am excited to share with compassion because that is how Jesus shared. It is very godly to share our life with compassion as he does to the crowd that seeks him. To those who seek him, he is a gentle Shephard and wants to settle things with grace to us. He takes us beyond our years and makes us new again. He is the great shephard and takes those sheep that are not prefect and bleaches their fur. He tends to his flock with such care. He tends to the sicks and lame and makes them whole. He makes the weak into the strongest Rams in the flock. Don't look at the weak as useless for they are merely learning. Look at those who grow for they are the future. Look at those who look for constant discipleship in one thing or another for they will grow like Red Oaks and be the biggest thing around them. Character outlives everything and company comes with it.

Obeying Popularism Vs. Obeying Truth

 It is important we obey truth instead of popularism. Truth is clearer than popularism and it obeys God. God has all truth and didn't necessarily go with what was popular. Popularism fears man and the trend and doesn't always add up to what God has. God has the ideal and the prefection and the peace all rolled into one in the best way possible. We can't do everything that our emotions say, but must go with what God says and carry out his logic. His logic is better than people's logic and knows what to do better than we do. We carry out the fullness of grace and justice with each situation. We look to him to do that in his love and grace. Popular goes with what is cool and coolness doesn't always have logic. Sometimes popular he gives something close to cool but doesn't realize the full meaning. This mindset is sometimes negative and it hurts people. We should never use coolness as a weapon. It sets the trend and is spoken. We should be a redeeming people leading people to grace in Christ. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Increased Productivity from the Lord's voice

 Jesus isn't lazy, he commits his day productive work. He knows how to awaken our productivity. When we don't know what to do and want to be productive he guides us. Let the Lord start your day off with him and he will be a good guide. I know when I am willing to get done something but don't know what he guides me. Sometimes we work hard other times he lets us rest. He guards us from frustration. He knows what is best for us and he knows best. Be guided by him. Speak with him. Know him.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Suggestion box

 I added some new features with more on the way. The chat button is good for leaving suggestions in it. The virtual assistant isn't real however at this time, its just came with the code.  Leave your suggestions there and I will respond accordingly.

Also you see some new links I have bring back the store soon it should be up and running. I think these products are much needed in the world so please help with your full support. Some of you I had spoken to and we can begin selling soon. I am accepting offline orders. If your interested in earning extra money. Contact me on the feedback box.

Please offer your advice on products. I want to serve people in the best way.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Moore's law may speed up.

 I can see that alot of computer chip making may speed up being that alot of it is going to a room temperature process. I believe as this and many other factors, such as greater competition in the field take place we will see things speed up in computer speed. It is better that one company doesn't control everything in chips we need more collaboration and education in the field. 

Graphene Circuits

It is cool to see new tech changing the world and making it more free. We want to see great things: flying cars, robots that can do work for us and a balanced economy. We want to be freer 'to go where we haven't gone before.'

This new invention a graphene circuit can power small things without the use of batteries. It is being developed by the University of Arkansas. I can't wait till they share the discovery with Tesla. Maybe a flying car can come about in a few years. It will probably help, powerplants make more power. It is as big as a transistor coming out I think.  All I know this could be a dramatic change for the field of electronics.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Something you gotta do.

 So friends we are on a new adventure, a new field to plow. I want us to work together and plow this field. Now I am talking about a great soul harvest. I have come up with a great way to witness that Jesus shows in the bible but slightly different. We need on hand the verses that shows the prophecies Jesus fulfilled through his life. I show that with this new 'bookmark product.' I sell it as a campaign. We do three things, ask if people want a prophecies of Jesus bookmark. We show it to them and tell them they can look at the verses in free bibles available on the phone. Then they buy it or ask questions to the person. We raise money for Christian business, raise money for the church especially in these hard times, and share the most important thing in their life. We can introduce them to Jesus through the power of the verses and give saints new faith as they see all the verses being fulfilled in the bible. We may have new friends going to church. So church let us plow this field together in this gospel campaign.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

George Washington's Trump Vision (He Saw the End)

Vision during watching the video in the last post

 My vision was spiritual I saw a golden man with wings like an angel. He said why are you here sinning saint. I was shaped like a lion like the Lord then the Lord stood in front of me and said I am here, he is with me. I was smaller than Jesus. Jesus said, "He is going back to earth to be born." This stunned me, would I ever be sent back when I left. He said that I would be with him forever. This is a hard doctrine. He said I wouldn't be sent back. I am still in my body. So if I don't have a body, I won't be sent back but I would be sent back. There was more he asked me if he should send him back. I said no, I don't think anybody deserves that. He then said, you changed my mind. I just wanted to see what you were going to say. I won't send either of you back. This was a vision I had and that completes the vision.

14 Minutes In The Spirit World | You Wont Believe What Is There

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Facebook live link

I do some videos on Facebook some preaching, others songwriting material, some prayers and some for fun.  Watch them or watch my youtube channel. Either way it's loads of fun.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summoning the Baptism of Fire

I want us all to see that God has great things to happen with us with the baptism of fire. We are baptized in water and fire of the Holy Spirit. It is important to be baptized in both. God wants to share it.
God is going to do something, he is going to pour out the baptism of fire out increasing measure, not just new believers but the whole church. New levels for the whole church. We must summon it. We can do it, be at peace listen to the Lord.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Parable of the Painter and the Thief

The Parable of The Painter and The Thief

There once was a painter and he would make the most amazing paintings. People would come far and wide to see his works. This painter is special. All who love his paintings call him the master painter. Wherever he went and he shared his work, people would be amazed and changed. In towns where the painter stayed the poor were fed. People were wise and hopeful. Some however did not understand the painter so they walked away without changing.

This painter is unique. A person could only love his paintings if he understood the painter. One day, a friend of the painter wanted to commission a special work for a loved one whom the painter had not met. Since the painter loved the man who wanted to commission the work, he painted the work for free.

The painter worked night and day on the painting until it was finished.

The painter washed his paintbrushes and went to bed.

The painter planned to present his gift to his close friend….

Everything was prepared…

Now the night before his friend was going to pick it up, a thief came into the rich painter’s house and stole the painting.

The thief ran… and ran….

Now when the thief got home he looked upon the painting but only for a moment. He could not understand the work that he had in his hand.

He did not know the painter.

He did not know how many cherished the painter’s works or the fame of the painter.

The painter came home to see his house was empty of the painting.

The painter was sad.

The thief got away in the night, but he was haunted all night by what he had done.

The thief tossed and turned and tossed and turned. Now the next day the thief, who was hungry, sold the work for very little. The amount was only enough for a single meal. By the end of the day the thief was again starving. He decided to go to his brother for dinner to eat.

The thief walked and walked and walked..

His brother was a kind man and let him eat dinner.

 At the dinner table, the brother had another guest whom the thief did not know.

The brother brought the food and each man ate until everyone was satisfied. The thief began to talk to the guest and saw the guest was a great man.

Everything about the guest was great. The thief saw his new friend as the most amazing man he had ever met.

The painter and the thief talked, And talked… and even took a long walk… When they came back, the brother did something the thief did not understand. He brought all the material needed for the guest to paint. The painter began to paint.

The painter put all his passion into each stroke.

Slowly the canvas came to life, it also began to look familiar.

Suddenly the thief was stunned!

The piece that the thief had stolen and sold was made again like new before his very eyes!


It was the same piece he had sold. He saw the painting in a whole new way.

The colors seemed brighter and more beautiful. Each detail seemed more beautiful. Everything about the painting was beautiful.

The thief was in awe and loved his new friend. The man also saw that he had wronged a friend. In spite of the change the thief ran away. His brother could not say why he ran out. As the thief left his brother’s house he promised himself he would never steal again. The thief went to his home again. For another night he tossed and turned over for what he had done with no relief.

He decided to go back in the morning.

The next day he went to his brother’s house to find his new friend.

He knocked on the door and his brother let him in.

He asked “Where is the painter? The man asked. The brother said, “He is not here, he left this morning.”

He has returned his house, I believe if you keep looking for him; you will find him.

I will go with you.

When they got close. The thief ran up to his house and knocked on the door. The painter answered.

“How are you doing my son?” The Painter said.

Suddenly the thief began to tear up.

The thief fell to his knees in repentance. He confessed to the painter he had stolen the painting. The man was in tears.

The painter invited him into the house. The thief stayed on his knees. All he could see in the house was the painting and the painter.  He wanted the painting. He did not have the heart to steal it from the painter or afford the painting from his new friend. He asked the painter, “Lord make me your servant. That I may know your work better. I do not deserve your grace, I would work night and day for that painting. I could never afford it on my own.“

The painter smiled, stood silent and walked over to the man. The thief knew he could not get the old painting back. The thief was sad.  The painter went to his knees and said, “Stand up, my son I forgive you.“ The gracious painter lifted him up and said, “ for since you confessed your wrong in your heart, I shall not count it against you.  I can make any display over like new. Here is the piece--your brother wanted it made for you.”

The painter’s new friend took his gift. The work was done. He was grateful for the painter’s love.

 The thief knew he deserved prison but the painter let him be free. He never had a gift like it. He could never sell the painting now. The new man jumped for joy and happiness filled him. Each one celebrated.

The brother then said, “that piece is priceless as you now know and the more you look at it the value to you only grows. That piece will feed you forever for people will come far and wide just to see one of the painter’s displays in order to know him better.

So if we keep in mind what the painter does. We will all grow too…



So look at this story as the real one. As it does to me, your mom and you.


The painter is real, no matter what anyone says.

He died on a cross for you.

He really did live so my sin could be taken away..

It was Jesus Christ, who is my painter; painted me a picture and saved the day. We stole the picture, the gospel, like a thief just wanting a single meal. The Lord has a banquet always-- prepared for me, no painting do I need to steal.

My grief is gone, I no longer hunger and because of Christ-- my heart is healed. He forgives all who come to him with a loving and sincere heart. So believe that he lives and ask him into your heart.


Dear Jesus,

I am a sinner. Who has done some things wrong.

I am not perfect. God open my eyes. God show me what your like.

Please forgive me of my sin. Let me know Jesus that you live again. I need you Jesus in my life. For you are the greatest God, my pearl of great price.

 I accept you as you are. You are the risen Savior. The Lord of my Heart.

A Godly Comparison

So I have this thing that God does with me, he compares my life with his. It is pretty amazing. I wish I journaled it to make more sense. But I don't know how to explain it. Could some one help me. Coming again like a thief in the night.
First seal broken. revelation 6:1-2

Friday, July 31, 2020

What Pleasures Me



Saturday, July 25, 2020

I want to tell of him

Jesus Christ is such a wonderful figure throughout history. Living a life before his arrival must have been so hard. It is important to remember him throughout your day. I know it seems hard but when you love him it is important to set your eyes on him. I got his profile, his T-shirt, his movie and more. You can say I love him with all my heart. I will follow him forever even till death. It is so important to know the Lord our God, he is always my friend. He is always a lover to the church. I love him as my God.
We can imagine a greater life with him. It is heaven on earth when we get saved. He is the eternal life I always wanted. It is what we are made for--this salvation, this God I love.
I was made to love him forever and ever.
Don't worry about the future, God has it in his hand. He guards us every day. You can read God's love notes to everyone. They are God's gospel to everyone. If your not subscribed yet to reading the word join our group at the bottom of the page or go to our group page. We have such a relationship Jesus ahead of you. So join and be a part of what God has for this ministry.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Stopping Hurricane Hanna

He is lifted up as we pray with our authority from him. We pray that the storm be stopped from destruction. We pray right now that the storm be stopped. Let the Lord work and Satan be stopped. Lord save the Texas Coast. Your good God show your goodness in your way.

To him

Close your eyes................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Let him show you the future or work something out of your heart.
King Jesus reigns, let him show you something
Read the dots slowly and wait on him.
He can heal you, give you something real.
Wait upon him.
There you go....................................

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Acts 23:5

Acts 23:1  Paul fixed his eyes on the members of the council and said, “My brothers, up to this day I have lived my life before God with a perfectly clear conscience.” 
Acts 23:2  At that moment, Ananias the high priest ordered those standing near Paul to strike him in the mouth. 
Acts 23:3  Paul responded, “God is going to strike you, you corrupt pretender! For you sit there judging me according to the law, yet you broke the law when you ordered me to be struck.” 
Acts 23:4  Those standing near Paul said to him, “Do you dare insult the high priest of God?” 
Acts 23:5  Paul answered, “I had no idea, brothers, that he was the high priest. For the Scriptures say, ‘Do not curse the ruler of your people.’” The Passion Translation
This passage tells us something about how we treat our leaders.We need to turn the other cheek with leaders in high authority. We do not curse them because God defends them. We should always respect the position they have. This brings me to President Trump, do we respect him like God respects him? He is cursed by many people and we shouldn't add to his burden. God loves him. So we share love in the end. I cherish the man to humility by him. May God save him.

'Chance' the movie

I watched this movie the other day it was about this baseball team and one of it's leaders chance and his life. It was a tearjerker. The baseball coach sets an amazing example for the boys from tee ball through high school. Now I don't want to ruin the movie for you. The ministry of the coach is really good despite some of the decisions of the players. The coach reminds me of God helping us through every step of our lives and it shows the blueprint of a powerful ministry. The story is focused on one character mainly Chance his lead player. God knows better than we do with our mistakes, he helps us when we let him help us. God overcomes our obstacles and gives us words of knowledge to learn the road ahead. I hope my future kids have a coach like him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hearing from the heavenly father

We all want to hear from Jesus and Father God. To Mormons the closest thing to God is Heavenly Father and the closest thing to being saved is exaltation now. We both believe in the bible. God wants you exalted now. He wants to lift you up out of the miry clay. God wants you to have 100 percent intimacy. We can have intimacy with Father God now. God made access through Jesus. We can hear him if we humble our selves and pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways. Seeking heavenly fathers face is simple you open your ears and wait. Sometimes there is obstacles, for example 1 Kings 19 to the still small voice. 

1Ki 19:11  And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD. And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake: 
1Ki 19:12  And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. 
Go past the obstacles and seek Christ's face in your mind, he is just like the father. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, receive him. Wait longer with your ears open so you can hear from heavenly father and he will tell you the truth about everything.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Heresies of Mormonism

God's mandate for us Part 2

Last time I talked about being fruitful and multiplying. This time I talk about discipleship. Discipleship works when we look for skill in something we want to learn. It is more know as apprenticeship in some cases. We should be up for learning in something almost all the time. Even watching TV can be learning. Self improvement is important to God and it is to us. We learn about spiritual things and that should be important. We also learn about skill. Also work in those skills so they become great talents or discipline. This is more inspiration led for me, discipline takes character to handle right. We avoid idolatry. When your led by God he creates in you passion. Passion is needed to handle right. We are led by the best. Grow with those who have skill and minister to those who want our skill. We also grow with the Lord, we let him lead us. Find time for spiritual growth and skill growth. Sometimes it is review that helps you the most. Maintain your skills so that the Lord can make good use of them.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

God's mandate for us Part 1

It is very important to be fruitful and multiply. It is what God told us to do first. So emphasis in our daily lives should include this aspects. I think that God would emphasize it more often than somethings we put important in the bible. Form yourself a wife and make babies, is more than what we think when being fruitful. Multiplicity is more than getting our wives to have lots of children. It is discipleship, it is spreading the word to the world. I can't imagine spreading the word without being fruitful. God means character most of all when he means fruitful. The fruit in the Holy Spirit is part of that. We can look throughout the New Testament for character. God wants us smart with him. He guides us better than we guide ourselves. We are made for him to guide us. We pass on character to others and wisdom from God. It is important to follow Christ, he leads us to good fruit. We can gain with Christ not only character but wisdom and skill. God brings us spiritual food to digest and skill to gain. He is the skill maker. I often go in pray and ask him to increase my skill, I also look to and fro for it. God can grow you in it by heavenly means. He also places knowledge in front of us with books and messages. So set yourself to be a good learner from the Lord and see what he can bless you with,he is made to advise you. Thank God for him. To the Lord of all you love us towards your kingdom and as a good father you give us gifts of wisdom, skill and character. You do this in so many ways, we can't thank you enough for what you do for us. You are the greatest of all and we need you Jesus. May we learn from you good teacher. Thank God for you Jesus.

Friday, July 17, 2020

In fear of him

I tell you all the truth, God has me giving away substances of him everyday now. I am connecting to him differently and I am happy. It is important to connect with a nonlegalistic God who works for you better than I could have imagined. Now I can write everyday like I want to do. He has me write less at once and more in groups of sermonettes. It is a good experience I think. I am doing what he wants me to do. I still do sermons but I am connecting to him deeper and I am happy. He helps me to write and make products. Like right now I have a few tracts in the works. Things are great with him.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The duece card

God wanted me to talk about the littlest card in the deck. The Duece which is the 2 card. Even when what we have to play is the littlest card, God can make us win. 2s can win if no one has high cards. God can turn your duece into a Joker. Remember even in cards God is on your side. He has a better fate for you than a game. God is seriously in love with you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Take me somewhere special

Lord show your children a good time. May we spend time with you and see you as you are. I had visions on the fourth of July about picnicing with Jesus.He cut up fruit and gave it to me. I felt the fruit as I ate it from his hand. It was beautiful to experience a picnic with the Lord.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

An Offering

I take an offering for working on this blog to provide spiritual substanance every day. Please help you help me. God has plans for further ministry but we need your help. 

Send your checks to Michael Wilkinson P.O. Box 1554 Lytle, TX 78052.

Monday, July 13, 2020

I hate to do this but...

Me Me Me Me. I hear this all the time.It is God in the Me's. I am him sometimes other times I'm not. We are all searching for our true selves. It seems we get it sometimes. God knows our true selves he can rightly divide when we are ourselves or not. 

Here is some ways to see your real self.

1. Be yourself is the first level. 
You don't need to try hard at this. No experimentation. Just be yourself. 
2.Then crucify the flesh. Let God mold you and get rid of the lies off of you that you believe and submit yourself to the Lord.
3.Build your senses for the Lord.
4. Work through deliverance to get rid of strongholds, that keep you from seeing you.
5. Keep in submission to God.

If you want to know yourself start a journey with God, he can help you becoming the best person you can be.

Say this prayer to join God's transforming process. Say dear Jesus, I repent of sin, come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior. Get plugged into our group we are happy to help you further discover who are as God's son. God will help you in the journey.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I've got it

I think we all rejoice when a sinner gives up his sin for the cross. It is beautiful to see and we all rejoice. Let us pray for the harvest right now to come he said, "there is always a harvest with you." Look for good fruit to pick, like the fruit of the spirit and look how you can bring other character forward. Let others embrace in the fruit and grow.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

That's it don't do anymore right now

You need to wait... Stop right there, they are scared. You made them mad. We all seen this before when witnessing. Go as far as the Lord goes. He goes further with them by their selves sometimes. It's best to work to breakthrough, be simple and nice and get to emotional roots of anger or fear.Ask them politely and listen to the Lord carefully. He knows when to stop and go. People get locked in their mind during an argument, they think and miss things so take it slow see why and give an answer. If you don't get to the root you don't know how to serve them. It could be they were approached wrong or never heard grace. Develop a friendship so they know what your about you lead by example. Take them fishing a couple times and have a few long conversations.

Friday, July 10, 2020

5 REASONS Why the Apocrypha is NOT INSPIRED and Should be REJECTED!

To each is his own again

I want each of you to go back to a friend you may had an argument about the gospel and try again. If you had not gotten to the root and let them choose Christ try again. Pray to get to the root of the argument. It's important to reach out when you can. I want you to try. Bring it up politely and share what you know. Meet their needs and try your best to show them the way.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

To Each is His Own

You may have had this moment with someone. When you agree to disagree and go your own way. I have to say that you have to let God's power work sometimes and sometimes we have to get to the root of the argument. Know the root and you may see where the seed needs to work. An honest answer goes a long way. Just know God is there to support you. Witnessing can be simple, a simple story to tell a child. Or it can be more jaded and complex make sure your prepared for both and handle it with grace.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

You got me

When we got him, we got him. He rescued us from hell and the Lord is good to us seeing us in full measure. Look to the covenant of God and see what 'Good' things he has for us. It is the most important thing to him to see. A covenant with the Lord tells us that we are free him in him and he is glad to love us as we are. He builds heaven on earth for us. He wants us happy as we can be, look to the cross and see the salvation of God and what it does for us. Eternal grace and joy forever.

Look to the Kingdom and see the grace of God!

How wonderful he surely is, how great his grace for us!

Faithfulness requires us to love and reconciles us to him in heaven.

God is so good to us that as you accept him, he moves to forgive you. 

He works those things out of you.But he wants you to ask for forgiveness. He doesn't like to be played. Faithfulness comes with time though. You must understand he gives you great grace to help you out on the journey. Love him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How carbon nanotubes might boost solar energy - explained

Haven't seen me

John 20:29  Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. (KJV)

We are blessed to know God at all. We are blessed by the Lord for not being ones who saw him walk his footsteps, although we wish we could go in the past and see his steps. How great are they that believe in him and haven't seen.

I want you to know you are special and have come in such a time as this. You have meaning in the century your in, it is God's time for you to receive his Son. You would have seen him the same as now. His miracles would have astounded you or you would have been as hard as the Pharisees. Those that investigate enough to know the man will say he is great among means, deserving honor and praise. He did the miracles and he heals today. See the whole man of Jesus and you will know how great he is. Be inspired by him and believe.

If you never believed in Jesus before receive him now as Lord and Savior. Say dear Jesus, come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior. If you said that prayer, join a bible believing Christ and learn the whole man of God.

Monday, July 6, 2020

It is me is about him

As I talk about ME I talk about him. GOD is the subject. God is not vain and has no vanity about i, he is humble in every way. I use the little i for a purpose because his attitude towards himself is the little i. Go to him and see, he is completely humble, he is not insecure to boast about himself. I want you to see.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Get down from there

This is what I tell my cat constantly who has so much curiosity she would have died twice.
I don't know what to do with her. My mother keeps her from hunting like a regular cat so she is constantly staring out the window. My mother doesn't want her wandering off due to her charm to be taken in by another owner. She constantly wants out she is definitely a FreeEn. kitty. She constantly tests us for more freedom to climb anywhere in the household. It's what Millie does. 
So much is God like the parent telling us not climb without his permission because he knows better. When we don't know self control, God stops us and shows us why if we ask. He doesn't want us hurt so he tells through the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit telling us yes or no. He does want us to have children but not on the first date. Things take steps so follow his steps. Be wise kitty.

It's about Me.

The LORD is important and deserves praise and is worthy of all honor. It is important to praise him as we go about our day. I am talking about the LORD GOD. We should always worship the LORD GOD even when he points to someone else to give praise. When we praise someone for something we should always open them to the LORD GOD. IT IS WHERE THE PRAISE COMES FROM, IT IS POWERFUL AND NEEDING COMPLETION--for us to grow. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT BUT, it is from him. As we go up the ladder in glories we understand that the highest glories get praise. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day!
Enjoy the day!

Cloning People and Spiritually

I heard on Facebook this argument whether cloning is still God's creation. I firmly believe that they are. They are made by God's sovereignity. They may have had a different birthing process than most human beings, but they are still birthed. God has made Christ special in birth and so there is exceptions. The clones father is the one who was made first and so he begat him by those means back to Adam so that is their tree. Who knows how long they survive. The clones only last a few years when I first heard about it. I suppose it could be longer by now. Human cloning is illegal in some countries but I imagine their may have happened in secret elsewhere. I believe they have soul and spirits as well. They are also needing a Savior like us. Clones may have different personalities. Not everything is genes some of it is environment. But we must have grace for them even though they were born different, sometime differences help us thrive as a civilization.

When the Gust Passes

It is kinda hard to imagine a nuclear bomb going off halfway around the world. What it would feel like over here. I think nuclear testing is bad to do on earth in the places they test at. I just wonder about water table problems when they do it underground. The water tables connect way underground where there is an ocean underneath the surface where we receive all the water. We don't want these deep wells tampered with underwater. I think nuclear testing should be done deep in space, where we can build prevention methods for larger cataclysmic asteroids they have the capability of hurting the earth. It may cost more but blowing that stuff on earth is dangerous to the environment as a whole.

Choose the good portion

When we explore the avenues of God we greatly get great impartations from the King. It is there we see the heavenly realm and all its gladness. We look to him for things to have and say. When the heavenly realm opens up we are sent by the heavenly realm things to chew on and impartate with especially for our walk. I want you to savor the heavenly realm and all it has. We get from him what we see in the heaven realms eyes as good. I can't say it enough God is good to you.We set our eyes on heaven's standard of good. We impart more eat what is good to them in the way it is good to them. We are sent good food and good drink.
So accept his good portion how heaven accepts it and be filled like them for it. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Angels in the Outfield Review

For those not old enough to remember Angels in the Outfield is a great Christian movie. It is about 2 kids in a foster home get noticed at a Anahelm baseball game because one of them made a wish to have God help the Anahelm angels win the pendant. One of the kids can see the angels because he wished it and they get noticed by chance by the coach. It is a great film to watch again if you hadn't in a long time. A true classic. If they make it again, I'd see it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Looking to him as you love him

I have to say is we need to always keep our attitude in check when it comes to the Lord and people. We can't look to him without love. It is very much love. I really don't know how to live without him. It is love. I can't spend a day without him, it is love. I can't feel a feeling without him, it is love. All I know is I ask and say that we feel love with him. All around us we are reminded of him as he bring our life to life. As we see more love from him, we love him more back. In intimacy we feel the Lord, he brings us to life and oh what a great life. I see miracles as we move towards him and he heals our life to be like him. I make it. He loves us so.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time and Eternity Part 2

I believe we can seek the Lord like Jesus, seeked God he did it like he was looking for rain, he went on a journey to high places and prayed. If we did that we would find God like Jesus. Mike Bickle says that the context of seeking God's face in scripture is when we seek him and continue seeking him till we find him. A man looking someone at the door, knock several time and waits where he can find him. Find him in your mind and seek his face there and let the Holy Spirit move inside of you. You can find God that way. Keep seeking him till you know it is him and abide with him, to abide with him is to see the connection of God and stay with him. Get the flow of God and let yourself be centered that way. I want you to see him on a daily basis that will make you strong in the LORD. He will show you the way, love him abundantly.

Monday, June 29, 2020

It rained again

Shortly after it rained, it rained again. We will get a spiritual flood when we ask or a sign.(see the posts from last week) It won't be like the days of Noah where it floods the whole earth. God will give signs of his son when we ask him for one enough. We will get praise and worship for our king as we ask relationally for things. Paint a picture and you may get a message. It is very good to do things for the LORD because we love him.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Looking to him

Looking to him is important. He wants everything. God loves you, it is a strong love. He is your partner and when things are stressed you look to him. When things are good you look to him. When you need encouragement you look to him. We keep our life centered on the Lord. When we do that things will be better. If you set your path to be like the Lord, he can help you more. In all things we look to him for comfort, for strength; for that helping hand to get to our next level. I want you to know him; he is soooo good. 
Live a life to the calling of God whatever it be. He will sustain you.
When life is boring he gives you more life. He fills the gap and gives you more than you asked for.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

It rained.

It rained, after I wrote the last message, it started to form clouds after I wrote this. God is good now we see life. It is pretty good to know him where he does stuff for us just to make it even better.

Now to connect with God. It is his sign for us. God comes in things sometimes we have to see what he is doing in the season. Be open to his messages it's not figment of your imagination. God works through many people and you have to see the patterns and character of God as you see what he is working through, whether it is the rain or not.

In the flow of God speaking you see what he is like over the years. You just know it is him, he does some things so subtlely sometimes and have to pick up on what he does. He is a life giving God and wants you to have life. This flow is picked up by other Christians and we just see him working and getting the same thing. It is like a frequency and over time you develop your tools to observe his work.
It's subtle but beautiful.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Time and Eternity

Time is a fickle thing. It seems we are never given enough of it and to Paul it is evil. As things decay through the years we must remember we are meant for a purpose. God gives us a purpose, to simply glorify him. As we reach out that purpose becomes more and more defined as we find ourselves in him. He gives legs and arms to your work. Whether it be something we planned or not. Let the lord build you up and give you revelation. I can see if we wait like God waits( 1 Kings 18:42-45) we will see more life in our life as we wait it and take it in. 
1 Kings 18:42-45:

And Elijah said to Ahab, "Go,eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain." So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees.
42 "Go and look toward the sea, he told his servant. And he went up and looked.
"There is nothing there," he said.
Seven times Elijah said, "Go back."
The seventh time the servant reported, "A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea."
So Elijah said, "Go and tell Ahab, 'Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.'"
45 Meanwhile, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain come and Ahab rode off to Jezreel. (New International Version)

Wait till the seventh time and you will get your rain in drought. The question of this is do we wait on God this way. Wait till the seventh time do we hear Go.
Look to Christ Jesus for life, he will give it to you abundantly. We wait till all the other things has passed in our mind and we seek his face in our mind. Then the still small voice comes and we are given such joy.  
So wait like God this is found biblically in 1 Kings 19:11-12: 

11 The Lord said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by."
Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave.
Then a voice said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah? (New International Version)

Wait pass the earthquake, wind, and fire to the still small voice.  Wait till the seventh time and you will get the still small voice. Believe Jesus and repent for you never know when eternity starts for you. Enter a relationship with him and he will start to transform your life in many ways to help you along this life's journey. Seek the Lord's face in your mind and wait till you hear the still small voice. That's seeking his face and keep seeking it.
God bless you.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

God wants you real

I am amazed by the Lord's work that he does in each of us. He happens to have the best for us, he constantly works on us including to be real with him. It is powerful how he moves. The Lord wants real relationship with us and to not be fake. Don't worry what he thinks all he wants is a contrite heart and intimacy from us. It is important to know that he takes the falsehood out of us and makes it work for us. He is patient to work in us and helps us through to our next level. Deeply see Christ as he is and love him for who he is. His thoughts are better than your thoughts, his ways are better than your ways. Love what he thinks, grow with it. I want you to see his ways and thoughts as for you and not against you. Accept him, don't be fake with him, be real.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Christian Goths

When we look at Christ becoming a part of a clique of friends, he becomes all things to them to win a few. We try to add him to our group the best we can. As Christians Christ becomes all things to win over to himself even though we don't know his skin color Jesus knows he becomes all things. So don't tear down statues of him. They are freedom of expression, his image is expressed differently all over the world. It's art and expression, I'm sure they never meant to offend for a white statue. Tear it down and it's one less expression taken from the world. Think about it like that. Jesus is all powerful he can be any color to express himself.

Amazing Insights about angels

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Taking Communion Every Day

I know that taking communion every time you can is a spiritual impartation and God blesses it. We read in scripture that and Joseph Prince is known for quoting 1 Corinthians 11:27-30. Many testimonies have been brought in to him accounting taking communion everyday makes you healthier.  I believe this to be true. I have felt windows from heaven opening over my health.As in the tithe with the windows of finance the windows of health is there too. It is good to take the Lord's supper. He will rebuke the devourer and make the Lord work for your health.

Hear the Word of the Lord

The word of the :) LORD
I the Lord am a smiling God. I give my children good thinking thoughts. I am awesome in my ways, creative and loving am I. With the Lord you are brought to knee. Ready and willing are you.I look to my sons and daughters for life. May you have it abundantly/joyfully. Every day I look for you in the dew of the morning search for you to the utmost parts of heaven. I look to a fro throughout the earth seeking you. I know where you are and what you are like. I long for the days of Adam when you were with me in the dew of the morning. I had you. It was beautiful/cunning to see you. I look into my heartt and see you. I miss the days of before. I miss you most. I'm making a point to loove you all at once. You are one with me. I look in the future and see all the wonderful things that were made. I knew/know you could do it.
How farrr you have come. I see my wrath absolved on the garden. What new things have come. I miss you. You are good.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Righteousness covers our work

It is important to him to do things for Christ. When the Sabbath rolls around we are magnifying his Holiness. No work is too small or too big. The thing with this is God gives us grace to 'just be.' We have to think in holiness becoming us. We also think that work is done on the cross. We carry these two measures walking with the Lord. We do have great grace when it comes to these things. God measures our grace by the work of the grace-filled cross. God is our example. We don't need to worry about the Sabbath, God's grace is sufficient for us. For the work of the Lord is done through the cross. Any extra works are counted as credit before the Lord. Mediate you are the righteousness of God and God always works. Rest and enjoy the day, let him be with you all day. Be about holy things on these days and walk with him throughout your day. Don't take it as a work buy good things about the cross. He loves you don't worry if you got everything right. Be about the cross. Carry your cross to the ocean and see what he does with it. He fills you up with joy as you talk about good things God does. God loves you. Walk with him and keep your eyes focused on him. He calls you on the journey towards him.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


The Definition of Majesty by the Oxford dictionary
1. Impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty
2. Royal Power 
When we use our authority we have Royal Power from heaven. We grow in stateliness, dignity and beauty.

We have his beauty his dignity his stateliness. It was given at the cross. We can rule the world with new authority. God gives us so much by the cross and his wounds. He is victor over death and the grave and he sits on high with full majesty. No one outdoes his kingship. He is high and exalted above all the earth. Don't worry about anything with the Holy Spirit we can express the fullness of authority. I have seen it with my own eyes and I can say we live greatly with the Lord. He is great. Magnify his name.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

God is cool, but we need grace

I don't normally talk about coolness. But one lesson I learned from is he is cool enough on his own without trying too hard to make him cool. Coolness is an abstraction and we shouldn't use it to control people. That's manipulation, just be yourself your cool enough. God wants to treat you well, when he improves you he is moving you towards a blessed life. He is a good teacher, he doesn't manipulate us. Your never too cool for God or not enough coolness, he made you and his coolness remains at 100 percent.  He has everything to make him cool and he is so self-sufficient to carry any weight. He is a hero and he saves people from destruction. He knows who you are and wants to draw it out of you. He's good real good. He deserves worship he is so good. So be you and worship the Savior he deserves all the praise. Dr. Jo Vitale says, "we are meaning-seeking creatures," we need meaning and we find real coolness through humility towards our savior which causes grace. We need to be like sons and daughters to God, we don't need coolness or materialism. We need grace. God is cool like that. He can train us in favor if we need it.

When you hear his call

The Lord is truly a loving savior. He has a still small voice and works gently to help your soul. When we pursue him in the word he voices that and he is real with you and comes to life in the pages. One thing you want to meet his call look for ways to communicate with him.  Reading his word openly it helps you build your communication and boldness. It works even better if you read it out loud. Let the word permeate your soul and mouth. Let it bring you to life and leave a passionate fire in your heart. Saturate your mediation with God's word and prayer. Pray out loud in your room to help your expression. The Lord loves to hear a man in frevent prayer. Talk to others about God to help your relationship in him. Let your heart be full of inspiration when you feel the fire of God worship and express yourself. Write your thoughts in a journal. Build your gifts for God's good work. Use your gifts and explore what God has in mind for a ministry. Let him lead and have faith.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I know some think I am going to write about 'Epiphanies,' but something I found out that the definition of an epiphany found in the Oxford dictionary is a noun giving the revealing of Christ to the gentile to the Magi. I find this neat because our definition comes of Christ. We can get epiphanies from him. God is always the way for revelation. God makes it man's revelation him. We can't have anything without him. God builds our skill and inspires us to the next level. He will build for you great things when we work with his people. The Lord looks and sees what he can do with upright leaders. 

H E    G I V E S    I M A G I N A T I O N. 

H E  S O L V E  O U R  P R O B L E M S!

HE  W O N ' T   L E A D  U S  A S T R A Y.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

He lives!

Everything the Lord does is good and profitable to us. He made the cross a banner for us to walk beside. God set everything into motion. God made it all for us. Jesus is a glory to us. The man that walked out of hell into heaven and said "I live so others may live too." Then awoke on earth to tell us the good news. He lives and we can be apart of his resurrection. We can partake in his sacrifice not by suffering but his implantation that our bodies fully changed in through the Holy Spirit. He lives for us to carry out his gospel to every place. God will give us more than we think.
The Holy Spirit is the ultimate thing to have it fills us with new joys unimaginable by the unbeliever. It is worth the belief. So believe in him and take his Holy Spirit. It a new found joy that doesn't fade. It is an everlasting joy and the sting of death is gone. I want to you tell Jesus, I believe you please give me your Holy Spirt. Recieve God and let him transform you to life.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Craving for the Lord

I have found some new things in life I wanted to pursue. With anything the experts say you need to put in 10,000 hours. As Yahoo says:

10000 hours to be an expert
Image courtesy of
  • As Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his bestseller, “ Outliers “, to become an expert it takes 10000 hours (or approximately 10 years) of deliberate practice. But deliberate practice is a specifically defined term. It involves goal setting, quick feedback, and countless drills to improve skills with an eye on mastery.

Build your drive
So you need to build a drive for yourself to be an expert, inspire yourself look at content that makes you an expert. You can get further by a few hours of reading, practicing, intentful study. I find this a highly successful way of doing something is find something inspirational towards your goal. 
My goal in my study of computer language didn't come about till I finished other things in the process of making a book that I have to build a better website. I keep seeing a use for the skill coming up in my life that I decided to take this next year and become an expert in a few computer languages. It is important to set goals and go for your goal.
Set your home page on a very good site that makes you inspire and learn and you can become an expert easier.
The Lord likes you to become an expert of him. Sure not all of us do everything a supposed expert does and it is not about a religion but a relationship. But the Lord wants you to learn of him. One thing we keep in mind is not to make an idol out of our expertise. The Lord respects passion and he surely well put that passion in you. It is when strife and jealousy come about that you may consider that your passion is not a passion but an obsession. When it becomes an obsession we may become annoying with it. That is when you may want to focus on something else. When our closest friends turn way to our hobbies we need to consider what the Lord says. We should always consider the Lord, he is better to lead us in our passions. He fixes the closest friendships and helps you consider things better. Our craving isn't gluttony. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Going up glories starts the deaging process

As many of you may have seen the video I put on here by Sid Roth, people were working in a higher glory and deaging miracles occurred. Death maybe defeated by our authority to heal ourselves and others. We want to open to this and move in the higher glories. Heaven wants to open up and rend its blessings this includes moving in the glories. We want these higher glories to sit upon the earth. They will sit and heal the land of earth. God wants to prepare us for his glory. When Jesus's blood was drained from him and he died there was an earthquake and many rose. This was a sign of a glory of God as the earth sat innocent. God wants us to rend and go up in glories by vividly being close to Jesus. We can have more resurrections than before. We can gain from heaven impartations, mantles, and spiritual armor. We can set loose spiritual declarations that we bring different things to the atmosphere: healing, creativity, angelic presence, the glory cloud, different glories, revelation, spontaneous worship, miracles, his presence, and blessings. We can see and hear in the spirit. Feel touch taste the very nature of God.  Get a higher presence in him. We know he is near and he wants to give us more. Taste and see the Lord is good. Feel the wind of God let him take you more glory. I want to know more about his higher glories, walk in shining light. I can't wait to see more.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Prayers against the Coronavirus in China

Every time we see an outbreak we should lift up in our prayers and authority to heal. At this time 800 have had the Coronavirus and 25 have died. China is locking down the cities that happen to have it in central China. Prayers and sending healing for the people mixed with Satellite healings need to take place. One prophet or prayer can go a long way towards healing those effective. Let the healing come in Jesus's name. Let our prayers reach God in heaven to heal the land of China from the Coronavirus. Praise be to God at what he is going to do, let healing come fast and may there be no more death. We pray for the city of Wuhan where the outbreaks have occurred.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Curing pandemics from space

We should also use satellites to fight diseases on earth. A world network to not only destroy diseases but disinfect from further spread. We can do alot of things together. I believe God has been hinting at this process for a long time with church healings. Vibration and frequency is the answer for alot of things. 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Sending rain to the fire.

Father God, I come together with your children to ask you to stop the fire in Australia. We pray that your creation is spared from death. We pray for the endangered species be spared and their habitats preserved. Please send rain to stop the fire. We ask you in faith to stop the fire. As you have stopped storm disasters we ask you to stop the fires of Australia. We asked for the country to be spared more from turmoil. We can with the power of the Almighty. Send rain to stop the fire and preserve your creation in Australia. We thank you for what you have done, now let the rains come. In your sons name we pray. 

Looking to the Jesus and the Word

Jesus is the wind under our wings. He is the sail and guide. When he is resting he is still there. We know he always works. His angels take guard. We need Jesus to make us what we need to be. We need the word to make us what we need to be. His angels keep us righteous moving in when temptation comes. We need Christ in our hearts. We need him in our minds. He renews us in the way nothing can. It is beautiful to follow the Lord for the word of joy he gives. When we are patient we find his word. Even when the word is hidden behind high walls we know that we have him to guide us. Don't give up on the word of faith. It can get you to the next level. Freedom is tasted from the word of Christ. Don't give up on faith, you need it more than you know. It is wisdom.