Friday, February 7, 2020

Going up glories starts the deaging process

As many of you may have seen the video I put on here by Sid Roth, people were working in a higher glory and deaging miracles occurred. Death maybe defeated by our authority to heal ourselves and others. We want to open to this and move in the higher glories. Heaven wants to open up and rend its blessings this includes moving in the glories. We want these higher glories to sit upon the earth. They will sit and heal the land of earth. God wants to prepare us for his glory. When Jesus's blood was drained from him and he died there was an earthquake and many rose. This was a sign of a glory of God as the earth sat innocent. God wants us to rend and go up in glories by vividly being close to Jesus. We can have more resurrections than before. We can gain from heaven impartations, mantles, and spiritual armor. We can set loose spiritual declarations that we bring different things to the atmosphere: healing, creativity, angelic presence, the glory cloud, different glories, revelation, spontaneous worship, miracles, his presence, and blessings. We can see and hear in the spirit. Feel touch taste the very nature of God.  Get a higher presence in him. We know he is near and he wants to give us more. Taste and see the Lord is good. Feel the wind of God let him take you more glory. I want to know more about his higher glories, walk in shining light. I can't wait to see more.