Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summoning the Baptism of Fire

I want us all to see that God has great things to happen with us with the baptism of fire. We are baptized in water and fire of the Holy Spirit. It is important to be baptized in both. God wants to share it.
God is going to do something, he is going to pour out the baptism of fire out increasing measure, not just new believers but the whole church. New levels for the whole church. We must summon it. We can do it, be at peace listen to the Lord.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Parable of the Painter and the Thief

The Parable of The Painter and The Thief

There once was a painter and he would make the most amazing paintings. People would come far and wide to see his works. This painter is special. All who love his paintings call him the master painter. Wherever he went and he shared his work, people would be amazed and changed. In towns where the painter stayed the poor were fed. People were wise and hopeful. Some however did not understand the painter so they walked away without changing.

This painter is unique. A person could only love his paintings if he understood the painter. One day, a friend of the painter wanted to commission a special work for a loved one whom the painter had not met. Since the painter loved the man who wanted to commission the work, he painted the work for free.

The painter worked night and day on the painting until it was finished.

The painter washed his paintbrushes and went to bed.

The painter planned to present his gift to his close friend….

Everything was prepared…

Now the night before his friend was going to pick it up, a thief came into the rich painter’s house and stole the painting.

The thief ran… and ran….

Now when the thief got home he looked upon the painting but only for a moment. He could not understand the work that he had in his hand.

He did not know the painter.

He did not know how many cherished the painter’s works or the fame of the painter.

The painter came home to see his house was empty of the painting.

The painter was sad.

The thief got away in the night, but he was haunted all night by what he had done.

The thief tossed and turned and tossed and turned. Now the next day the thief, who was hungry, sold the work for very little. The amount was only enough for a single meal. By the end of the day the thief was again starving. He decided to go to his brother for dinner to eat.

The thief walked and walked and walked..

His brother was a kind man and let him eat dinner.

 At the dinner table, the brother had another guest whom the thief did not know.

The brother brought the food and each man ate until everyone was satisfied. The thief began to talk to the guest and saw the guest was a great man.

Everything about the guest was great. The thief saw his new friend as the most amazing man he had ever met.

The painter and the thief talked, And talked… and even took a long walk… When they came back, the brother did something the thief did not understand. He brought all the material needed for the guest to paint. The painter began to paint.

The painter put all his passion into each stroke.

Slowly the canvas came to life, it also began to look familiar.

Suddenly the thief was stunned!

The piece that the thief had stolen and sold was made again like new before his very eyes!


It was the same piece he had sold. He saw the painting in a whole new way.

The colors seemed brighter and more beautiful. Each detail seemed more beautiful. Everything about the painting was beautiful.

The thief was in awe and loved his new friend. The man also saw that he had wronged a friend. In spite of the change the thief ran away. His brother could not say why he ran out. As the thief left his brother’s house he promised himself he would never steal again. The thief went to his home again. For another night he tossed and turned over for what he had done with no relief.

He decided to go back in the morning.

The next day he went to his brother’s house to find his new friend.

He knocked on the door and his brother let him in.

He asked “Where is the painter? The man asked. The brother said, “He is not here, he left this morning.”

He has returned his house, I believe if you keep looking for him; you will find him.

I will go with you.

When they got close. The thief ran up to his house and knocked on the door. The painter answered.

“How are you doing my son?” The Painter said.

Suddenly the thief began to tear up.

The thief fell to his knees in repentance. He confessed to the painter he had stolen the painting. The man was in tears.

The painter invited him into the house. The thief stayed on his knees. All he could see in the house was the painting and the painter.  He wanted the painting. He did not have the heart to steal it from the painter or afford the painting from his new friend. He asked the painter, “Lord make me your servant. That I may know your work better. I do not deserve your grace, I would work night and day for that painting. I could never afford it on my own.“

The painter smiled, stood silent and walked over to the man. The thief knew he could not get the old painting back. The thief was sad.  The painter went to his knees and said, “Stand up, my son I forgive you.“ The gracious painter lifted him up and said, “ for since you confessed your wrong in your heart, I shall not count it against you.  I can make any display over like new. Here is the piece--your brother wanted it made for you.”

The painter’s new friend took his gift. The work was done. He was grateful for the painter’s love.

 The thief knew he deserved prison but the painter let him be free. He never had a gift like it. He could never sell the painting now. The new man jumped for joy and happiness filled him. Each one celebrated.

The brother then said, “that piece is priceless as you now know and the more you look at it the value to you only grows. That piece will feed you forever for people will come far and wide just to see one of the painter’s displays in order to know him better.

So if we keep in mind what the painter does. We will all grow too…



So look at this story as the real one. As it does to me, your mom and you.


The painter is real, no matter what anyone says.

He died on a cross for you.

He really did live so my sin could be taken away..

It was Jesus Christ, who is my painter; painted me a picture and saved the day. We stole the picture, the gospel, like a thief just wanting a single meal. The Lord has a banquet always-- prepared for me, no painting do I need to steal.

My grief is gone, I no longer hunger and because of Christ-- my heart is healed. He forgives all who come to him with a loving and sincere heart. So believe that he lives and ask him into your heart.


Dear Jesus,

I am a sinner. Who has done some things wrong.

I am not perfect. God open my eyes. God show me what your like.

Please forgive me of my sin. Let me know Jesus that you live again. I need you Jesus in my life. For you are the greatest God, my pearl of great price.

 I accept you as you are. You are the risen Savior. The Lord of my Heart.

A Godly Comparison

So I have this thing that God does with me, he compares my life with his. It is pretty amazing. I wish I journaled it to make more sense. But I don't know how to explain it. Could some one help me. Coming again like a thief in the night.
First seal broken. revelation 6:1-2