Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Something you gotta do.

 So friends we are on a new adventure, a new field to plow. I want us to work together and plow this field. Now I am talking about a great soul harvest. I have come up with a great way to witness that Jesus shows in the bible but slightly different. We need on hand the verses that shows the prophecies Jesus fulfilled through his life. I show that with this new 'bookmark product.' I sell it as a campaign. We do three things, ask if people want a prophecies of Jesus bookmark. We show it to them and tell them they can look at the verses in free bibles available on the phone. Then they buy it or ask questions to the person. We raise money for Christian business, raise money for the church especially in these hard times, and share the most important thing in their life. We can introduce them to Jesus through the power of the verses and give saints new faith as they see all the verses being fulfilled in the bible. We may have new friends going to church. So church let us plow this field together in this gospel campaign.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

George Washington's Trump Vision (He Saw the End)

Vision during watching the video in the last post

 My vision was spiritual I saw a golden man with wings like an angel. He said why are you here sinning saint. I was shaped like a lion like the Lord then the Lord stood in front of me and said I am here, he is with me. I was smaller than Jesus. Jesus said, "He is going back to earth to be born." This stunned me, would I ever be sent back when I left. He said that I would be with him forever. This is a hard doctrine. He said I wouldn't be sent back. I am still in my body. So if I don't have a body, I won't be sent back but I would be sent back. There was more he asked me if he should send him back. I said no, I don't think anybody deserves that. He then said, you changed my mind. I just wanted to see what you were going to say. I won't send either of you back. This was a vision I had and that completes the vision.

14 Minutes In The Spirit World | You Wont Believe What Is There

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Facebook live link

I do some videos on Facebook some preaching, others songwriting material, some prayers and some for fun.  Watch them or watch my youtube channel. Either way it's loads of fun.