Sunday, December 13, 2020

Speaking the Miracle

 In preaching we have several mindsets that occur. We see these in the Bible by Christ in the gospels: Compassion, Inspiration, Grace, Building Relationship in realness, Obedience, and Judgement which includes Ethics and Declarations, Speaking the Miracle, Miracles in Faith, Testimony, Prayer, Hearing the Lord, Venturing in Faith(includes seeking) and Prophecy.

I heard of a man who made many things happen with his faith. He didn't do them on his own, he was led by his father to do so. We must understand Jesus followed in intimacy the Spirit and Father. God rested in him and he changed the world through his obedience in his heart. I know we must move to him to know what he is doing, but with God we just need to obey him and watch him work his wonders. It is important to see Christ as he is he walks as a Son walks and does what the Father tells him to do. We must follow God closely if we are to perform miracles. We must be open to his miracles and his teaching. 

He is a good teacher learned well by studying the Father, Spirit and Word. 

He looks to us for life as well. He is good to us, he does not neglect us. 

He does not hurt us, he walks humbly with his father. 

He is clear and good-hearted. 

He brings clarity to life.