Sunday, December 5, 2021


Today I am going to talk about effort. I am going into the bible and talking about it. God sees our efforts and looks if they are genuine. We are to make every effort on holy things.

Effort begins with

1.We must not strive. This is bad effort and so we must find only good effort in our sight. 

2.We must examine our hearts when this comes. 

3.We must examine the overall situation. 

a. Are my efforts coming from sin? Am I falling into sin? 

4.We must answer this and see if we are. 

5.We can't walk with the Lord correctly if each effort is based on sinful grounds. 

6.We must see where it stems from.

a. Is it from a scheme or a bad branch of a carnal way? 

7.We must examine ourselves and correct bad things we may be doing. 

8.We repent and do our penance.

9.We must carry out things that God want us to do.

10.Do effortful processing:

(this is for remembering the things God has told you.) :)

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Best quotes status: fulfilling needs

Today I will talk about the best quotes status.

We all want to be liked and shared. We want to be quoted and have legacy. We want to be remembered. Being quoted some on Pinterest, television and radio. The thing about quotes is not how you feel, but how you serve. Are you meeting the needs of the people? Are you going where they search? Being remembered is a competitive thing, the ultimate legacy is that you are treated as a symbol of legend. Some want to held as a God in a Hindi circle so they look for the best quote status in Hindi is some type of Godhood or ancestral worship. I can tell you that being quoted isn't about you, it is about God's will and being the greatest servant that serves all people with really great discernment. 

    We make a difference with a plan. 

    I can go further than just floating through life. I need to see God's goals. I need his discernment; his clarity, his peace. We develop leadership skills. We advise many people, just serving, just helping. We do it with humility so people follow it. Service is about humility as I have said. We build our business by meeting the needs of people with a good heart. Service is not a discretion. We are not less when we serve, we simply help people. We should receive honor for selfless service. It isn't a caste system. It isn't goodness or godhood. We should consider others better than ourselves as something infrastructural. If you are degraded someone may not have the right attitude. We should look how respect works. We should treat people with love. 

    Our identity or power doesn't come with us being remembered it comes from the Lord. Sure favor does affect us, but we look for others to help by the Lord's leadership and the discernment he gives us. Ministry can be a job of service but, we seek God's approval and develop our discernment; develop our leadership. Discernment is a skill. We develop many skills through learning from the Lord and learning from experience. God wants you to use your experience to develop wisdom. Stick closer than a brother to your God. We need him to have real skill. The devil takes the seed of a message and tries to get rid of God's learning from it. We must stick close to Christ for all things to be fulfilled. We are valued either way by God whether we pass or fail. He takes us up and gives us a second chance, we stick to a relationship in God for more help.

    We all want to be honored. Don't fill your day unforgiveness, saying why didn't they notice me? Look at God noticing you. He sees you. He loves you. When you spend your time on serving others, you may receive some good noticing. We don't always get our way but become something infrastructured into notice and your notice may come sooner than you think. Be a pillar in life and you shall have life. Set yourself to be irreplaceable than you will stand in place for ages to come. Look for the avenue to serve and keep looking till you find your place. God will notice you looking and open opportunities for you. Be wise and choose where people are looking and the avenue that is seeking. You find the seek avenue and try for it, the the opportunity comes to you. Choose what is God's will and he will bless you.

    We can not slack off in finding our destiny. We don't need to put our mind on the struggle but the solution. Serve where you are till greater things present themselves. Where the opportunities are at are where the promotion is. Let God promote you and look for what you can blessed at doing with all that God has given you. We must be wise and ready to receive more from God. Sure we all want to be quoted and look to our status to see what is life. We should focus on the goal to serve more people effectively, look for opportunities God has placed for you serve. See the pragmatic things he puts in front of you. Serve other with those ideas. Ask God for more ideas and use them to rise. You will have your day soon.

    Follow God to your next step. See what he has for you and consider what he gives you. Consider what he has told you in the past. Look at all things and thank him for what he is doing. Don't get caught in whys, Why can't a catch a break? Why am I in this current situation? Stop focusing on negative things but keep your ears open ready to receive in faith. Tell God, God I am ready to receive from you greater things. Don't be blaming everybody but slow down, forgive and God will bless you with something new you may not have considered. 

    Get into God's flow for your life. He is the most quoted person in all history and time. We can learn what it looks like to be lifted up in different avenues. We look for wisdom and sound understanding. He will give us more when we go with him in our life and presence. King Jesus is around you,you just have to call him. Look for God on a regular basis and he will hand you the saying that lasts forever.

    Quote others and you will be quoted yourself. Give others credit and honor and you will receive some yourself. Lift up a friend and he may take you with him to be lifted up. Clap for others when no one has started and more may join in the cause. Be a lifter not a person who counts death. Look with a positive attitude and you'll draw others in that will share a positive attitude. Learn how to tute your own horn. We don't always lead the orchestra, sometimes we are at rest and the rest of players play. Learn to practice and play good then ask for a solo and you'll be the head of the band.

    As we wait on our growth we can look for things to grow us. Look and collect things that inspire you. You may inspire someone else. Be a person of inspiration. If you suddenly have something you haven't before, praise God for it and thank him. Let the positively spread. It usually spreads like a revival. We start to believe for something more and the miracles start happening. God comes into the place and starts something significant. We prepare for great expectations. The miracle comes and we have much from him to be thankful. We must be prepared for the revival of positive things. We just decide to keep going till all are ready for more. We bring the best of ourselves and make it what ourselves are about. Let the best shine from you. Let it serve others and you will be quoted. Let us shine when the moment comes and be like shining stars. Be salt and light. 

    Position yourself for victory. Look how victory works in your situation. Don't get down on yourself look where God has placed your victory. Don't war over it but look gentlely how you can make the best level. Don't scheme your way, look for God's way of doing things and you may have victory in your hands. I want you to understand how to shine then you will see a light in life you never seen before. I close with this look for places that you can succeed serving with what greatness God gives you. Be great look for others in greatness and join in on the greatness life offers. Don't wonder why you didn't succeed last time, look with a fresh vision and see what he can do!

    Make your status as an expert. We can all have quote attribution. We just need to build our network and work on other networks. Publish books or go on shows. Build your network with others that do the same. All these things will give you quote attribution. Some places you have pay for it so don't give up. Just know that God knows best, see how he will promote your status. Be saved and work his network. God bless you all!!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

What to say about someone who goes to hell

 Is there heaven in hell? We must ask Jesus how he handles sin on the other side. We all want a solution for our sin so be patient with me. I want us all to repent. It is important to God to do so. What is the meaning of eternal life? In Christ is the way. We hear these things a lot. Some have accepted some have not. We need to understand God's grace in heaven. God is a perfect creature to us. He can't get out of tendencies we may not like.

He is inspectible to these perfect tendencies. He is locked in them. As I understand God I have seen these tendencies and I have seen what he means by them. 

When God enforces the law he understands how it works. When he means perfect he means the blood has been spilt on the behalf of the sinner and covered them to make them perfect. 

Punishment in heaven maybe different in a perfect body. Penance exists. The punishment of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Maybe different than other sins that man has committed.

God's hypocrite enforcement. Everybody is a hypocrite, they have sins they fall into that. Sin that we are hypocrites for are iniquities. What Jesus has told me about iniquities is that he was bruised for our iniquities as it says in Isaiah 53.

We are going to find the vindication of the bible. Vindication of the law is perfect. What vindication is the soundness of word or thought in regards with holiness and perfection. They uphold the fullness of what an infinite can be. Upholding an infinite perfection is what God is locked in so you have to find a system of grace that upholds his fullness. This is why we can see him using an infinite fullness with his words. It has to be in his Spirit. When we look in his words through Christ he raises the level of vindication than that of the world. Such words like repentance they are held in the highest regard for that leaves us to enforce it as he does as law and not as halfway objectives. The law was made for us. So we see that when it was a jewish law base and we had sacrifices from different animals. We were doing something to please God to point to the real sacrifice that was the perfect vindication of the law of heaven. According to the book 15 minutes in hell as part of the dream the author had it said, Christ feels the pains of hell too. He propitiates our sin if we respect him to the highest vindication. God is our subsitute for sin. A teacher can always assign more work for a failing student to do if they want to pass. We say it is a test, everything of God has a type of infinite to it. A test by God may have an infinite, a punishment may have an infinite. Perfection may have an infinite, heaven may have an infinite. You may have finished the course, but there is always an exception to a rule. Jesus's hell is without us. He gives the devil even grace though he is trying to destroy God. The second death is hell, however it says in Ezekiel 18:32:

32 For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

Death itself is not absolute. It can be overcome with repentance and keeping to God's justice. Justice can come through repentance and penance.

28 Because they consider all the offenses they have committed and turn away from them, that person will surely live; they will not die. 

 It does not effect his inspectiable nature through repentance. So if a person repents in hell they can come back by keeping to repentance. It maybe longer of a journey you might have to stay in hell but you may be able to repent and come to heaven. 

Here is what I was told in a vision of my other grandpa's restoration from hell.  About 3 months ago I had a vision of my grandpa Wilkinson coming out of hell. He repented and developed a relationship with the Lord. He couldn't give him an inheritance but he could be a servant. He would have to work for his life in eternity and God gave him a new body. He is now flying in heaven with a glider. He enjoys his eternity. God reunited him with my grandmother who is Christian. We have to understand it maybe a test but we can get out of hell maybe with repentance. I had great peace. Sometimes God enforces rules harder the longer your out of repentance. So repent don't waste time for it is a long eternity. As a part of justice you may have to go into the hot place if you did not believe God. Vindication of the law is why the law sets such high standards you may be reading it from an infinite side of eternity so you don't choose hell and miss your inheritance. He lived with my grandmother in eternity. You may not have the same opportunity. He may be given something later on as he does good works in his body. We must go to the Lord about our relatives, he heals us. When I get visions those with eternal life are not dead now. They have more life in them than us. So it is okay to go to the Lord about them. I know when a Christian dies I get comforted by them in visions and I learn things. I want us all to give God a chance at our lives. I talked to the Lord a while about the vision, it is more a true covenant of his blood. I want us all to see him right as a loving God. He communicates with healing words. He loves you and wants you to have life, it is an amazing life, it wonderous and you will develop a thankful attitude with life. Heal the land guys.

If you never have accepted God before. Pray this prayer with me, Dear Jesus,

Forgive me of my sin.

Come into my heart.

I make you my Lord and savior.

Reach out to us and Jesus. 

He will show you amazing things.

In him,


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Removing Selfishness: The Journey towards selflessness


    We want to please God and not be selfish. It is important to him that we do not follow sin's path and wreck our lives in Satan's snares. I want us to see the full potential of our lives and reach new levels. We reach to God in submitting our lives to him. 

There are different areas we can submit to the Lord. 

We usually first submit our affections to God. 

    We fall in love so we place our affections at the foot of the cross. We see his beauty as our Savior and submit to him as Lord of our lives. We dedicate our life. We need to do this as a part of our life not just a chapter or else we fall. Regular submission is good for us. It fills us up in its place with joy. We walk with him humbly and see the glory of our lives in Christ. It is when we are humble to him we are given more grace in our lives. We love and also respect him no matter where we are at. It is sad when a love relationship to God becomes just a season inside, this is a fallen attitude. God compels us to change and know him. We are rewarded with heaven when we submit our whole life to him. God happily wants to know us, teach us and make us happy. His wisdom leads this way. We learn to treasure his way. I want us to see the glory of a life with him. It is deep joy as we free up ourselves and seek God's loving relationship. The glory of a life with him goes beyond a moment as we wait for him to answer and oh boy does he answer. It is deep affection. It is deep love, we love him more and more with all our being. Let your heart, mind, body, soul and strength be what it can be with the Lord. Let your measures be his measure. May we see as he sees. Hear what he hears. Do as he does. Be as he is for us to imitate. Let all our senses follow the Lord.

    God will awaken us to new things of him as we watch for him in our lives. These measures, these senses he gives to our discernment, let us enjoy his path he gives us to know and love as he loves. We see over time that he can give us great things to follow and enjoy. Imitating the Lord is a gift of its own. We learn the life it is and we feel the joy it brings. Develop that relationship with him, it will excite you the more you see it. Putting your affections to him makes your life great. As you fall in love, you savor him as a greatest gift. Don't fall into religion but relationship with the Almighty. He encourages in such a way we see great things.

    Look to the Lord for the good of your life. We see great lives in us when we make him our goodness. When we give him fruits of goodness we make the lives with him better. Feast with him he says. I have great fruit ahead for you to satisfy yourself with today and forever. You will never go hungry with me. Know. Be glad.

I want to talk about giving God our time.

    We give to the Lord our whole heart. We give him what we can give him. We give him our time and money. We make a good fruit out of our offering. We follow him to the next level. We want to do as he pleases. We offer everything with cheerful living.  We see he is the best thing to contribute to in life. With everything going into place by God he sees what we have offered and loves us for it. I want us all to offer to him the things that keep him first in our lives. That is what he longs for is us to have cheerfulness in his life with him. We put him 24/7/366 days a year. When I did this it created much love for God. He was happy to see me put my whole life in his hands. I love him for everything he has done and it fills my whole life with joy. He will fill joy for you if you put him at a greater commitment level. He enjoys to see us filled with life as we give him greater commitment. Greater commitment in a marriage usually creates more fruit for the marriage. When we give our full heart to him we become married in him. I mean this is our commitment it gives fruit. One thing I learned over the years good fruit happens when we listen and obey him. Bad fruit happens when we don't listen and obey him. You can turn your whole life into regret if you don't listen or obey him. Don't do that to yourself let obedience in him change you into the man or woman you can become. Don't put other things before him, we are not meant to live that way and it can affect us for a long time. I want you to listen even if the short run seem better. Commit yourself to me! He says, I have a better foundation for you, look to my life in you. Feast on the bread of life I give you and let it satisfy. I let you in for more intimacy I create in you new life, let my life satisfy my heart I give you. It is more important to see the grace you have thus say Me the Lord. Be of good cheer, have a happy heart in the name of the Lord.

Give your finances to him he will bless you back in various ways.

    Giving to God your tithe is powerful and gives you clarity and opportunity that you didn't have before. God rebukes the devourer and the windows of heaven open up. It is a promise that he says will happen when you tithe. Your tithe is a spiritual weapon against the enemy for a miracle. Look at your tithe as a covenant with you and God. It protects you with his very principals of the universe he created. Look at it as special and beautiful thing between you and God. It makes ministry and gospel presentation happen. It makes charity for the poor and changes the lives of many, it does amazing things. I want you to remember your tithe as you give it. Look back on it and thank God of the miracles that have happen. People saved, the down and out lifted up to hope. I want you to come along side the pastor's ministry and see what his time has done for people instead of him 'waiting tables.' When you get to heaven God is going to thank you for your tithing to him.  

    So in these three areas of your life: your affections, your time, and your money. Think about how you could give God more in these areas. Look to him and if there is something that you have submitted to the cross. Then go ahead a submit it to him. He loves you and will help you no matter where your at. So in conclusion, be free in him and follow the Lord today. Go on a journey with him, seek him in what he shows you. You won't regret it.

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Gospel Retold book looking at the New Testament theologically and biblically

I want us to understand the story retold, takes a new turn in this century as we learn microtrends and macrotrends more scientifically over internet crawler. We can take the buzzwords on a subject and then we learn how people interpret different times better. The best way for most trends and changing factors to establish an understanding of the first century and the rest of the bible is by the Holy Spirit because it is so complex to understand a century or a pinpoint in history due to historiographical breath of knowledge. To learn all this and become a expert in the historiographical is bigger than our mind can grasp. So we may learn the history and the languages the hermeneutics we must rely of the Holy Spirit. The thing is when we look at these things statistically what the trends were we miss out on the truth and love God wants to share with us. The theologians here represent a large group of Calvinists. We learn much from the history, languages, and hermeneutics this things give us a message but at face value we learn many times and it is the Holy Spirit that simplifies these things. We can learn from him and we are then balanced. I don't mind learning more from these guys. 

I think this is pretty good from the interview. Watch it above.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Test Kits for Christianity

 I want people to understand my faith, so I had a dream last night of material I use to help people test their faith from where they are at. It gave me example of how people can come to the knowledge of Jesus by different material in the past that I have used. I give different material for different circumstances. This is so that people will see my faith helps you where you are at. It is more intimacy with Jesus that people look towards though. I want them to know Christ at heart and I also I want them to also work their brain to see Christ to have peace. An active brain is a good thing.

People want answers so I lead them to Christ. He has the answers. If you doubt ask Christ to answer your questions. I think that you can have the most from God. My material is more customized to where they are at.

If your Mormon I use Evidence Ministries ministries material to show you how the bible is supreme over any other book.

If your Jehovah Witness they have similar material you can check out.

Here is some material you can get if your doubting.

If your Atheist or Agnostic I recommend reading A Reason for God by Tim Keller and looking for a book that talks about God's voice. You more need to be an expert on God's Voice. One works your brain the other shows you him. These will get you see things through another perceptive. Mere Christianity is a good one as well and this dvd:  

If you are another religion seeking God's voice it is a good thing. We want to see what is supreme in the universe. It is important to see what is more prevalent. We want what controls everything as our source. 

In that case and I do this with all my students. I show them the walk of Emmaus. Which shows them how real the prophecy of the bible is with Christ. I show them the shirt I sell that gives all this information about the prophecy Christ. When they see how real it is they can see Christ.

If they are suffering there is nothing better than a relationship with Christ that connects to his voice. I give them the Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Also counseling set a appointment on the website or connect with us in the Facebook group.

If your something else connect with me. I'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Roles ,Racism and Ideology

 God wants people to fulfill their destiny. People make agendas some are good and some are bad. I always say lead on God's agenda. There is a director or two that leads in Hollywood as more diverse. I say if they want to make films more diverse it is a good idea. People need to hear a story from any source. They can keep Hollywood from being partial. God's agenda is more important than content. We play by his hand. It keeps us going longer and gives an eternal prespective. Look at what God wants you to do. It become better when we go by him and his system than by man's system. We should not preform out of our flesh and put ourselves ahead of God. We follow him and we become better. God meets our needs and tells us what words to say. 


Saturday, April 3, 2021

What sin does around you without the Holy Spirit

So the Lord gave me some revelation about sin and darkness. The Lord told me that "we are 30 dimensional beings." It is hard to figure out our wereabouts with sin. God told me when Adam sinned Satan put darkness around him so God had to search for him. There are many verses about light and darkness. We have to walk in the light AS HE IS IN THE LIGHT.  That why many people are lost because God can't see them. When we get rid of the darkness consuming them which God the chance to be saved so they are found by God. When light in you is darkness, how great the darkness. We must pierce the darkness with our light of life. Be a light like a city on a hill. This city on a hill is like a church. A temple full of light. We with the Holy Spirit have a city on a hill experience when we enter a church like God's church. There very deceit is brought to light. So we can minister and set free from darkness. Don't worry about losing God you are complete in him, believe in the light and you shall shine brighter. We shine like stars to him. He sees us and is glad.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Be inspired by Christ

 Christ lives! This is what we know. He overcome death, hell and the grave. It is powerful. We can overcome like Jesus. He brings us to him, by his words through the preacher. Go and heed the word of the preacher, the sound of salvation he brings. REPENT! You need to believe or carnage will get you in hell. Hell is a bad place and you don't want to be a part of it. You want heaven it is a joy to be there. Don't dismiss God he is great in providing for you in eternity. If you fully repent of your sin you will see him. You just got to seek him how I say, RENT can come to you, HUSBANDS OR WIVES CAN COME TO YOU. PAY THE THINGS OF GOD IN THIS LIFE AND YOUR INHERITANCE WILL BE GREAT. KING JESUS CAN PROVIDE BUT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW HIM!


I love you,


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Why You Put Yourself Down | Steven Furtick

How should Christians respond to cancel culture? |

I have 2 books and nothing to show for it.

     I think this thinking is wrong, we lead ourselves and our legacy down paths we don't quite understand and want to know him. We do it for him. I want us to all know him in it. It is very important that we don't lean anywhere else. I can do alot of things but being an artist and exploring the World with him is so important. I think that a legacy is something God does sometimes without us because we are living a life we never was meant to live. It's legacy is God's. He makes it happen we don't know what we are till we get in the hands of God. Intellectual or not. Greek minded or Hebrew. Orthodoxy of some kind of way if we are faithful. We are used in the legacy of God by him showing us off for his meaning and purpose. He is the shower and leader of the 'show'ers. Geneology of mine or not. I live for meaning and we are brought to meaning without him and with him. We all want to be in a legacy. I think of my great-grandparents which I didn't know and wonder about their lives. I wonder about them alot, the writer that got on the train, the boy who got painted, the farmer, the french seamstress, the man who knew some Yiddish, the man who went to war. I love my relatives even if they didn't. We are supposed to love people that is a Christian's walk above all else. We carry his joy up to every place we climb.

     I hope I am shown in the best light whatever my relationship, friendship, acquaintance or whatever. May you be blessed when you hear my life. I put everything of my life to Christ. I want his life remembered and known. We are his and that lasts forever. We carry on a legacy in heaven. Look for the fruit. The good friend that loves you. I want us to remember what is important. Look to his kingdom. His kingdom carried on is more important than what money goes where. What assets we have. Remember his kindom friends. 

the Lord

Saturday, March 6, 2021

3D printed full rubber tires (new design)

Friday, February 26, 2021

How do we go about Terraforming Mars?

First create a moving highway system and port system and create a space highway, that people can be moving between mars? Could we stop it from orbiting away from earth so we could access it more often or other objects the same? Would this affect life on earth? A moving planet or moon maybe hard to move. But the iron core for the planet could come from the asteroid belt and move the object by electromagnets.

Could we create artificial Volcanos that warm up the atmosphere?(Fission reactors) And make layers of atmosphere? Or bury them deep under the surface to create magma. Heat up that Huge Iron asteroid could work as a core to create a magma sphere then throw in Europa or comets for water.

We could terraform Mars. First drive rocks into it that change the chemistry of the surface of the planet to make it less toxic, sustainable to plant life and heavier planet.  Got to see how this effects earth first. Move resources to the planet by moving stuff that works from the asteroid belt.  Europa could work for water. Move lots of Comets to give it more water. This is where we start. Make a more sustainable moon. 


What if we could broadcast a magnetosphere on Mars?

Could we create an artificial atmosphere by broadcasting?

Could we send bombs to throw up water into the air?

Could we create artificial lifeforms that could live on Mars. Such as artificial ants that create something to to change the body chemistry of the soil or create a layer that could be used for lifeforms. These ants could till the soil. Artificial Cows that could help terraform the sahara and Arabia in planned holistic planned grazing? Birds to spread fish.

Create a economy on mars to become self sustainable and

Create a Robot factories on Mars where people work remotely through the robots sent the only thing bad about doing this in the wrong order we lose jobs or have to evacuate all the robots and stations so they need to be modular. So a space elevator maybe good to have first on Mars. These Robots would be for the sole purpose of terraforming? 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Isaiah 11 Blueprints of the Earth

    Dan Wilson told me about this section of scripture a long time ago and I want to explain what he said with some new things I learned today. First off we must understand this chapter. This chapter talks about the coming of the messiah and what he will do. I break this into three sections. 

Who it points to, Jesus in heaven, 

Verse one points to where Jesus is from to point to him. He often called the Root of Jesse because Jesus came out of the Davidic bloodline, King David's father was Jesse. The Greek and Hebrew both
translate it as a descendant.

What he is about, 7 Spirits of the Church
The Spirit would be upon the messiah. The church should be about these Spirits. They are identifying what Christ walks in.
With him he shows what he is about. If we made our vision like this we would much better. It cupples these Spirits together because they are scaled together. 

Wisdom scaled with understanding.
Counsel with might.
Knowledge with the fear of the Lord and the delight of the Fear of the Lord. We scale these things together and get the counsel of God and the Holy Spirit. With him we can do many things in our spirit.

What he did in heaven the verses after that talk about the beasts living in harmony with one another. 

Heaven on Earth would regulate these beasts to change their inhibitions to save lives. This is a futurist talk could we change the animals inhibition with altering their DNA so they don't attack or wound people. I would alter the DNA of attacking animals that kill people. Africa would be much safer. I don't know if we are there in the gene altering as of yet. I don't think this is playing God. I think we are making the world a better place. Imagine cobras eatting plants. Lions eating straw. We simply change what they eat. Somethings need to remain the same though because of the food chain keeps from over population. But this is a way to solve food problems. Eventually as population grows we will have more and more food products, that we may engineer ways to make more food.

What we should apply this to, now I saw a video about an alien whose stomach was built he didn't have to eat for a long period of time. If we could engineer ourselves to be like that even. I don't think humanity is that level we have to change the whole food chain. Some things are unhealthy and dangerous to eat. Would we declaw, defang, devenomize, dehibitionize in some cases to make more food? Would we change animals stomachs and intestines to eat different? 

Heaven has endless possibilities and we grow in the possibilities as our innovation becomes like heaven. Innovate like heaven.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Supernatural Ability begins

 You have more ability than you think when you have faith and follow a life of intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy is key. Spend several years being obedient to the word of God and you will start to see miracles. You must be faithful and see him as he is. So believe and be empowered by all things that he empowers people with you will be shocked that he can do such things, such things last many united years. I want you to see him as he is amazing in faith and majesty. I know that many people see limits that cause death 40 days fasting, 3 days with out water. It is up to the Lord and your dependance depending on him. I want you to see that God is the limit, but look to Christ for supernatural goals. He may preform some feats differencing that you are. He does things with time in scripture and the word of Christ upon you. Learn the many things of scripture and you will do great things amazingly amazing. I preach the word with a sentence and it amazes me, I can't do it without him. He gives me the ability to go and I do it. It is more for the Lord to see the heights and depths of a person. It is his worship. I think God will do many things if we but ask what to do. A girl joined the group and asked what her duty was in it. I marveled at it and gave her a position. I don't know what will happen. But the Lord knows better. It is him that will lead the ministry not I because Christ knows best/better than I/or anyone else. I will watch God do miracles with her if he leads her to do so. It will be God leading and I will watch him lead. I know Christ when I see it. I am going to wait upon him. In that season, I will do other things. I am watching each of you progress. I want you all to grow in him and do as he says. It is important for us all to follow him and united with him bring many to the Lord. I hope to do so in the days ahead.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Creed of God

 If there is anything that comes close to a creed in the New Testament it was the method to share the gospel. It is the road to Emmaus that unlocks so many people to the gospel. We have to share Isaiah 40-44 and Isaiah 53 these chapters show the coming Messiah being Jesus Christ. I want us to read these chapters and get out of it what Jesus wants us to have. We must familiarize our witness to the prophecies of his coming. Yes he comes back, but remember what brought many of you to cross. Jesus's coming the first time. He came in ways he couldn't control. He was in the hands of the father. God knew what he was doing to even have an empire bring him to be born in Bethlehem. Being God he brought miracle after miracle showing his authority on Earth.  He is divine, he was given power by Father God. I want us to see it is God who orchestrated everything to show the messiah was indeed Jesus Christ. I want you hear Christ by yourself, look intently inwardly, build this skill and follow God. Look to Christ know him as your friend. He helps us all see the truth. Look inwardly for life abundant. Look for signs from Christ. It is important to build the skill of seeking God. Watch for him as he answers your prayers. Look to him intently with an open heart.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Parable of the Farmer

 There once was a farmer who had much acreage, he watered his land through wells and pumps and irrigation. He grew large plants that brought him much at harvest. The state of the land followed the Almighty. When the people followed God and his commandments the state of the land was prosperous. When people did not follow God the land became parched and cursed. Once there was a prophet that followed the Lord, he walked with him in all his ways and God blessed him in his walk. When the people were wicked and did not listen to the prophets and take in consideration their word out of contrition; they would lose focus from a relationship with the Almighty, one prophet told the land not to rain and it did not rain. After a time of testing, God told them to wait for rain. So desperate for rain they went out seven times to search for rain till there was a cloud in the sky. So thus the rain happened as they waited for it from desperation to God for the land. If we wait for God like the farmer waited for rain in desperation. Then they will see God move in great ways across the land. If they are still and still their mind and watch inwardly within for a message from God intently till he answered. Rain in the land would be little problem. We must wait intently for a few seconds till we see the him cometh with a lesson for us. He is a gentle counselor. God will talk to you if you walk with him and look inward expecting an answer. Wait intently. Then an answer like a cloud will appear within you. You must wait past any distraction for a still small voice and then follow it and confirm it is God.