Friday, February 26, 2021

How do we go about Terraforming Mars?

First create a moving highway system and port system and create a space highway, that people can be moving between mars? Could we stop it from orbiting away from earth so we could access it more often or other objects the same? Would this affect life on earth? A moving planet or moon maybe hard to move. But the iron core for the planet could come from the asteroid belt and move the object by electromagnets.

Could we create artificial Volcanos that warm up the atmosphere?(Fission reactors) And make layers of atmosphere? Or bury them deep under the surface to create magma. Heat up that Huge Iron asteroid could work as a core to create a magma sphere then throw in Europa or comets for water.

We could terraform Mars. First drive rocks into it that change the chemistry of the surface of the planet to make it less toxic, sustainable to plant life and heavier planet.  Got to see how this effects earth first. Move resources to the planet by moving stuff that works from the asteroid belt.  Europa could work for water. Move lots of Comets to give it more water. This is where we start. Make a more sustainable moon. 


What if we could broadcast a magnetosphere on Mars?

Could we create an artificial atmosphere by broadcasting?

Could we send bombs to throw up water into the air?

Could we create artificial lifeforms that could live on Mars. Such as artificial ants that create something to to change the body chemistry of the soil or create a layer that could be used for lifeforms. These ants could till the soil. Artificial Cows that could help terraform the sahara and Arabia in planned holistic planned grazing? Birds to spread fish.

Create a economy on mars to become self sustainable and

Create a Robot factories on Mars where people work remotely through the robots sent the only thing bad about doing this in the wrong order we lose jobs or have to evacuate all the robots and stations so they need to be modular. So a space elevator maybe good to have first on Mars. These Robots would be for the sole purpose of terraforming? 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Isaiah 11 Blueprints of the Earth

    Dan Wilson told me about this section of scripture a long time ago and I want to explain what he said with some new things I learned today. First off we must understand this chapter. This chapter talks about the coming of the messiah and what he will do. I break this into three sections. 

Who it points to, Jesus in heaven, 

Verse one points to where Jesus is from to point to him. He often called the Root of Jesse because Jesus came out of the Davidic bloodline, King David's father was Jesse. The Greek and Hebrew both
translate it as a descendant.

What he is about, 7 Spirits of the Church
The Spirit would be upon the messiah. The church should be about these Spirits. They are identifying what Christ walks in.
With him he shows what he is about. If we made our vision like this we would much better. It cupples these Spirits together because they are scaled together. 

Wisdom scaled with understanding.
Counsel with might.
Knowledge with the fear of the Lord and the delight of the Fear of the Lord. We scale these things together and get the counsel of God and the Holy Spirit. With him we can do many things in our spirit.

What he did in heaven the verses after that talk about the beasts living in harmony with one another. 

Heaven on Earth would regulate these beasts to change their inhibitions to save lives. This is a futurist talk could we change the animals inhibition with altering their DNA so they don't attack or wound people. I would alter the DNA of attacking animals that kill people. Africa would be much safer. I don't know if we are there in the gene altering as of yet. I don't think this is playing God. I think we are making the world a better place. Imagine cobras eatting plants. Lions eating straw. We simply change what they eat. Somethings need to remain the same though because of the food chain keeps from over population. But this is a way to solve food problems. Eventually as population grows we will have more and more food products, that we may engineer ways to make more food.

What we should apply this to, now I saw a video about an alien whose stomach was built he didn't have to eat for a long period of time. If we could engineer ourselves to be like that even. I don't think humanity is that level we have to change the whole food chain. Some things are unhealthy and dangerous to eat. Would we declaw, defang, devenomize, dehibitionize in some cases to make more food? Would we change animals stomachs and intestines to eat different? 

Heaven has endless possibilities and we grow in the possibilities as our innovation becomes like heaven. Innovate like heaven.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Supernatural Ability begins

 You have more ability than you think when you have faith and follow a life of intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy is key. Spend several years being obedient to the word of God and you will start to see miracles. You must be faithful and see him as he is. So believe and be empowered by all things that he empowers people with you will be shocked that he can do such things, such things last many united years. I want you to see him as he is amazing in faith and majesty. I know that many people see limits that cause death 40 days fasting, 3 days with out water. It is up to the Lord and your dependance depending on him. I want you to see that God is the limit, but look to Christ for supernatural goals. He may preform some feats differencing that you are. He does things with time in scripture and the word of Christ upon you. Learn the many things of scripture and you will do great things amazingly amazing. I preach the word with a sentence and it amazes me, I can't do it without him. He gives me the ability to go and I do it. It is more for the Lord to see the heights and depths of a person. It is his worship. I think God will do many things if we but ask what to do. A girl joined the group and asked what her duty was in it. I marveled at it and gave her a position. I don't know what will happen. But the Lord knows better. It is him that will lead the ministry not I because Christ knows best/better than I/or anyone else. I will watch God do miracles with her if he leads her to do so. It will be God leading and I will watch him lead. I know Christ when I see it. I am going to wait upon him. In that season, I will do other things. I am watching each of you progress. I want you all to grow in him and do as he says. It is important for us all to follow him and united with him bring many to the Lord. I hope to do so in the days ahead.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Creed of God

 If there is anything that comes close to a creed in the New Testament it was the method to share the gospel. It is the road to Emmaus that unlocks so many people to the gospel. We have to share Isaiah 40-44 and Isaiah 53 these chapters show the coming Messiah being Jesus Christ. I want us to read these chapters and get out of it what Jesus wants us to have. We must familiarize our witness to the prophecies of his coming. Yes he comes back, but remember what brought many of you to cross. Jesus's coming the first time. He came in ways he couldn't control. He was in the hands of the father. God knew what he was doing to even have an empire bring him to be born in Bethlehem. Being God he brought miracle after miracle showing his authority on Earth.  He is divine, he was given power by Father God. I want us to see it is God who orchestrated everything to show the messiah was indeed Jesus Christ. I want you hear Christ by yourself, look intently inwardly, build this skill and follow God. Look to Christ know him as your friend. He helps us all see the truth. Look inwardly for life abundant. Look for signs from Christ. It is important to build the skill of seeking God. Watch for him as he answers your prayers. Look to him intently with an open heart.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Parable of the Farmer

 There once was a farmer who had much acreage, he watered his land through wells and pumps and irrigation. He grew large plants that brought him much at harvest. The state of the land followed the Almighty. When the people followed God and his commandments the state of the land was prosperous. When people did not follow God the land became parched and cursed. Once there was a prophet that followed the Lord, he walked with him in all his ways and God blessed him in his walk. When the people were wicked and did not listen to the prophets and take in consideration their word out of contrition; they would lose focus from a relationship with the Almighty, one prophet told the land not to rain and it did not rain. After a time of testing, God told them to wait for rain. So desperate for rain they went out seven times to search for rain till there was a cloud in the sky. So thus the rain happened as they waited for it from desperation to God for the land. If we wait for God like the farmer waited for rain in desperation. Then they will see God move in great ways across the land. If they are still and still their mind and watch inwardly within for a message from God intently till he answered. Rain in the land would be little problem. We must wait intently for a few seconds till we see the him cometh with a lesson for us. He is a gentle counselor. God will talk to you if you walk with him and look inward expecting an answer. Wait intently. Then an answer like a cloud will appear within you. You must wait past any distraction for a still small voice and then follow it and confirm it is God.