Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Why You Put Yourself Down | Steven Furtick

How should Christians respond to cancel culture? |

I have 2 books and nothing to show for it.

     I think this thinking is wrong, we lead ourselves and our legacy down paths we don't quite understand and want to know him. We do it for him. I want us to all know him in it. It is very important that we don't lean anywhere else. I can do alot of things but being an artist and exploring the World with him is so important. I think that a legacy is something God does sometimes without us because we are living a life we never was meant to live. It's legacy is God's. He makes it happen we don't know what we are till we get in the hands of God. Intellectual or not. Greek minded or Hebrew. Orthodoxy of some kind of way if we are faithful. We are used in the legacy of God by him showing us off for his meaning and purpose. He is the shower and leader of the 'show'ers. Geneology of mine or not. I live for meaning and we are brought to meaning without him and with him. We all want to be in a legacy. I think of my great-grandparents which I didn't know and wonder about their lives. I wonder about them alot, the writer that got on the train, the boy who got painted, the farmer, the french seamstress, the man who knew some Yiddish, the man who went to war. I love my relatives even if they didn't. We are supposed to love people that is a Christian's walk above all else. We carry his joy up to every place we climb.

     I hope I am shown in the best light whatever my relationship, friendship, acquaintance or whatever. May you be blessed when you hear my life. I put everything of my life to Christ. I want his life remembered and known. We are his and that lasts forever. We carry on a legacy in heaven. Look for the fruit. The good friend that loves you. I want us to remember what is important. Look to his kingdom. His kingdom carried on is more important than what money goes where. What assets we have. Remember his kindom friends. 

the Lord

Saturday, March 6, 2021

3D printed full rubber tires (new design)