Sunday, April 11, 2021

Test Kits for Christianity

 I want people to understand my faith, so I had a dream last night of material I use to help people test their faith from where they are at. It gave me example of how people can come to the knowledge of Jesus by different material in the past that I have used. I give different material for different circumstances. This is so that people will see my faith helps you where you are at. It is more intimacy with Jesus that people look towards though. I want them to know Christ at heart and I also I want them to also work their brain to see Christ to have peace. An active brain is a good thing.

People want answers so I lead them to Christ. He has the answers. If you doubt ask Christ to answer your questions. I think that you can have the most from God. My material is more customized to where they are at.

If your Mormon I use Evidence Ministries ministries material to show you how the bible is supreme over any other book.

If your Jehovah Witness they have similar material you can check out.

Here is some material you can get if your doubting.

If your Atheist or Agnostic I recommend reading A Reason for God by Tim Keller and looking for a book that talks about God's voice. You more need to be an expert on God's Voice. One works your brain the other shows you him. These will get you see things through another perceptive. Mere Christianity is a good one as well and this dvd:  

If you are another religion seeking God's voice it is a good thing. We want to see what is supreme in the universe. It is important to see what is more prevalent. We want what controls everything as our source. 

In that case and I do this with all my students. I show them the walk of Emmaus. Which shows them how real the prophecy of the bible is with Christ. I show them the shirt I sell that gives all this information about the prophecy Christ. When they see how real it is they can see Christ.

If they are suffering there is nothing better than a relationship with Christ that connects to his voice. I give them the Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Also counseling set a appointment on the website or connect with us in the Facebook group.

If your something else connect with me. I'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Roles ,Racism and Ideology

 God wants people to fulfill their destiny. People make agendas some are good and some are bad. I always say lead on God's agenda. There is a director or two that leads in Hollywood as more diverse. I say if they want to make films more diverse it is a good idea. People need to hear a story from any source. They can keep Hollywood from being partial. God's agenda is more important than content. We play by his hand. It keeps us going longer and gives an eternal prespective. Look at what God wants you to do. It become better when we go by him and his system than by man's system. We should not preform out of our flesh and put ourselves ahead of God. We follow him and we become better. God meets our needs and tells us what words to say. 


Saturday, April 3, 2021

What sin does around you without the Holy Spirit

So the Lord gave me some revelation about sin and darkness. The Lord told me that "we are 30 dimensional beings." It is hard to figure out our wereabouts with sin. God told me when Adam sinned Satan put darkness around him so God had to search for him. There are many verses about light and darkness. We have to walk in the light AS HE IS IN THE LIGHT.  That why many people are lost because God can't see them. When we get rid of the darkness consuming them which God the chance to be saved so they are found by God. When light in you is darkness, how great the darkness. We must pierce the darkness with our light of life. Be a light like a city on a hill. This city on a hill is like a church. A temple full of light. We with the Holy Spirit have a city on a hill experience when we enter a church like God's church. There very deceit is brought to light. So we can minister and set free from darkness. Don't worry about losing God you are complete in him, believe in the light and you shall shine brighter. We shine like stars to him. He sees us and is glad.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Be inspired by Christ

 Christ lives! This is what we know. He overcome death, hell and the grave. It is powerful. We can overcome like Jesus. He brings us to him, by his words through the preacher. Go and heed the word of the preacher, the sound of salvation he brings. REPENT! You need to believe or carnage will get you in hell. Hell is a bad place and you don't want to be a part of it. You want heaven it is a joy to be there. Don't dismiss God he is great in providing for you in eternity. If you fully repent of your sin you will see him. You just got to seek him how I say, RENT can come to you, HUSBANDS OR WIVES CAN COME TO YOU. PAY THE THINGS OF GOD IN THIS LIFE AND YOUR INHERITANCE WILL BE GREAT. KING JESUS CAN PROVIDE BUT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW HIM!


I love you,