Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Removing Selfishness: The Journey towards selflessness


    We want to please God and not be selfish. It is important to him that we do not follow sin's path and wreck our lives in Satan's snares. I want us to see the full potential of our lives and reach new levels. We reach to God in submitting our lives to him. 

There are different areas we can submit to the Lord. 

We usually first submit our affections to God. 

    We fall in love so we place our affections at the foot of the cross. We see his beauty as our Savior and submit to him as Lord of our lives. We dedicate our life. We need to do this as a part of our life not just a chapter or else we fall. Regular submission is good for us. It fills us up in its place with joy. We walk with him humbly and see the glory of our lives in Christ. It is when we are humble to him we are given more grace in our lives. We love and also respect him no matter where we are at. It is sad when a love relationship to God becomes just a season inside, this is a fallen attitude. God compels us to change and know him. We are rewarded with heaven when we submit our whole life to him. God happily wants to know us, teach us and make us happy. His wisdom leads this way. We learn to treasure his way. I want us to see the glory of a life with him. It is deep joy as we free up ourselves and seek God's loving relationship. The glory of a life with him goes beyond a moment as we wait for him to answer and oh boy does he answer. It is deep affection. It is deep love, we love him more and more with all our being. Let your heart, mind, body, soul and strength be what it can be with the Lord. Let your measures be his measure. May we see as he sees. Hear what he hears. Do as he does. Be as he is for us to imitate. Let all our senses follow the Lord.

    God will awaken us to new things of him as we watch for him in our lives. These measures, these senses he gives to our discernment, let us enjoy his path he gives us to know and love as he loves. We see over time that he can give us great things to follow and enjoy. Imitating the Lord is a gift of its own. We learn the life it is and we feel the joy it brings. Develop that relationship with him, it will excite you the more you see it. Putting your affections to him makes your life great. As you fall in love, you savor him as a greatest gift. Don't fall into religion but relationship with the Almighty. He encourages in such a way we see great things.

    Look to the Lord for the good of your life. We see great lives in us when we make him our goodness. When we give him fruits of goodness we make the lives with him better. Feast with him he says. I have great fruit ahead for you to satisfy yourself with today and forever. You will never go hungry with me. Know. Be glad.

I want to talk about giving God our time.

    We give to the Lord our whole heart. We give him what we can give him. We give him our time and money. We make a good fruit out of our offering. We follow him to the next level. We want to do as he pleases. We offer everything with cheerful living.  We see he is the best thing to contribute to in life. With everything going into place by God he sees what we have offered and loves us for it. I want us all to offer to him the things that keep him first in our lives. That is what he longs for is us to have cheerfulness in his life with him. We put him 24/7/366 days a year. When I did this it created much love for God. He was happy to see me put my whole life in his hands. I love him for everything he has done and it fills my whole life with joy. He will fill joy for you if you put him at a greater commitment level. He enjoys to see us filled with life as we give him greater commitment. Greater commitment in a marriage usually creates more fruit for the marriage. When we give our full heart to him we become married in him. I mean this is our commitment it gives fruit. One thing I learned over the years good fruit happens when we listen and obey him. Bad fruit happens when we don't listen and obey him. You can turn your whole life into regret if you don't listen or obey him. Don't do that to yourself let obedience in him change you into the man or woman you can become. Don't put other things before him, we are not meant to live that way and it can affect us for a long time. I want you to listen even if the short run seem better. Commit yourself to me! He says, I have a better foundation for you, look to my life in you. Feast on the bread of life I give you and let it satisfy. I let you in for more intimacy I create in you new life, let my life satisfy my heart I give you. It is more important to see the grace you have thus say Me the Lord. Be of good cheer, have a happy heart in the name of the Lord.

Give your finances to him he will bless you back in various ways.

    Giving to God your tithe is powerful and gives you clarity and opportunity that you didn't have before. God rebukes the devourer and the windows of heaven open up. It is a promise that he says will happen when you tithe. Your tithe is a spiritual weapon against the enemy for a miracle. Look at your tithe as a covenant with you and God. It protects you with his very principals of the universe he created. Look at it as special and beautiful thing between you and God. It makes ministry and gospel presentation happen. It makes charity for the poor and changes the lives of many, it does amazing things. I want you to remember your tithe as you give it. Look back on it and thank God of the miracles that have happen. People saved, the down and out lifted up to hope. I want you to come along side the pastor's ministry and see what his time has done for people instead of him 'waiting tables.' When you get to heaven God is going to thank you for your tithing to him.  

    So in these three areas of your life: your affections, your time, and your money. Think about how you could give God more in these areas. Look to him and if there is something that you have submitted to the cross. Then go ahead a submit it to him. He loves you and will help you no matter where your at. So in conclusion, be free in him and follow the Lord today. Go on a journey with him, seek him in what he shows you. You won't regret it.

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Gospel Retold book looking at the New Testament theologically and biblically

I want us to understand the story retold, takes a new turn in this century as we learn microtrends and macrotrends more scientifically over internet crawler. We can take the buzzwords on a subject and then we learn how people interpret different times better. The best way for most trends and changing factors to establish an understanding of the first century and the rest of the bible is by the Holy Spirit because it is so complex to understand a century or a pinpoint in history due to historiographical breath of knowledge. To learn all this and become a expert in the historiographical is bigger than our mind can grasp. So we may learn the history and the languages the hermeneutics we must rely of the Holy Spirit. The thing is when we look at these things statistically what the trends were we miss out on the truth and love God wants to share with us. The theologians here represent a large group of Calvinists. We learn much from the history, languages, and hermeneutics this things give us a message but at face value we learn many times and it is the Holy Spirit that simplifies these things. We can learn from him and we are then balanced. I don't mind learning more from these guys. 

I think this is pretty good from the interview. Watch it above.