Thursday, November 4, 2021

Best quotes status: fulfilling needs

Today I will talk about the best quotes status.

We all want to be liked and shared. We want to be quoted and have legacy. We want to be remembered. Being quoted some on Pinterest, television and radio. The thing about quotes is not how you feel, but how you serve. Are you meeting the needs of the people? Are you going where they search? Being remembered is a competitive thing, the ultimate legacy is that you are treated as a symbol of legend. Some want to held as a God in a Hindi circle so they look for the best quote status in Hindi is some type of Godhood or ancestral worship. I can tell you that being quoted isn't about you, it is about God's will and being the greatest servant that serves all people with really great discernment. 

    We make a difference with a plan. 

    I can go further than just floating through life. I need to see God's goals. I need his discernment; his clarity, his peace. We develop leadership skills. We advise many people, just serving, just helping. We do it with humility so people follow it. Service is about humility as I have said. We build our business by meeting the needs of people with a good heart. Service is not a discretion. We are not less when we serve, we simply help people. We should receive honor for selfless service. It isn't a caste system. It isn't goodness or godhood. We should consider others better than ourselves as something infrastructural. If you are degraded someone may not have the right attitude. We should look how respect works. We should treat people with love. 

    Our identity or power doesn't come with us being remembered it comes from the Lord. Sure favor does affect us, but we look for others to help by the Lord's leadership and the discernment he gives us. Ministry can be a job of service but, we seek God's approval and develop our discernment; develop our leadership. Discernment is a skill. We develop many skills through learning from the Lord and learning from experience. God wants you to use your experience to develop wisdom. Stick closer than a brother to your God. We need him to have real skill. The devil takes the seed of a message and tries to get rid of God's learning from it. We must stick close to Christ for all things to be fulfilled. We are valued either way by God whether we pass or fail. He takes us up and gives us a second chance, we stick to a relationship in God for more help.

    We all want to be honored. Don't fill your day unforgiveness, saying why didn't they notice me? Look at God noticing you. He sees you. He loves you. When you spend your time on serving others, you may receive some good noticing. We don't always get our way but become something infrastructured into notice and your notice may come sooner than you think. Be a pillar in life and you shall have life. Set yourself to be irreplaceable than you will stand in place for ages to come. Look for the avenue to serve and keep looking till you find your place. God will notice you looking and open opportunities for you. Be wise and choose where people are looking and the avenue that is seeking. You find the seek avenue and try for it, the the opportunity comes to you. Choose what is God's will and he will bless you.

    We can not slack off in finding our destiny. We don't need to put our mind on the struggle but the solution. Serve where you are till greater things present themselves. Where the opportunities are at are where the promotion is. Let God promote you and look for what you can blessed at doing with all that God has given you. We must be wise and ready to receive more from God. Sure we all want to be quoted and look to our status to see what is life. We should focus on the goal to serve more people effectively, look for opportunities God has placed for you serve. See the pragmatic things he puts in front of you. Serve other with those ideas. Ask God for more ideas and use them to rise. You will have your day soon.

    Follow God to your next step. See what he has for you and consider what he gives you. Consider what he has told you in the past. Look at all things and thank him for what he is doing. Don't get caught in whys, Why can't a catch a break? Why am I in this current situation? Stop focusing on negative things but keep your ears open ready to receive in faith. Tell God, God I am ready to receive from you greater things. Don't be blaming everybody but slow down, forgive and God will bless you with something new you may not have considered. 

    Get into God's flow for your life. He is the most quoted person in all history and time. We can learn what it looks like to be lifted up in different avenues. We look for wisdom and sound understanding. He will give us more when we go with him in our life and presence. King Jesus is around you,you just have to call him. Look for God on a regular basis and he will hand you the saying that lasts forever.

    Quote others and you will be quoted yourself. Give others credit and honor and you will receive some yourself. Lift up a friend and he may take you with him to be lifted up. Clap for others when no one has started and more may join in the cause. Be a lifter not a person who counts death. Look with a positive attitude and you'll draw others in that will share a positive attitude. Learn how to tute your own horn. We don't always lead the orchestra, sometimes we are at rest and the rest of players play. Learn to practice and play good then ask for a solo and you'll be the head of the band.

    As we wait on our growth we can look for things to grow us. Look and collect things that inspire you. You may inspire someone else. Be a person of inspiration. If you suddenly have something you haven't before, praise God for it and thank him. Let the positively spread. It usually spreads like a revival. We start to believe for something more and the miracles start happening. God comes into the place and starts something significant. We prepare for great expectations. The miracle comes and we have much from him to be thankful. We must be prepared for the revival of positive things. We just decide to keep going till all are ready for more. We bring the best of ourselves and make it what ourselves are about. Let the best shine from you. Let it serve others and you will be quoted. Let us shine when the moment comes and be like shining stars. Be salt and light. 

    Position yourself for victory. Look how victory works in your situation. Don't get down on yourself look where God has placed your victory. Don't war over it but look gentlely how you can make the best level. Don't scheme your way, look for God's way of doing things and you may have victory in your hands. I want you to understand how to shine then you will see a light in life you never seen before. I close with this look for places that you can succeed serving with what greatness God gives you. Be great look for others in greatness and join in on the greatness life offers. Don't wonder why you didn't succeed last time, look with a fresh vision and see what he can do!

    Make your status as an expert. We can all have quote attribution. We just need to build our network and work on other networks. Publish books or go on shows. Build your network with others that do the same. All these things will give you quote attribution. Some places you have pay for it so don't give up. Just know that God knows best, see how he will promote your status. Be saved and work his network. God bless you all!!