Sunday, December 5, 2021


Today I am going to talk about effort. I am going into the bible and talking about it. God sees our efforts and looks if they are genuine. We are to make every effort on holy things.

Effort begins with

1.We must not strive. This is bad effort and so we must find only good effort in our sight. 

2.We must examine our hearts when this comes. 

3.We must examine the overall situation. 

a. Are my efforts coming from sin? Am I falling into sin? 

4.We must answer this and see if we are. 

5.We can't walk with the Lord correctly if each effort is based on sinful grounds. 

6.We must see where it stems from.

a. Is it from a scheme or a bad branch of a carnal way? 

7.We must examine ourselves and correct bad things we may be doing. 

8.We repent and do our penance.

9.We must carry out things that God want us to do.

10.Do effortful processing:

(this is for remembering the things God has told you.) :)