Friday, July 1, 2022


 I ran into something on the web that the web would be symbiotic emotionally and intellegently. We do not need to becomes cyborgs. We sure can improve ourselves but we do not need to put unreliable technology in our body unless it is life or death or severely improving our way of life. We do not need to take something grace filled outside of us and put something into a hole of the body and ruin what we are about. Now I believe in pacemakers and life saving surgeries. They wouldn't have been created for us to not use them and die from the lack of use. It is beautiful to merge yourself with something state of the art that will save a life. Artificial organs are God's grace to us. So we shouldn't neglect them if we need them. God would rather see us live than die. New technology used in the right way is a grace to humankind.

Web AI revolution

 Now I am not sure what web point-o we are on but a new thing is emerging from the web companies that their major product is an ai service. Sure ai has been around for years but now we not only solve problems and now they do our work. OpenAI is now available and people are flocking in droves to see what the ai can do for them. Already people are looking how avoid work for an AI and take up new art with the AI like DALLES is doing. Also writing with OpenAI. New creative blogging techniques and writing will be started by ai. I think that many will figure out with Open AI new niches and products to create. Kids will need accountability with it as they do their homework, new checkers will have to be used. Now AI or robots should never replace education in any country. It makes our utility less without education offered. So I think if the AI just solve writers block and give entrepreneurs new business ideas to make a business work then good for everyone and everything. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Second Amendment and the Bible-Thought at a Glance

Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weakling say, “I am a warrior.” — Joel 3:10 

This verse hit me today.

I was listening to Christian radio about the second amendment. Everyone should have some type of weapon to defend themselves. Something that makes them strong instead of weak.

We should all learn to fight in one way or another. We are given by God a right to bear arms and at times when we need to defend ourselves we have those things at our disposal. If you do a deep look at the bible and defence we see we are supposed to be well prepared. A country that is not well prepared will cease to be a country.In Sweden people are taught about guns and given one. It has caused better things to happen. Countries who take the weapons of its people tend to have it overthrown or invaded in just a few years.

Let us be a strong and humble country to the Lord.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Being Against Gay 'Pride' Month

Now I am not trying to cancel culture. I am not for any prideful sexuality. It is not a good thing. Not all for gay pride are sexually prideful. But I think this route could cause riots. People thinking about pride, gives them habits of pride. I mean the regular sin pride. Thus causing riots. It is simply too long, metaphysics wise. Now I don't know exactly why I am on a noovie gay lesbian promo, not by choice someone stole my facebook image and put it in there.

I am thought as a speaker on pride because I invented Holy Spirit Pride Day.

I want people to feel safe and do the right things. Understand gay people are looking for rights to be gay and do things as gay people. I think that people have the rights but should heed warnings from God. Having people have rights is different from spreading a pride. I understand some people are dealing with mental disorders: gender dysphoria which the cause of attractions being off, but Jesus can heal them. 

People can also get turned straight by medication or surgery.  
Some become gay because of people's lack of sensitivity or give up on regular love because heartache.
Those with Gender Dysphoria needs to look at the mind, heart and soul. 

From what I gather it is a mental disorder, or someone needing therapy, just as sexual addiction is. People walk a path towards gayness or body manipulation. If you walk a path towards something you can walk a path away from something. Jesus can heal you from addiction, he can heal other things like gender dysphoria. You must seek a healer of God. 

Now understand I have a few friends that are following a path of gayness. Be nice and befriend them share life with them, be a real friend. If you are able to solve their problems good, ask God how to solve their problems and show them he loves them. God is a loving God that can change their dysphoria over time sometimes. Look at the root of their path maybe one you can help them with what is going on. Now I want us to replace this month with humility whether you follow God or not or your straight gay or other labels. Humility solves problems pride creates problems, the word pride creates bad connotations. That is one reason why I didn't do Holy Spirit Pride Day. Because of the word 'pride.'

So I think making a month about pride will cause many to fall and that is why I don't want the month. 

It is replacing it with something better that won't cause riots. That is why I say that.

Some people want to be celebrating Holy Spirit Pride Day, I will let them know to be humble and loving to everyone. Since I don't know what will happen and I like Jesus.

I will celebrate a Holy Spirit Pride Month instead. Christian people tend to be gentle anyway.

I have to trust a perfect God, if he wants a Holy Spirit Pride Day then he will have it. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

My theory of the Big Bang: Dimensional Theory of Creation

 I have a theory that the world was displaced at the point God cursed the ground leaving us with a whole new universe. The perfect became imperfect. It also became susceptiable to outside changes. When God said let there be light could be under a perfect universe so let there be light could be suspectable to more matter that doesn't ascertain a big bang model. But an ongoing model that is bigger than our view with its numberous exceptions.

We never cover dimensions in a creation story so we don't know how dimensions work in the story. This is the closest thing to a dimension.

This also proves a manipulated world to truth so we may have more different viewpoint than we think.

How he made light could have made it different after Billions of lightyear across. We are on the cusp of seeing many things that we can not see in this time. So many questions can be answered.

You create dimension when you create something different from the perfect to the imperfect dimension. We are intradimensional beings from heavens our eyes see in different dimensions, we are given bounds to those dimensions, heaven is the perfect dimension where we are is imperfect and we are in sanctifying bodies the interact with both the perfect dimension and the imperfect dimension. 

Scripture backs this model.

Genesis 1 Let there be light,” and there was light. It is alway interpeted as something God did which could also mean something that was done and also already made or made seperately.

Ecc 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

Ecc 3:2  A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; 

A season is done sometimes without bounds of time. A season could be done in shorter amounts of time in the perfect dimension. Time and light may correspond to different than the perfect dimension but an imperfect intradimension earth is in.

I once looked up dimensions if it was in scripture and came across it one time where they were call "dark dimensions" and another translation talked about a dimension from a heavenly prespective in another section of scripture. 

Proverbs_3:10  "Then every 'dimension' of your life will overflow with blessings from an uncontainable source of inner joy!" 

-The Passion Translation

Have anything to add that may disprove this model or show scripture more to add to this model please comment below.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Business and the Church

    Business has been a part of the church as long as Peter sailed in his boat. We all need to learn how to rule and reign in business. Jesus spent 30 years as a businessman on this earth so we need to see what it looks like to run businesses and how they correlate with the church. The church works with businesses to provide things for the church. I saw this first hand with CJClife they outsource many things like coffee supply businesses. It lightens the load and builds a bridge to companies interested in doing business with the church. They may then do business with God and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Outsourcing things like decorations, cleaning, catering, office supplies, morning breakfast, outreach supplies can build a culture of fellowship with those that see the church as one of their customers. We make volunteering more fun as we add more elements to it. We lighten the load for volunteers and the pastorate so they can spend their time ministering. We reach out with our places of frequent so they will come to know Christians in the area. We worship God out of the experience of volunteering and being a consumer of Christian products.

One business I was shown today was Burning Bush Coffee they operate out of a monastery. It is served at Il Mercato in Kimberly apart of the greater Green Bay area. 

Here is a newsclip of both.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Vatican Secret Archives: The History of Humanity Locked Away


 We all want to be influencers. It's important to influence with a righteous moral stance. We want to effect the next generation with good morality, clarity to God and love from our hearts. Prayer is essential to the heart of God. We meet him with a kind heart. We see him with a willing teachable spirit. We want a future that God influences things. We invite him to the party. We ask him to influence.

It is very important that he be the center and forpiece of our mind. We make him important above all things, he is the influencer of our work ahead. We love him towards us as he wants to be. It is a love filled relationship and he molds us towards him.

Make him love you, be about him and his desires just so he is pleased. That is how love works. It is better to do what the King Jesus says. Follow his majesty.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Learning to live right.

We all need to learn from God right and wrong. We need to earn a living and seek out JESUS for life abundant. Sometimes we get help from others when things are too hard. That's okay too. We need to understand when things are too hard we should get help to make things better. When we do things for the Lord we should look how it modified the air current and see how we can work out our life better.

How to do good in God.

 God teaches us all the time how to do good. He gives us things to do.

Don't worry if you got everything right. : Look for excellance yes but be his child, come close to him in intimacy. Understand he loves you and focus on the goal of Christ's love towards you. Always revert back to seeing his love for you because it is greatly there. I know we all do things, but find his love. Follow him to his depths of love. Know the covenants he placed for you to know. Follow him to the wonders of his life. Know the Lord lives and has a decency for you. A promise for you. A greatness for you the world can not match. It works greatly on your behalf; it works greatly for you, look to him ahead. See his loving-kingdom, see his ways. Walk with him.

In the days ahead there is many who will come to know him. It is a part of life they will say. It is a lifestyle we must have. It is the coming day of the Lord. It sows into the grown summit a life that keeps on growing. I see Giants in the Lord arising! I see covenant partners coming to life! I will walk with the Lord. Life is here and it is coming! It will work greatly in your hand.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Point of Salvation

 God told me something that helped me with Mormon salvations. He told me that the point his redemptive justice goes over them is the moment they wants a relationship with the Lord. So they are saved at a point of relationship. I knew that but he never gave me the word for it for Mormons because a lot doubtfully reject the physical substance of the Spirit. But God knows if they still want him or not. Thus people telling them their not saved may not be the right thing. He told me he just goes in later while they sleep but institutionally counts them as saved because they still want a relationship but don't understand the usefulness and necessity of the physical substance of the Spirit. He teaches them freedom as they try to pursuit a real God, a real father, a real son, a real Holy Spirit. We can't restrict the exact thing but it has always pointed towards relationship being restored and made. Don't reject what he wants you to have. I have heard many changed by him and they don't reject what he does for them. They're Moonie Mormons that don't reject. Don't reject the relationship. Don't reject the Spirit. Don't reject the move of the Spirit.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

If you switched bodies with someone

 The prespective of the body switch is something we don't understand. But we think about when that disney film comes on. We understand that we gain new prespective. So if we walk in someones shoes for a while we understand them to some degree. We crave their power and hate their difficulties. But what if you did see yourself as someone else? Now this gives revelation to who they are and what their about. Every once in a while think about living someone elses life, it may help you come to great understanding. There is mercies to be gained, insight and wisdom to see. Graces, impartation and mantles released. This is good to study autobiographies. You learn greatness that way. It is better to learn from someone elses mistakes than to do them yourself. When we study history we achieve new prespectives. So I encourage others to study it. Learn what makes men great so you can achieve impossible things. History is like switching bodies you learn from generations before and see how to conquer life better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 We should all become experts of the Spiritual substance of the Spirit. We receive many things from above. One thing is the substance of the spirit. We should always try to discern it's substance by ourselves and with others. It gives us understanding the Spiritual realm that we can sense in different ways the presence of God. We get to know the presence in various forms. Not like another religion but what he is and does. Remember Jesus came hidden and in a ghost form went through the door to meet the disciples. God looks for various ways to talk to him. His physical presence comes now through the connection with Christ. He loves intimacy with his children. We shouldn't take it for granted. We should look for intimacy points. We should always remember he is there with us and wants to experience life with us. Keep going to describe the Spirit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

People on the Internet

 So God told me to write about people on the internet so here it goes. I always find that people make themselves. So with the internet we are training our future self as the pastor of Life Church said. We train ourselves by who and what we surround ourselves by. So we may become individuals but we can reflect many things. Let's reflect the Holy Spirit and greatness thereof. It's important to see what this organism of greatness is. It carries many things it is more than capturing the owl but learning its layers. We have learned layers before we just may not realize it yet. We have been pushing to a positive understanding of the greatness of Jesus. That is what we learn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Spirit body and soul

You can see that the body consists of several things: soul, spirit, flesh and Holy Spirit if you accepted it.
When the fall happened, sin caused the body to fall and have a tainted soul, a dead spirit, a carnal flesh and a God shaped hole where the Holy Spirit would dwell. The Holy Spirit could not live in a tainted soul because he is Holy. The Holy Spirit had to purify the soul by repentance to bring life into the spirit. With repentance we receive heaven's gift, before the sacrifice of Jesus the God shaped hole couldn't be filled but the Holy Spirit rested upon men. Then later after Jesus gave up his life as a sacrifice and then man could be clean by the dependance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit heals the body and keeps it clean. It suppresses the flesh and keeps the spirit alive as a new creation and the soul is clean. In heaven the flesh is new and not carnal.  It is crucified fully. We receive a new body without messed up flesh when we go to heaven. The crucified flesh has become new flesh. The uncrucified flesh is what the Spirit crucifies through repentance and grace rules over the body and the countenance is the glory that aids man in repentance. It judges sin and makes testimony so that others: angels, man or God can help bring others into repentance.

The mind, emotions and will are a part of the spirit and flesh. With a new spirit we can detect through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The spirit and flesh can both have different body parts are separated by the word of God and what you feed is what is developed. Deliverance help heal the body and crucify the flesh from blocking the spirit.

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