Monday, February 21, 2022

Learning to live right.

We all need to learn from God right and wrong. We need to earn a living and seek out JESUS for life abundant. Sometimes we get help from others when things are too hard. That's okay too. We need to understand when things are too hard we should get help to make things better. When we do things for the Lord we should look how it modified the air current and see how we can work out our life better.

How to do good in God.

 God teaches us all the time how to do good. He gives us things to do.

Don't worry if you got everything right. : Look for excellance yes but be his child, come close to him in intimacy. Understand he loves you and focus on the goal of Christ's love towards you. Always revert back to seeing his love for you because it is greatly there. I know we all do things, but find his love. Follow him to his depths of love. Know the covenants he placed for you to know. Follow him to the wonders of his life. Know the Lord lives and has a decency for you. A promise for you. A greatness for you the world can not match. It works greatly on your behalf; it works greatly for you, look to him ahead. See his loving-kingdom, see his ways. Walk with him.

In the days ahead there is many who will come to know him. It is a part of life they will say. It is a lifestyle we must have. It is the coming day of the Lord. It sows into the grown summit a life that keeps on growing. I see Giants in the Lord arising! I see covenant partners coming to life! I will walk with the Lord. Life is here and it is coming! It will work greatly in your hand.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Point of Salvation

 God told me something that helped me with Mormon salvations. He told me that the point his redemptive justice goes over them is the moment they wants a relationship with the Lord. So they are saved at a point of relationship. I knew that but he never gave me the word for it for Mormons because a lot doubtfully reject the physical substance of the Spirit. But God knows if they still want him or not. Thus people telling them their not saved may not be the right thing. He told me he just goes in later while they sleep but institutionally counts them as saved because they still want a relationship but don't understand the usefulness and necessity of the physical substance of the Spirit. He teaches them freedom as they try to pursuit a real God, a real father, a real son, a real Holy Spirit. We can't restrict the exact thing but it has always pointed towards relationship being restored and made. Don't reject what he wants you to have. I have heard many changed by him and they don't reject what he does for them. They're Moonie Mormons that don't reject. Don't reject the relationship. Don't reject the Spirit. Don't reject the move of the Spirit.