Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Business and the Church

    Business has been a part of the church as long as Peter sailed in his boat. We all need to learn how to rule and reign in business. Jesus spent 30 years as a businessman on this earth so we need to see what it looks like to run businesses and how they correlate with the church. The church works with businesses to provide things for the church. I saw this first hand with CJClife they outsource many things like coffee supply businesses. It lightens the load and builds a bridge to companies interested in doing business with the church. They may then do business with God and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Outsourcing things like decorations, cleaning, catering, office supplies, morning breakfast, outreach supplies can build a culture of fellowship with those that see the church as one of their customers. We make volunteering more fun as we add more elements to it. We lighten the load for volunteers and the pastorate so they can spend their time ministering. We reach out with our places of frequent so they will come to know Christians in the area. We worship God out of the experience of volunteering and being a consumer of Christian products.

One business I was shown today was Burning Bush Coffee they operate out of a monastery. It is served at Il Mercato in Kimberly apart of the greater Green Bay area. 

Here is a newsclip of both.

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