Thursday, June 23, 2022

Second Amendment and the Bible-Thought at a Glance

Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weakling say, “I am a warrior.” — Joel 3:10 

This verse hit me today.

I was listening to Christian radio about the second amendment. Everyone should have some type of weapon to defend themselves. Something that makes them strong instead of weak.

We should all learn to fight in one way or another. We are given by God a right to bear arms and at times when we need to defend ourselves we have those things at our disposal. If you do a deep look at the bible and defence we see we are supposed to be well prepared. A country that is not well prepared will cease to be a country.In Sweden people are taught about guns and given one. It has caused better things to happen. Countries who take the weapons of its people tend to have it overthrown or invaded in just a few years.

Let us be a strong and humble country to the Lord.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Being Against Gay 'Pride' Month

Now I am not trying to cancel culture. I am not for any prideful sexuality. It is not a good thing. Not all for gay pride are sexually prideful. But I think this route could cause riots. People thinking about pride, gives them habits of pride. I mean the regular sin pride. Thus causing riots. It is simply too long, metaphysics wise. Now I don't know exactly why I am on a noovie gay lesbian promo, not by choice someone stole my facebook image and put it in there.

I am thought as a speaker on pride because I invented Holy Spirit Pride Day.

I want people to feel safe and do the right things. Understand gay people are looking for rights to be gay and do things as gay people. I think that people have the rights but should heed warnings from God. Having people have rights is different from spreading a pride. I understand some people are dealing with mental disorders: gender dysphoria which the cause of attractions being off, but Jesus can heal them. 

People can also get turned straight by medication or surgery.  
Some become gay because of people's lack of sensitivity or give up on regular love because heartache.
Those with Gender Dysphoria needs to look at the mind, heart and soul. 

From what I gather it is a mental disorder, or someone needing therapy, just as sexual addiction is. People walk a path towards gayness or body manipulation. If you walk a path towards something you can walk a path away from something. Jesus can heal you from addiction, he can heal other things like gender dysphoria. You must seek a healer of God. 

Now understand I have a few friends that are following a path of gayness. Be nice and befriend them share life with them, be a real friend. If you are able to solve their problems good, ask God how to solve their problems and show them he loves them. God is a loving God that can change their dysphoria over time sometimes. Look at the root of their path maybe one you can help them with what is going on. Now I want us to replace this month with humility whether you follow God or not or your straight gay or other labels. Humility solves problems pride creates problems, the word pride creates bad connotations. That is one reason why I didn't do Holy Spirit Pride Day. Because of the word 'pride.'

So I think making a month about pride will cause many to fall and that is why I don't want the month. 

It is replacing it with something better that won't cause riots. That is why I say that.

Some people want to be celebrating Holy Spirit Pride Day, I will let them know to be humble and loving to everyone. Since I don't know what will happen and I like Jesus.

I will celebrate a Holy Spirit Pride Month instead. Christian people tend to be gentle anyway.

I have to trust a perfect God, if he wants a Holy Spirit Pride Day then he will have it.