Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Big Tech Antitrust Hearing My thoughts

 I was listening to the radio and they mentioned they will be ruling on how big tech treats information.

Here is what I think...

We can not let big tech treat info with too much customization and influence. Too much customization focuses too much on activities of the account holder or searcher. Searchers want an unbias search not with influence of the thoughts of another person giving their opinion about the search or content placement. I feel an undertone of what I think is being scrutinized by big tech and manipulated to its placement on their network.

Too much THEIR network and not enough of a sea of the internet. I miss the days before massive customization and behind my back monetization of my actions. I feel big tech doesn't compete with big companies it competes too much with small companies. These big companies are their friends too and their network need constructive competition that give smaller business more advantages.

We are drawn to certain networks and don't know why. They control us too well to stay on their website and see posts when they want you to see it. I feel many becoming too dependant on one source of information instead of surfing we are on the boogie ban at Sclitterbahn. Things like papers on science tend to be way down in information surfing. Surfing needs to feel unbiased. We don't want it just on youtube's selection of videos, or google or microsoft's thoughts mixed in our search. We don't want to surf the facebook newsfeed all day and eventually find something that is worth while. It all used to be worth while as we surfed different engines. The newness of the internet has gone away now it is control. Not everyone want to feel these are the way I surf the internet. People want to surf on their own and find something unique but this experience has been buried over by big tech. Too much overtaking technology. Why can't they form something else that makes money like a restaurants get some recipes and form something less invasive. You don't have rule over every internet thing or technology. We are sick of hearing about one focused thing that you guys do. You have made an impact, let others do that as well. You don't need all the attention. . Do something less invasive. Be unbiased news sources stop making it about what you think. You have made your impact let someone else do that. Diversify your internet hold and do something different for growth don't consume every wave of internet. Let them grow.

If I was a consitutional judge series

 I have been told I would be a good constitutional lawyer for Christian rights. I am going to start giving a ruling on somethings that need judgement for so the government has vision for a just ruling and direction. The outcome isn't a theocracy's, as some liberals say. It is fair ruling for Christian rights everywhere. I want fair rule that matches the wisdom of the bible and the Lord's voice. It will outdo any rulings on earth done by man's way which is not usually the best way. Understand you look for wisdom everywhere and you find something eternal then you can rest on that ruling. I want us to be able to not face scutiny for christian leaders running for places of power in this country. We want equal rights for all so there is face judgement in the land. I have given judgements before from this blog. I want to leave a good impact on society so I will give my best theological answer that gives vision to the country for rulings that we want to create a better society with in the worlds we will live in. We will look at what is eternal and what will last. It very important to decide these things and make a good judgement for truth in this hearing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Vessels of heaven

 We probably have read through Revelation and seen the passages on bowls of wrath or read the story of Christ in the garden where he talks about the cup of suffering. Or the passover feast where Jesus talks about the body and blood of Jesus. None the less we can grow through understanding that different things happen that stir up heaven that effect the earth. I am going to explain what the cups,vessels and bowls are in heaven. We can split the bowls,vessels and cups. From what I see he has cups for people, vessels of honorable and ignoble use and bowls for countries. Sometimes he pours out bowls for people as well. He anoints people with oil too. I have experienced and seen people getting bowls of anointing for big tasks. I also see that Christ says his cup runneth over. When God gives a spiritual anointing he uses the best vessel possible for the situation.

I want us all to remember the Eucharist. We partake in the cup and meal of remembrance, the body and blood of Christ. We do this to remember him and are given impartations and graces of heaven.We also walk in obedience to recieve graces from heaven. When we walk in obedience the bowls of wrath are subsided.Countries are given blessing when they walk in obedience. They will come to righteousness and the bowls of wrath will not fill and his blessing will be on his people.

When are disobedient, bowls of wrath fill and plagues go on the earth, people lose everything. We do not want bowls of wrath. We want over flowing cups of grace, this bring blessings, miracles and healthy land and people. We are often given things by angels different anointings and impartations. We should always recognize in the natural these things and be about the impartations and anointings from heaven and use them on earth. It encourages the angels when we are about the anointings,miracles and healings like heaven. They share light to all mankind. They are blessing things. We should never go away from them without love and practice.

Heaven has all sorts of things to bless us. Let us be willing children to learn about them like it were a technology. They spread blessing everywhere by the cross of Christ mandating them in our homes and places we meet;work, church, places of commerce. We must spread these things like they are supposed to be spread or it might not be a place of blessing but of suffering and we must make things right in the best way to have the full outpouring God offers. We do not need bad things being poured out to make us respect God's law and work. It is very important we get the gifts God want to give with the seasons that have manfested these cups, vessels and bowls.

Pray for an outpouring like no other. Let us still pray for an awakening to come!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Glory poetry

May God's glory become.

May God's glory rest.

May God's glory rest in him.

May you do things like him. More and more.

May his glory work, deeply among us.

May his glory fill all vestiges of society and be revivaled they may be, in everything.

Friday, July 1, 2022


 I ran into something on the web that the web would be symbiotic emotionally and intellegently. We do not need to becomes cyborgs. We sure can improve ourselves but we do not need to put unreliable technology in our body unless it is life or death or severely improving our way of life. We do not need to take something grace filled outside of us and put something into a hole of the body and ruin what we are about. Now I believe in pacemakers and life saving surgeries. They wouldn't have been created for us to not use them and die from the lack of use. It is beautiful to merge yourself with something state of the art that will save a life. Artificial organs are God's grace to us. So we shouldn't neglect them if we need them. God would rather see us live than die. New technology used in the right way is a grace to humankind.

Web AI revolution

 Now I am not sure what web point-o we are on but a new thing is emerging from the web companies that their major product is an ai service. Sure ai has been around for years but now we not only solve problems and now they do our work. OpenAI is now available and people are flocking in droves to see what the ai can do for them. Already people are looking how avoid work for an AI and take up new art with the AI like DALLES is doing. Also writing with OpenAI. New creative blogging techniques and writing will be started by ai. I think that many will figure out with Open AI new niches and products to create. Kids will need accountability with it as they do their homework, new checkers will have to be used. Now AI or robots should never replace education in any country. It makes our utility less without education offered. So I think if the AI just solve writers block and give entrepreneurs new business ideas to make a business work then good for everyone and everything.