Friday, September 23, 2022

Solving the robot problem

300 dollar robots,Tesla, kinda scared. They better not let business buy them people need jobs at least till good daytrading stock copytraders. Let the state give them out to residents and let them pay residents for robot work. That keeps the economy going.

Propersity isn't a Gospel, it's advice.

What is the prosperity gospel? What is the gospel?
Prosperity gospel is a bad term to people that preach about abundance alot. It is good news but not supposed to be a label of a Gospel. The label is a lie to accuse those that teach abundance, it is unconventional teaching not false teaching.
The gospel is good news of the grace of Christ for his sacrifice and victory over death to give the world salvation to go to heaven. Prosperity gospel is a bad label for being encouraged with abundance.

Simplified Grace and Quantum grace

Watch the video to understand simplified grace.
Principalized grace
I know that it is principalized right when other subjects are compared with it too. But  it doesn't change simplified grace. Predestination is more quantum grace and it's users. It doesn't make grace less or more. God allows mediation but not answers sometimes. 

How to stop economic collapse from robots and pay off the debt

How to stop economic collapse from robots and pay off the debt

 We have some impending situations on the debt and the fact of outsourcing to artificial intelligence. 

First off regular robots for regular jobs should only be bought by consumers and not businesses. They will need workers to actually work for a while. I am talking about a regular robots taking jobs. If companies have the power to buy them then the economy will crash, so people.

Robots can't be bought by business in the place of people the government and the military must rule over it and let people or their robot get paid to keep the economy working. Robots can also be soldiers that the miltary controls.

If robot cost is really low people won't be able to earn money if they do better at it.

The government is also trying to get rid of debt. If companies owned parts of companies profits across the board we could get rid of the debt or at least neutralize it.

So if companies just took like 25% or a better figure per country. Something across the board is better. To stop illegal outsourcing.

 WE COULD PAY OFF THE DEBT. We need to do this globally. So businesses can't change where they do business.

When all the countries have paid off their debt then we will give more back to business owners.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Separation of Business and State

 We want to be able to have free enterprise everywhere in the country. It is important to do that for the pursuit of happiness of all individuals involved. We can not take power from the individual in the place of others. When an individual or an entity come with an idea to the state we can not steal their idea because that individual sees it. That is conspiracy to steal ideas from another entity. It is not right when the state takes ideas from another entity for itself we must protect the individual. It is not right when people in high positions take away free enterprise of the individual first. 

The state is an autonomous corporate body in function balancing to perserve rights. We can not use a personal opinion to vote we represent the people and that's how we vote. If the state steals ideas then it is a slippery slope of power over the people for business. The people rule over the state not the other way around. Business is free enterprise. Free enterprise does not take away people's rights. The right to steal should not be passed in handling business of any entity. Personal freedom should be protected.

So in the case of the state making money off the people it should be done without taking personal freedoms away to build the state. Nor should the state act like a merchant. A merchant makes money off of people but not personal expense of freedoms of the individual. So for vendors at a local park they should be functioning in a way that edifies the people as a whole. Ideas should be protected from other entities that which steal ideas so it should be enforced that the ideas don't go to someone else.It would be hypocritical to take from other organizations without their wholehearted permission. We don't hinder freedom where it is ethical. In what we mean is we don't take from the poor and give to the rich or informed. To bid on something the government takes from the individual or entity is unfair taking freedom from the idea holder so it is not ethical to take something. For my idea I do not give permission for it to be given to someone else.

State entities work with other vending machines companies, it is presented else where to allow business in parks. It should be handled as unconsitutional to not allow entities to gather in public places. It is a freedom of gathering, even if the representive isn't physically there but has persence, the pursuit of happiness is the jurisiction of the individual or entity to spend time in a public place is constitutional even if it seems unconventional to a party. Each party has a right to gather in free enterprise in public and so with a public place as long as an entity actions are ethical. The state can come up with ideas on regulated things that keep personal safety concerned. We protect business as a whole as it part of body of things that must be protected including personal freedom where ethical. Business must remain a body of the people acting in a perserving the rights of the whole carry out their business.

The park taking away general rights to gather to edify their business should not take place as long as safety is concerned. The thought of safety needs to be built on actual evidence and not paranoia. We don't know the actions of vandals and abusers of entities to make it unethical to gather. Let us edify citizens with their pursuits of happiness.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Partnerships with Government Entities

    It's unconstitutional to hinder another's freedom within an ethical context. It must be protected. Operating a business should always be encouraged as a freedom instead of a hinderance when it comes to acting as or with a unbiased corporate antonymous entity like the government, freedom should be encouraged as a constitutional and permitted as freedom. Operation of business should not be hindered in conjunction with a public entity to enforce freedom of individuals to not be unconstitutional. The pursuit of happiness has jurisdiction.

Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord,Holy is the Lord

Holy Holy Holy is THE LORD GOD Almighty

Let the Lord be pleased with all the days of my life. May I sit as a son in the glory of the Lord.May I walk with him all the days of my life. May his Spirit be strong in me and have a countenance of glory before the way of God. I give up before you. I kneel at your feet. I am prostrate before you. Let my ways before you be loving kindness dear to God. Let my work be true and full of passion.

Friday, September 16, 2022

if I was to invest in a gas station today.

 If I was to invest in a gas station today.  Beverage barns with parking to go inside and electric paid per charge is the future, sure you charge at home but you still need to charge some other places sometimes so a station with quick charging is still needed. I would diversify and franchise a restaurant out in the property or at least carwash. Gas and diesel may need to be sold for a little while of course just so it's safe put the electric charging and petroleum products in separate areas. The more charge stations the better with multiple charge plugs at each station. Eventually innovation will choose. Catl and a few battery makers are close to launch on significant charge setups.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Prophet infastrucuture today

Prophets have different functions in the overall infastrucuture of the church. Joel Osteen helps suicidal people with Hope to believe God can transform their lives. Others are scholars with books that provide infastrucuture for different topics so angelic strongholds can be there to support good character for the body of Christ and holiness. Not all ministries have to have scholarly patterns that are all conventionally or similar pattern to most churches. As people study ministries many are creatively unconventional,where as "churches" are conventional and unfortunately buracratic sometimes. Sticking to tradition so much in function that  becoming man's church instead of God's church. Although not churches fall into this category with time. Intimacy with God keeps the church member alive. My ministry focuses on justice, innovation,and intimacy of the overall superstructure of the  church. Prosperity isn't evil. Dominion isn't greed. Healing is faith but not about trying harder but less doubt. Authority is more faith filled prayer. When we understand a very complex culture we know why it does the things it does. Then we are seeing from a better perspective. 'Prophetic' culture is very complex your not going figure it out without Christ's intimacy, pray and fast for it. Ask what it looks like to have connection to Christ, you'll probably do the same as the top of the ladder. Their stuff will surprise you.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

4th law of robotics

 I sometimes think of ideas for things in the future. One idea that people talk about is sex with robots or relationships with robots. When things become that advanced, people or robots might have thought for kids. People may use concubines as robots. We may have cyborgs that have human parts so they can have kids. Robots that can make babies by these technologies in biology. They may do it themselves. It is an odd world in the future. We have to protect ourselves from going astray from the world pleasure. We love as God's love works. We make the Lord our temple. We don't change the temple from God's design. 




What are the steps of marriage? What is the best route? I think we have to keep marriage one woman one man. We need to guard marriage as we guard our hearts from the pleasures of the world. We need to stick to the ways of the Lord. These thoughts should over take, holiness first before pleasure. We are called to be holy. WE DON'T WANT TO GO INTO THE WAYS OF THE WORLD. In the case of infidelity we want our husbands and wife to matter. We don't want to cheat out of masturbation with an object or an object with human parts. They may have alot of life to the things of this world. But we want a holy marriage, like Christ and the body of Christ. 

Acts 17:28 

Paul Before the Areopagus

27God intended that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. 28‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said,  We are His offspring.’ 29Therefore, being offspring of God, we should not think that the Divine Being is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by man’s skill and imagination.…

Berean Standard Bible

He wants to be happy with his choice for us. The choices of God should reflect his ideal character.

New International Version
Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

1 John 4:1

  2By this you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God.

1 John 4:2-3

Berean Standard Bible 

When we build these robots they should always be a blessing to us. The government could give people robots to work so everyone could be more productive. People can focus on their passions and hobbies. People can be do more with their resources. If they decide to live a life with a robot biologically then they must build them to be loyal. So the 4th law of robotics the robot needs to not cheat.

Open Stores, shops and restaurants Like before pandemic

 Fed officials are saying we need to increase demand. I believe the answer is putting stores, shops and restaurants to be open later like prior to the pandemic. It is important to optimize the economy. People are sick of the early hours at most places of commerce. We should expand it. We need to use our buildings. If remote works really good then keep remote and lease the build to real estate so people have homes. We have constant demand on homebuilders use the properties for something instead of having wasted space.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Mobilizing church businesses

Our church started a business networking group inside the church once a month. Now I have yet to go because God delayed me so I can do this for many churches. I think 'one thing' the church does sometimes is it makes too much about making a sale networking and have people not get into 'not rich' situations and having it most of all bundles into it God's name. We have to be careful about this at any church. So we tell people why we sell something, than boring people with our business details every week we see people at church. It should be about God and his will. Of course we run out of things to talk about and you end up sitting by yourself for 30 minutes. I talk about business because I like it even though ais will take most of the jobs in 50 years. I got to be myself. I will talk about my passions. Where Jesus is leading. How can we make an impact on the next generation. What Jesus' s voice is saying? How can we be used by Jesus? It is okay to be ambitious. You talk about what comes to mind. It's okay.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Perfection's culture

In heaven's measure we have vindication that leads us seeing God as perfect in the best way. His actions show us how in a pure humble way how Jesus makes up eternal things to be called the eternal one. He makes these things seem the best way possible because they are humble. He shows us what vindication work into protraying a perfect God. It all works to his glory and perfect in his way. Heaven abounds to his calm perfection. He is perfect in humility we must remember. It is full of life. The way of his glory astounds us all. It astounds in every sense. He is glory. He is astounding in all things. So we worship him for every way of perfection. He deserves the perfect work of his glory. It is always meaningful, full of life and salt of his kingdom. It never ends his life giving work. It's glory goes through the ages an everlasting measure of himself perfectly displayed forever as it is seen. A perfect work it is, let us be balanced in his perfect work.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Saintification of truth from the Almighty

Lord I pray that your saintification do a great  work on us that bring us to new flesh and new life, that you the father is working on our behalf to cleanse us from things that make us go astray. May we have new bodies work for us in this cleansing. May we know the truth is with us. You are with us holding us all the way to you. God holy father show us the way to you, our magnificent truth. The truth of all other days is you. You are the daylight, the sunshine the rain. You are beauty itself. May we learn from your holy image of the true God how wonderful you are for us and in us. You live to stand a testament of holiness around your throne and life. Wherever you are and your omnipotent presence is we stand with you all the way showing your justice and beauty,loving you to fulfilling. Lord you're undeniable you deserve all glory of your kingdom of kindness you share. I want to be in the favor of goodness. Let your kingdom come in worship of your beauty. Lord God forever and ever amen we go to this truth.

Saturday, September 3, 2022


I think that this advice works so well on any level. I believe his training will give you the full abundant life you are looking towards. So take time to study his stuff. Very much from God, a clarity giver.