Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Mobilizing church businesses

Our church started a business networking group inside the church once a month. Now I have yet to go because God delayed me so I can do this for many churches. I think 'one thing' the church does sometimes is it makes too much about making a sale networking and have people not get into 'not rich' situations and having it most of all bundles into it God's name. We have to be careful about this at any church. So we tell people why we sell something, than boring people with our business details every week we see people at church. It should be about God and his will. Of course we run out of things to talk about and you end up sitting by yourself for 30 minutes. I talk about business because I like it even though ais will take most of the jobs in 50 years. I got to be myself. I will talk about my passions. Where Jesus is leading. How can we make an impact on the next generation. What Jesus' s voice is saying? How can we be used by Jesus? It is okay to be ambitious. You talk about what comes to mind. It's okay.

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