Monday, September 12, 2022

Prophet infastrucuture today

Prophets have different functions in the overall infastrucuture of the church. Joel Osteen helps suicidal people with Hope to believe God can transform their lives. Others are scholars with books that provide infastrucuture for different topics so angelic strongholds can be there to support good character for the body of Christ and holiness. Not all ministries have to have scholarly patterns that are all conventionally or similar pattern to most churches. As people study ministries many are creatively unconventional,where as "churches" are conventional and unfortunately buracratic sometimes. Sticking to tradition so much in function that  becoming man's church instead of God's church. Although not churches fall into this category with time. Intimacy with God keeps the church member alive. My ministry focuses on justice, innovation,and intimacy of the overall superstructure of the  church. Prosperity isn't evil. Dominion isn't greed. Healing is faith but not about trying harder but less doubt. Authority is more faith filled prayer. When we understand a very complex culture we know why it does the things it does. Then we are seeing from a better perspective. 'Prophetic' culture is very complex your not going figure it out without Christ's intimacy, pray and fast for it. Ask what it looks like to have connection to Christ, you'll probably do the same as the top of the ladder. Their stuff will surprise you.

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