Sunday, September 4, 2022

Saintification of truth from the Almighty

Lord I pray that your saintification do a great  work on us that bring us to new flesh and new life, that you the father is working on our behalf to cleanse us from things that make us go astray. May we have new bodies work for us in this cleansing. May we know the truth is with us. You are with us holding us all the way to you. God holy father show us the way to you, our magnificent truth. The truth of all other days is you. You are the daylight, the sunshine the rain. You are beauty itself. May we learn from your holy image of the true God how wonderful you are for us and in us. You live to stand a testament of holiness around your throne and life. Wherever you are and your omnipotent presence is we stand with you all the way showing your justice and beauty,loving you to fulfilling. Lord you're undeniable you deserve all glory of your kingdom of kindness you share. I want to be in the favor of goodness. Let your kingdom come in worship of your beauty. Lord God forever and ever amen we go to this truth.

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