Wednesday, October 19, 2022

War in the Spirit, Fight with the Lord

War in the Spirit, fight with the Lord.
We hear it said the battle belongs to the Lord but I feel it is over said that way. We don't want to get complacent with Jesus. We fight how God wants us to fight. We know the battle is his. But we fight how God wants us to fight.In the bible when we fight a battle we follow the voice of the Lord and get instruction. We fight with him how we are supposed to fight. Then follow in faith. That is what is entertained.

"Schismatics" stop schismizing

 I think some groups just want to be leaders of a religious group instead walking together in love looking at savior instead of our differences. Walk in love instead of our differences. We should treat them as orders and not schisms. We don't need schisms we need to love each other besides telling each other they are 'out.' We don't start scheming on purpose. Scheming that is not us doing thinking that is strife,spite, complaint and murmuring all rolled into one where it purpose is carnal. We walk in peace and lift our compaints to reconciliation. We learn from the Lord to reconcile our emotions and lift up our thoughts to him. Let us scheme no more. No schismizing. We don't entertain those thoughts we lift up peace. Once we have reconciled our emotions we then look at our thought and see if it was carnal and repent. Schismizing is entertaining schisms in a carnal condemning way. Overentertaining to cause divisions. Divisions will happen we need to be reconcilers to keep reconciling the church. Reconciliations happen too like Catholics and charismatics. We can reconcil New York and New Jersey if we pray enough. Let revival come to every city on earth! Even too to distant planets.

God said tax the rich will fix the nation's debt

 I was told by God how to fix the debt and I told the whitehouse. It isn't the thing making the recession it is the fear of robots taking people's jobs. It is something God is working on the rich. We can also do the strategies of taxing the rich. The Whitehouse refined it. I think it is right. I think that is best. The fed know economics better than me. I know some but God works through me because he wants to fix it for all time. We are also recycling plastics better than before cause less oil to be bought. This is why too. Another is people paying too much for gas and the inflation effect. People raising prices just because it is an 'inflation' time. We need to fix prices still they stop. This may help. We need to stop inflation attitude.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

More economic guidiance (NOTES)

Ok so we are trying to fill jobs, the jobs of the feature content editors that will create the future. It is ghost him doing it. It is the holy spirit coming up with these ideas and some of my mind. I just had to say that.  It is the hologram working. We should consider the same thing with tactile holograms as we do with robots. The hologram gets paid for the owner. This will avoid problems that we figured out earlier on the blog. It should cost less than robot teen pregnancy. Due to the fact that most of them won't be cyborgs with human parts. School still needs to take place for ingenuity sake. Metaverse will work controlling robots from a distance there is another company doing that with robots though. This is one of my ideas. As well as avoid noise on airplane because if in the future we have flying cars we want the propellers to be quieter.Another one of my ideas I passed to the government and southwest research institute.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

More about the economy

 We should work with the government by businesses giving to the debt. If this is done across the board in all countries. We should also write off the debt if we can say every country owes a trillion dollars we should write off that debt. It is [possible] at least some of the time. Jubilee was created to write off debts. So I agree that debts should be written off when possible. Banks lend at such high rates that nobody except those who are desperate would want a loan. I understand that sometimes these things need to happen but, banks have a hard time with self control sometimes. 

  We can also have nonprofits help the state. Nonprofits can also lend to the state. They then can lend it to other organizations such as neutral businesses at a higher rate. Churches, individuals and businesses can microlend to the mission field. I want us top businesses to know that the LORD can move into the situation should show them that he has something for them. Consulting needs to take place in the third world. Innovation groups should work lovingly toward the third world instead of an impending ruling domain. 

I want us to see the way he is doing these these things. God gave me these ideas. We shouldn't force nonprofits to pay everything. We want to represent the people of the world in goodwill. We want to do good things for the LORD. Our Charity should not be compromised. Some countries get desperate to get rid of their debt so I say that as someone wanting goodwill for their country. So within this text is a few ideas to save the countries of the world. We should also tax the rich to get rid of debt. This is an idea that God gave me. We understand how to do this when we let go of our greed,admosity and emotions.

Robots should also have limits at what they do. We don't need them doing everything. Sometimes we want to do things on our own.

Till next time...