Thursday, October 13, 2022

More about the economy

 We should work with the government by businesses giving to the debt. If this is done across the board in all countries. We should also write off the debt if we can say every country owes a trillion dollars we should write off that debt. It is [possible] at least some of the time. Jubilee was created to write off debts. So I agree that debts should be written off when possible. Banks lend at such high rates that nobody except those who are desperate would want a loan. I understand that sometimes these things need to happen but, banks have a hard time with self control sometimes. 

  We can also have nonprofits help the state. Nonprofits can also lend to the state. They then can lend it to other organizations such as neutral businesses at a higher rate. Churches, individuals and businesses can microlend to the mission field. I want us top businesses to know that the LORD can move into the situation should show them that he has something for them. Consulting needs to take place in the third world. Innovation groups should work lovingly toward the third world instead of an impending ruling domain. 

I want us to see the way he is doing these these things. God gave me these ideas. We shouldn't force nonprofits to pay everything. We want to represent the people of the world in goodwill. We want to do good things for the LORD. Our Charity should not be compromised. Some countries get desperate to get rid of their debt so I say that as someone wanting goodwill for their country. So within this text is a few ideas to save the countries of the world. We should also tax the rich to get rid of debt. This is an idea that God gave me. We understand how to do this when we let go of our greed,admosity and emotions.

Robots should also have limits at what they do. We don't need them doing everything. Sometimes we want to do things on our own.

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