Tuesday, October 18, 2022

More economic guidiance (NOTES)

Ok so we are trying to fill jobs, the jobs of the feature content editors that will create the future. It is ghost him doing it. It is the holy spirit coming up with these ideas and some of my mind. I just had to say that.  It is the hologram working. We should consider the same thing with tactile holograms as we do with robots. The hologram gets paid for the owner. This will avoid problems that we figured out earlier on the blog. It should cost less than robot teen pregnancy. Due to the fact that most of them won't be cyborgs with human parts. School still needs to take place for ingenuity sake. Metaverse will work controlling robots from a distance there is another company doing that with robots though. This is one of my ideas. As well as avoid noise on airplane because if in the future we have flying cars we want the propellers to be quieter.Another one of my ideas I passed to the government and southwest research institute.

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