If you ever tried to witness door to door. One thing you need to be prepared. Make sure to do door to door marketing, to have something for them to do or look at. I got this from Phil Taylor.

If you are door knocking with a church.

Hi we (come from such and such church) and we are assessing the needs in the community are you in need of anything or do you need prayer? Some will say yes right off the bat. So pray for them and hand them a pamphlet. Go in a large group for each neighborhood. Stay outside don't go in.

If you are selling something.

Hi I'm a clothing salesman we are looking for people interested in ordering from our catalogue so we are selling door to door. This is the catalogue, would you like to take a look? Let them study it and see the first page, let them soak in the message. After a minute or when they hand it back ask them would you like to buy from the catalogue? Any products interest you? Ask probing questions to figure out how to work with the customer. See if they are a Christian, or ask them if they would like to know more about Jesus. Remember to stay outside and not take any food or drink from them. If they are sick or hurt pray for them. Do what Jesus told you to do. That is main thing, we don't want to go against what Jesus is saying. 

Partner with local churches to bring people to be interested in believing in God and going to church. Pray for revival in the area as you go door to door. Usually after 2 or 3 hours of doing things door to door you see that a lot of people maybe interested in what you have to say.  Some will catch the vision pretty quick, understand and want to help.

How to sell on Facebook:

Connect with pastors and laymen groups on Facebook about the 'evangelism program' you have this pretty effective in turning hearts and you would like to partner with them to help their church grow and win souls. 

You show the catalog through email then ask them if they want to order and take their info over the phone that way your sells count.

You can also sell with buy and sell groups on Facebook where you post pictures and leave a phone number that they can reach you at to buy then sell through the phone so your sells count.

You can also start a blogger account to have a website where you show others wearing the apparel and write about the testimonies that you have it may mean alot to you and others wearing the shirts. It only takes a few minutes to set up and use it as a launch pad to make sells. Then point them to the number to call and get more sells that way.

Franchise Agents if you want to sell in pop ups go ahead.  That using a canopy and a table(s) to sell. There is a price reduction in shipping with Teespring if you buy in bulk it cost less, you can sell the customer in person what they would pay on the site. You can also use the site at the pop up store to get your sells that way. Look online for trade show lists, open air markets and Christian concerts. 

If you would like to be a franchisee agent: call me at (830) 444-8433.

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